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Fairy Godfather

God, she's so warm in his arms, her body so soft against his. Edward breathes in the girly smell of her, vanilla and some sort of fruit, his eyes tightly closed. She's here, in his arms, and she called him daddy. She's willing to give this a chance.

He can't scare her. More than anything, he can't fuck this up and scare her away. Not now. Not with the way he feels about t his girl. She's a natural little girl, absolutely perfect. For her sake as well as his, he has to protect her. There are worse men out there than Jacob, unfortunately, and plenty who would be willing to take advantage of a girl like this.

"Tell me about your dream," he murmurs, sliding his fingers slowly through the cool silk strands of her hair. It feels like water against his skin.

"I did something bad." The words are whispered into his shoulder, where she's hiding. She sniffles. "I accidentally left the door unlocked and someone came in and stole a bunch of stuff. You were mad at me. You made me go away. You said you hated me."

"Oh, baby girl. That does sound pretty scary." He rests his lips against her hair, rocking her gently. Not even for a moment does he think of chiding her for thinking he'd hate her. She doesn't know enough of him to really know any better, and if something's coming up in a dream, that means it's a true fear of hers whether she realizes it consciously or not.

"You s-said I had to go away," she whimpers, tightening her grip on him in repudiation of her words. "I felt so lost. Worse than before I met you. I was all alone."

"Being alone is frightening," Edward agrees. One hand slips under the satin fall of her hair, fingers cupping the back of her neck and stroking the warm, silken skin there. It's such an intimate gesture. She shivers in his arms as he soothes her. "I'm so glad you came to me."

"I feel s-stupid." She sniffles again. "But it felt so real!"

"You're not stupid, little one. You're not. This is what daddy's here for." He tightens his arms around her in a firm hug before gentling his grip again. "Now, about this dream—it makes sense for you to dream about being alone. I think that, even when Jacob was around, you probably felt pretty alone a lot of the time. What do you think?"

"Maybe," she allows in a small voice.

"Daddy could never hate you, baby girl. Never. And you will always have a home with me."

"Even if I leave the door unlocked?"

He chuckles. "Even then. I would be upset, especially at the thought that someone bad could get in and hurt you. But I wouldn't hate you, and I wouldn't kick you out." Not for the first time, Edward wonders how the breakup with Jacob came about. Did Bella just come home one day to find all her stuff, and her lousy boyfriend, missing? Or was there a fight of some sort? Did he say something to hurt her? Now is not the time to ask, but he wonders just the same.

"You've been under a lot of stress lately," he says, stroking long, capable fingers down her back, searching for the tense knots of muscle he knows are there. "And even though I promise you're safe, you're still somewhere new. That has to be a little scary, huh? What do you think?"

She holds up one hand, index finger and thumb about an inch apart, to show that it is, in fact, just a little scary.

"Yeah, I thought so. It will get better, baby girl. I promise."

A ragged breath fills her, lifting her back under his soothing hand. "Pinky promise?"

"Pinky promise," he confirms, offering his hand. She links her pinky with his and he feels some of the tension leach from her frame. That's good. This is something she trusts. "You're such a good girl, coming to daddy when you're afraid. Do you feel better?"

She nods slowly against his shoulder and lifts her index finger and thumb in the same gesture as before. Just a little better.

"What would help you feel even better?" he asks. Normally he would do the suggesting, but he doesn't know Bella's likes and dislikes yet. He can make guesses, but he'd rather she tells him what she prefers. Then there's no chance she'll agree just to make him happy.

She's silent for a minute. Edward lets her think. He doesn't want to push and have her shut down. This relationship is so new, and she's not used to the dynamic. Later he'll start showing and telling her his preferences—for instance, he likes eye contact when they're speaking—but now isn't the time to push. Now is the time to hold her and give her whatever will help make her feel better.

"Movie?" she asks after a minute, voice so hesitant, as if she doesn't necessarily expect her suggestion to be taken seriously.

But it's such a simple request, Edward can't think of a reason why he would deny it. He hugs her, proud of her for answering him. She's so unsure, but with time he hopes she'll come to learn that he's lenient and loving, delighted to indulge her whims—the antithesis of how he imagines Jacob. "Of course," he says, his mouth stretching in a crooked, fond smile. "That's a great idea. Why don't you come pick something out?"

