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Fairy Godfather

Edward is instantly wary as he watches his big brother wave and amble over to the Volvo. He feels Bella stiffen at his side and slips an arm around her, hoping his presence calms her. "It's my brother and his girlfriend," he says, hoping to soothe her even though he isn't particularly calm himself. Emmett's more or less harmless, though he often opens his mouth without thinking first. It's Rosalie Edward doesn't trust, and he's not pleased to see either of them today. All he wants is to make his girl feel comfortable, and neither Emmett nor Rose are going to help with that.

"Oi! Ed!" Emmett's loud as he reaches the car. Bella flinches.

Edward rubs her back through the wool of her new plum-colored peacoat—possibly her favorite thing they bought today. She fell in love with it in the store, and Edward wasn't about to let her bypass something she liked so much. Especially when she needs a coat so badly. She still needs a parka for the coldest winter days, but she begged off and Edward's pretty sure they'll find better quality at REI anyway.

Emmett's eyes are keenly interested as he zeros in on the pretty girl beside Edward. "Hiya," he says, extending his hand and giving a smile that shows off his dimples. "I'm Ed's big brother. Who're you, gorgeous?"

Rosalie makes a face at her boyfriend, and Edward grimaces. "Bella, this is my brother Emmett and his girlfriend, Rosalie. Emmett, this is my Bella." He doesn't elaborate, but the "my" is enough to raise Emmett's bushy black eyebrows.

"Really?" he says, drawing out the vowels in a long, elaborate diphthong. His huge hand swallows Bella's as she meets his to shake. "And here I thought you'd turned celibate in med school. Where has he been hiding you, little one?"

Bella's cheeks turn pink, and Rosalie scowls. She's looking at the red shopping cart full of bags, and Edward doesn't like it. He wants to put their purchases away in the car, but if he opens the door Rose will see the full extent of what they've bought today. As it is, the tinted windows prevent her. It's none of Rosalie Hale's business what they bought, or who it's for. Not that she's ever cared about what's her business and what isn't. In that respect she and Emmett are very much alike, but Emmett's not judgmental, just nosy.

"Hi," Bella says, nervous but brave, and extends her hand to Rosalie when Emmett releases it. There's a long, pregnant pause. After several heartbeats Bella drops her hand, face growing redder. At the same time Rose finally lifts her hand as if to accept the offered shake. It's like the which-way-are-you-going dance between two people heading toward each other as the two young women pause. Rosalie rolls her eyes and gives up, shoving her hands in her coat pockets and dropping her gaze, staring at the shopping cart again. She's made Bella thoroughly uncomfortable and Edward hates it but he's not sure what he can possibly say. It isn't really rude enough to rebuke. Hoping to soothe his girl, he slips an arm around her waist and draws her closer. She leans against him willingly but he can feel the tension in her body. She's so much more relaxed when it's just the two of them, and he wants to shoo Emmett and Rose away quickly. It's his job to make sure Bella is comfortable, and right now she obviously is not.

"So, what do you do, Bella?" Emmett asks.

Bella looks a little sick. Edward squeezes her gently and steps in. Normally he's not one to speak for someone else, but his poor girl looks like she needs it. "She's a student," he says, which is almost true, "and looking for part-time work."

"Oh, she's the one you got that application for the other night?" Emmett seems to take this information in stride. His observation about the application is just that—an observation. He's not trying to make Bella uncomfortable...though he's not exactly putting her at ease, either.

"How old are you, Bella?" Rosalie breaks in suddenly.

Bella blinks. "T-twenty-four?" It comes out like a question. Rose makes her nervous, which isn't surprising. She has that effect on a lot of people.

"What are you doing still in school at twenty-four?"

Emmett laughs, unfazed at the rude question from his girlfriend. "Hell, I'm still in school, and I'm older than Eddie."

"Yeah, I know." Rose doesn't sound pleased. "But you have an excuse."

Emmett snorts. "My excuse is that I fucked around too much the first time through and got kicked out. I had to do some work in the real world for a while before I got serious about college." He grins good-naturedly at Bella. "You look like you're much smarter than I was back then. I'm sure you'll do fine."

Bella gives him a true, if small, smile. Edward's relieved that his brother was able to mitigate Rose's rudeness. "Are you going to be at mom and dad's next weekend?" he asks, hoping to extricate them from the conversation gracefully. "We'll see you there, if so."

Emmett nods. "Oh, sure, we'll be there. I never pass up a free meal."

"That's for sure," Rose says. She refuses to do a full day's work and then come home and cook on top of it, so they subsist mostly on restaurants and takeout. Emmett knows full well that she doesn't plan to work for very long—she's waiting for him to graduate and get a job so that she can be a kept woman. Normally Edward doesn't care how people choose to live their lives and he thinks being a stay-at-home spouse is a perfectly legitimate choice, especially if there are kids in the picture. But something about Rosalie's attitude rubs him the wrong way, and always has. It's not something he can put into words, exactly, but he's uncomfortable nonetheless.

"Both Ed and I are useless in the kitchen." Emmett grins at Bella, not looking the least bit apologetic. "Hope he told you that ahead of time. Mom's mortified that neither of her sons can cook—for that matter, Alice can't really, either. Maybe it skips a generation?" He shrugs.