She climbs off his lap when he shifts his weight and her big brown eyes peek up at him, dubious. She's not confident that she's acting correctly, and Edward wishes he could easily calm her fears. She's a natural at this; all she needs to do is relax and be herself. He doesn't really expect or want anything else. Extending his hand, he smiles at her and tries to infuse the gesture with everything he feels: his pride in her, his affection, the chemistry that's constantly buzzing just under the surface whenever he's with her.

Her delicate little hand slips into his grasp without hesitation and he raises it, brushing his lips across her knuckles in a soft, sweet kiss. Her cheeks turn pink, so cute, and she returns his smile with a small but hopeful one of her own.

"Just relax," he tells her, voice gentle, coaxing. "Just be yourself, and you'll be perfect."

Surprise lights in her eyes and Edward raises an eyebrow in question, holding her hand and stroking her knuckles with his thumb.

"Nobody's ever, well, said it like that before. Told me to just be myself."

Ah. That makes sense. "Society doesn't allow it very often, does it?" He gives her a rueful smile. "Especially for people who fall outside the norm. I'm guessing you try very hard to appear as adult as possible most of the time, am I right?"

Her head tips forward in a little nod. "How did you—"

"Don't worry. I don't think most people can see it. I'm just more attuned because of who I am. But you don't have to hide that part of yourself around me, Bella. You can be as little as you want, and I won't judge you for it."

"It feels a little weird," she admits, biting her lip. "But...good at the same time. Does that make sense?"

"It does. And I imagine it will continue to feel weird for a little while. This is a part of you that you've been hiding from other people, and I'm asking you to show it to me. I'm sure it feels like it makes you very vulnerable to do that."

"Yeah." A nod and a slow exhale. "That's the word I was looking for. I feel vulnerable, even though you've said you like it."

"I think time and practice are the only things, unfortunately, that will fix that." Edward gives her a crooked smile. "I'm here for you, baby girl. We'll get there together. Okay?"

"Okay." She looks much more relaxed now, and she squeezes his hand. "Do you want me to make you dinner? It's a little late to start lasagna tonight. I'm sorry."

Edward shakes his head. "I'll show you how to access Netflix on the TV and then you can pick whatever movie you want, and I'll order some takeout. You deserve a night to just relax."

He's a little surprised when she doesn't argue with him; he can see the struggle on her beautiful, expressive face before she gives in. Good girl. She doesn't need to be working in the kitchen tonight. He'd far rather sit with her in the living room.

"Big movie or little movie?" she asks instead, biting her lip.

"Whichever you prefer." He taps her nose. "Do you like Chinese food?"

"If I can have noodles and barbeque pork." There's a twinkle of fun in her brown eyes, and it lights something inside Edward to see her in a good mood. She's so perfect.

"Noodles and barbeque pork it is," he agrees, leading her out of the office and into the living room.

The house is dark save for the last rosy tendrils of dusk bleeding through the windows. Edward turns on the TV and shows her how to access Netflix with the remote, then closes the blinds and pulls his phone from his pocket.

"Anything?" Bella asks, chewing on her lip again.

"Anything," he confirms, dropping a kiss on the top of her head as she settles on the couch. Passing out of the living room, he goes to the kitchen to find the grease-spotted takeout menu from his favorite Chinese place. Glancing at the menu, he orders himself beef with broccoli and a spicy mixed vegetable dish, and lo mein and barbecue pork for Bella. He adds two egg rolls and makes sure they remember the rice that comes free with every order—they've forgotten before—before hanging up. While he's in the kitchen he pours iced tea for both himself and Bella and brings the glasses with him back into the living room.

Bella's curled up in the corner of the couch, a throw pillow hugged in her lap. "Thank you," she says when he hands her the tea, and she sips from her glass.

"Sleeping Beauty?" He gestures to the movie cued up on the big plasma TV.

Bella nods shyly. "Is that okay? I always liked the fairies and I haven't seen it in forever."

"It's perfect." Edward sits down, careful not to crowd her. When she's ready, she'll come to him. "You know, Maleficent was the only Disney villain who ever scared me when I was little."

"Ooh, she still scares me!" Bella says with a little shiver. She shifts a little closer. "You won't let her get me, will you, daddy?"

She's only half playing, and Edward knows it. He reaches over and pulls her into his lap. She's been there a lot today, but he likes it. It's where she belongs—so close to him, the slight weight of her body firm and warm in his arms. "Nobody's ever getting you, baby girl," he promises, squeezing her tight. "I'd fight Maleficent for you just like the prince does."

"Really? Even if she turned into a dragon?"

"Especially if she turned into a dragon. Because Maleficent's still a woman, and I was raised to be a gentleman. I'd feel bad if I had to fight her. But I wouldn't feel bad about fighting a dragon."

"Would you be scared?"

"That's the thing about daddies. We're never scared," he assures her, and he's delighted to hear the low, sweet sound of her little giggle. She tips her face up and brushes her lips across his cheek, a quick little kiss, before wiggling in his arms so she's facing forward.

"Movie time?"

"Movie time." Edward hits play, but his attention is on the girl in his lap, not the expensive TV screen. His cheek tingles where she kissed him and his cock has definitely taken notice of the wiggling she did on his lap. She doesn't mention it; whether she can feel it or not, he doesn't know. But it will be a while before he even considers having sex with Bella, so he tries to tell his body to shut the fuck up. She doesn't need sex right now. She needs caring and reassurances until she's more secure with him and their relationship has had more time to grow.

It's not easy, though. His body aches for her. Even though she's in his lap, it's physically painful to feel so separated by their clothing. Yes, his first impulse with her is to nurture, but that's definitely not the only urge he feels toward this girl.

When Maleficent appears on screen, Bella shudders in his arms. She puts her little hands over his and pulls, and he obligingly tightens his grip. "Even her music is scary," she whispers, eyes still on the screen. It's true: her theme is an eerie, unsettling throb of notes, and Edward hugs Bella's back to his front, his lips just barely brushing the shell of her ear.

"Daddy's got you," he murmurs, loving the little shiver that bleeds up her spine at his words. It has nothing to do with the villain on screen.

"I have a fairy godfather to keep me safe." She snuggles contentedly against him, and Edward feels like he's been handed the world in this one little girl.

Their food arrives halfway through the movie and they eat on the couch while the movie plays, Bella giggling at the antics of the good fairies. She offers Edward a forkful of lo mein noodles every now and then, and trades him a slice of barbeque pork for some of his spicy vegetables. He finds that she loves to eat sticky rice drenched in soy sauce, and shudders at the amount of sodium she's putting into her body. With an act of will, he doesn't chide her for it. Now is not the time to question her eating habits. Besides, she picked out plenty of fruits and vegetables at the grocery store and most of her planned meals are really quite healthy. One salty dinner isn't going to kill either of them. He watches in amusement as she picks through her noodles for the bits of carrot and palm heart, savoring the chunks of vegetable.

"I haven't had Chinese in a really long time," she says, smiling at him. "Thank you, daddy."

"You're very welcome, baby girl." She has a tiny smear of sauce on her full lower lip and Edward reaches out, cleaning it away with his thumb. Unable to help himself, he brings his thumb to his mouth, licking away the sauce. Bella's eyes are locked with his and he watches her swallow hard, her mouth falling slightly open.

Without breaking their gaze she slowly shifts her body, tucking her legs under her and turning toward him. In this position she's almost eye to eye with him despite her tiny size. Her head tips toward his slowly, as if in a trance.

Edward doesn't stop her. He feels almost trancelike as well, caught in the pull of those big brown eyes. She's so warm, so close. A soft breath washes over his cheek and he watches, enthralled, as Bella's tongue slowly licks her soft lips.

That should be his job.

A moment later, it is his job.

Her mouth meets his gracefully, her movement neither hesitant nor frantic—it's as if she knows this is exactly where she's supposed to be in this moment. Her body melts into his as she gives him the sweetest kiss he's ever received. She makes a soft, wanting noise in her throat, mouth parting, capturing his upper lip with a sensual little tug.

That's it. Edward can't hold still anymore. His arms curl around her, bringing her body closer as he tilts his head to a better angle. Slow, wet kisses, unhurried, lips and then tongue as well, learning the taste of her, the shape of her mouth, what makes her breath hitch or her body tremble. His fingers skim the waistline of her jeans, finding a strip of silky skin as her shirt rides up. She feels so good, so incredibly good in his arms, under his hands. Her fingers wind into his hair, curling and uncurling, like a cat's little kneading paws, and it feels like heaven. He kisses her just a little harder and she yields sweetly, her head tipping back slightly, her body soft and malleable as he holds her.

Finally she breaks the kiss and doesn't immediately come back for more, instead trailing her hot lips across the slight stubble on his cheek. She finds his ear and envelops the lobe in her mouth, tugging gently with her teeth, making him shiver. His hands slide to her hips, holding her firmly. While he's letting her have control right now, she's not getting away. That's something he just can't handle.

"Can I see, daddy?" she whispers just below his ear. Her hands drop to the hem of his shirt, lifting slowly. She's giving him a chance to stop her, but as much as he intended to take this slow, he's not an idiot. If she wants to see him shirtless, who is he to argue?

"Of course, baby girl." His voice is lush with heat, his heart pounding hard as she lifts his long-sleeved t-shirt over his head and helps him out of it.

"Oh..." The noise she makes is somewhere between a sigh and a little moan, and Edward's immediately in love with it. Bella's hands slide over his skin, slowly running from his shoulders downward. "I have a strong daddy."

Objectively, Edward knows he looks pretty damn good. He's not huge like Emmett, but he goes to the gym regularly and takes care of his body. Women like his body both clothed and unclothed. But to hear Bella say it is something else entirely. "You have a very strong daddy," he tells her, squeezing her hips, "but he's wrapped around your cute little finger."

"Does that mean I can have something I want?" She looks up at him from under thick lashes, that cute little finger finding its way to her mouth. She bites on her fingertip, playing coy.

"Probably," Edward groans. She's far too adorable, far too tempting. How is he supposed to say no to her? "What do you want, baby?"

She leans forward, brushing her lips against his ear. "You," she whispers, before sliding to the floor on her knees. She lifts up, mouth on his chest, lapping at his skin with her soft little tongue. Her body's resting against him and he knows she can feel his cock straining against his jeans now. His shy girl has turned into a little sex kitten, and it's not a transformation he's upset about. Her eyes flick up to him, wide and wanting, and he can't stop her, he can't, as her mouth travels lower and lower, down his chest and stomach, nibbling gently at the line of soft hair leading to the waistband of his jeans. "Please, daddy." Her hands reach for the button and zip of his jeans. "I want you."

"Only if it's what you really want, Bella," he says, using her name to get her attention. He's not going to stop her if this is something she really wants, but he doesn't want her to feel like she has to do it. "It's not necessary, I promise."

But her hands are right there, popping the button on his jeans and slowly dragging down the zipper. "I want you," she insists, wide brown eyes gazing up at him, full of the ache he feels whenever he can't touch her. Those impossibly expressive eyes can't lie; he understands exactly what she's feeling. They're two parts to a whole, needing contact, needing this heat, this touch. He groans as her hand glides over his restrained cock.

Finding no complaint from him, Bella tugs at his jeans until he lifts up, letting her pull them down his legs and toss them aside. Her hands immediately slip to the waistband of his boxers, pulling as he releases those as well. Her eyes widen when he settles back to the couch fully naked, his cock full and straining.

"You're so big, daddy," she whispers, eyes wide. She honestly looks a little intimidated—not the first time Edward's seen that reaction to his cock—but it doesn't kill the naked desire in those big brown eyes. She settles to her knees, wrapping one hand around his thick erection. Her thumb and fingers don't even come close to meeting. "Please let me suck you. I really, really want to, daddy." The raw want roughens her voice and Edward shudders, feeling her breath against the head of his leaking cock.

"Then suck me, baby." Edward swallows hard, grabbing at the couch cushions with his hands. He wants to hold her head, wind his fingers through that silky hair and guide her, but not this time. This first time, he'll let her do it on her own.

A hum of pleasure leaves her mouth and she lowers her head over him, breathing softly for a moment. She licks her lips and places a soft kiss just at the tip of his cock. Precum smears over her mouth and she licks again, first her lips, then his weeping slit. Edward hisses as a satisfied "Mmm," leaves her mouth. "Daddy tastes so good."

She toys with his cock, her hand gentle at the base of him, her mouth licking and kissing down one side, then slowly up the other, before she unfurls her tongue and gives one long, satisfying lick up the underside. Edward tightens his grip on the couch cushions, determined to let her do this her way even though he's pulsing and aching to be inside that warm, wet little mouth of hers. "Don't play with daddy, baby," he begs her, pretty sure he's ready to do whatever she wants at this point as long as she stops this delicious, infuriating torment.

She removes her mouth from him for a moment, smiling innocently—he can't help but smile back despite it all. She's having fun, and he loves it. "Yummy, daddy." She licks her lips again and finally, finally, her little mouth stretches around him.

"Oh fuck..." He swallows hard, head tipping back, eyes squeezing closed. God, that mouth. So hot, so wet, so sinfully good. She sucks him deep, moaning around him, and the vibration of her hum makes him curse. So good. "Good girl," he babbles, clutching the couch cushions, determined not to put his hands on her, "suck daddy deep. Fuck, that's good. More, baby. Can you go deeper?"

She tries, and Edward feels the obstruction when he reaches the back of her throat. She can't deep throat a cock as thick as his, not without practice, and he doesn't push her to try. Her mouth is amazing, sucking softly, then harder, hollowing her cheeks, making soft, wet little suckling sounds as she takes him as deep as she can go, then backs off a little, pulling him out of her mouth with a little pop. She plays with just the head again, stroking his shaft with her hand, wrapping her tongue around the sensitive tip.

"More," he begs, thrusting into her hand, pushing toward her lips. She obeys, opening that pretty mouth to take him in again. Here she's plush and perfect, just the barest scraping of her teeth over his length, and she sets a rhythm just slow enough to make him groan, craving more. One hand slips below his cock, palming his balls in rhythm with her mouth. God, she's so perfect. In and out, her mouth slips around his throbbing cock. His abs clench, his whole body begging to thrust. But he doesn't know if that's something she'll welcome, and he's not quite willing to find out just yet. In, out, sliding up and down his glistening length. It pulses in her mouth, swelling further. Her tongue swirls, rubbing the underside. He can feel the sensation building in his balls, the pressure, aching for release. Heat, need...now...more...

She speeds up just a little, just that last bit he needs, and Edward feels his abs clench, his cock swell even more. "That's it," he groans. "Take daddy's milk, baby. Take it." He hopes she's not inclined to spit.

Bella doesn't move her mouth away, and a moment later Edward comes hard in her mouth. He watches the blissed-out look on her face as she swallows, her throat moving, her hand still steady at the base of him. He didn't last long, but it's been a while since he's had anything but his own hand to fuck and she's so fucking good at this, he couldn't last. Hazy, satisfied eyes open and she blinks at him, smiling, replete. His softening cock pops from her mouth and she gives it one last gentle kiss at the tip, which makes him hiss.

"Come here, baby girl." He beckons her up and she crawls onto his lap, licking her swollen lips, her entire body oozing contentment.

"I don't know where that came from," she admits, reddening slightly. "I'm sorry, I just..." She shrugs helplessly.

"You don't ever have to apologize for wanting something like that." He brushes her hair back, pressing a gentle kiss to her forehead. "Oh, baby girl. You're incredibly good at that."

"I just suddenly really, really wanted to. I've never felt like that before." She looks a little shell-shocked, honestly. "And you're so beautiful, and taste so good..." Those dark eyes of her gleam a little, and she licks at her lips again.

"It seems we may have woken a little sex kitten, huh?" Edward bites back an extremely satisfied grin as she curls her body into his, letting him hold her. Sometimes all it takes is the right partner—which Jacob categorically wasn't—to bring out dormant desires. His mouth waters at the thought of everything being like new with them, Bella experiencing sex as if for the first time. He vows to show her exactly how good it can be with him. He's an intense lover, but a considerate one, and he fully intends to fuck Jacob out of Bella's mind some time soon.

"How is my pretty girl feeling?" he asks, skimming a light hand down her jean-clad leg. "Are you wanting, baby? Should daddy reciprocate?"

Her face heats, turning pink. "Um..." Her hands clasp in her lap. "You actually already kinda did."

No, he didn't. She's still fully clothed and he hasn't had a glimpse of that pretty skin at all.

Unless that's not what she means. "Did you come, baby?"

She exhales a long, shaky breath. "Yeah."

Edward cracks a crooked smile. "That sounds like it was good." He holds her against him, feeling a quiver run through her body.

"Really good," she admits. "I had no idea..."

"That you could?"

She nods. "I didn't think it was possible, but it was just so overwhelming..." She swallows. "Am I weird?"

"No, baby. Not weird. Very, very special. So special." Edward touches her chin, lifting with two fingers. "Come here." His mouth meets hers in a gentle kiss.