"I like to cook," Bella offers, shy but trying. She chews on her lower lip a little, spots of pink still evident in her cheeks.

"She spoils me." Edward grins, proud of his sweet girl. Emmett and Rosalie together can be extremely daunting, but Bella's a good sport and Emmett, at least, is charmed.

Rosalie looks disgusted at this bit of information.

"Lucky," Emmett whines. "You'll have to have us over for dinner sometime."

"She's living with you, then?" Rose looks from Bella to Edward and back again. She's not pleased, though it's none of her business and Edward doesn't know why she cares. "How long have you known Edward?"

"Long enough," Edward says firmly, cutting in before Bella can stammer anything out. "Are you done giving her the third degree? We should get going." He pulls out his watch to look at the time, even though they have nowhere to be. Bella's pale next to him and he wants to end this before it gets any worse.

Luckily, Emmett doesn't argue. "We'll see you next weekend," he says, and with a genial wave he ambles toward the store, Rose a step behind. She doesn't say goodbye.

Edward lets out a long breath and turns to face Bella, taking both her hands in his. Her slim fingers are cold. He rubs them, then raises each hand in turn to kiss her knuckles. "Why don't you get in the car? I'll stow the bags. It's chilly out here."

It's really not too bad—at least it's not raining. Bella steps forward and wraps her arms around Edward's waist.

He hugs her back as a slight breeze tosses her hair around them. "I'm sorry. I didn't expect to run into them."

"It's okay." Bella's voice is quiet. She snuggles into his chest.

"I wish I could make Rosalie be nicer. If it makes you feel any better, she's like that with everyone. It's not just you."

"I wondered." She tips her face up to look at him, her expression solemn. "I didn't know how to answer her questions."

"I know, and I'm sorry again. I never want you to feel uncomfortable. If you want, we can think up acceptable answers to nosy questions before we go to my parents' house next weekend."

"That might be good." She considers him for a moment. "You look like your brother."

"Do I?" Edward smiles, adjusting his grip on her body. The breeze tumbles her hair and he can smell her sweet shampoo. "I don't hear that often."

"You have different coloring," she says, which is true—Emmett's got curly black hair and bright black eyes, where Edward has his mother's red-brown hair and green eyes. "But the shape of your faces and how you hold yourselves is similar."

"That's the Cullen in us." Edward's grin widens. "Mom says her kids are all cut from dad's cloth."

Bella's mouth shifts, her expression changing into something wistful. A pang of sadness hits Edward and he holds her tighter. She doesn't have these things he's always taken for granted—people around who look like her, who share her blood and her history. The man who took her in after her father's death, Billy, might have cared for her, but he wasn't a true replacement for all that she had lost.

"I know," he says quietly, reaching up with one hand to caress her cheek. "I can't give you your father back, little one, but you have me now."

"It's stupid," she says, with a self-deprecating little shake of her head. "It was so long ago. I shouldn't still get sad, but sometimes I do."

"It's not stupid. I promise it's not." Her skin is cream, warm to the touch as his fingertips graze her temple, stroking the fine little flyaway hairs at her hairline. "He was your father. Of course you miss him."

"I do and I don't." She chews on her pretty lower lip, her tongue peeking out to lick. "I don't remember a lot, and even when he was around we weren't really close. I think I miss the idea of him more than the reality, if that makes sense."

"It does. It makes a lot of sense." Edward leans forward and kisses her forehead gently. She's soft in his arms, her body loose now that Emmett and Rose are gone. Safe in his arms, her tension melts away. He loves that he can soothe her, at least physically. The hurt from her father's death is different—it won't ever go away, not completely. She's learned to live with it; that's more than clear. He wishes she never had to, but there's nothing he can do about the past.

Bella exhales a long sigh against his shoulder, then pushes back. She offers him a heartfelt, if tremulous, smile. "I think I want to go cook something."

Edward looks at her for a moment. She's still a little shaken, but he's pretty sure she'll be okay. "Let's go home then, baby girl."

Later that night, in bed, Bella sets aside the tablet she's been using to surf the internet. "I have questions," she says quietly, biting her lower lip.

Edward puts his phone down immediately. "Of course." He smiles at her encouragingly.

"There's a lot of stuff on the internet, but I don't know how much of it pertains to you...uh...us." Her cheeks turn pink. "I mean, I've heard the term BDSM before. Is that you?"

Edward tilts his head to the side, considering. "I don't think so. Although I guess it all depends on your point of view. BDSM stands for bondage, domination, sadism, and masochism. I've already told you I have no interest in tying you up. You could argue that being my little girl is a form of psychological or emotional bondage, but then, you could argue that being part of any relationship is a form of bondage, as it binds you to another person." He shrugs a little. "I guess it's all in how you look at it. Domination—I do want to be dominant, I suppose, but not in any sort of violent way."

"Daddy's the boss?"

"Exactly." He smiles. "I want you to obey me because you know I want what's best for you, not for any other reason. It's for your own good as well as my pleasure, which I think differentiates this sort of relationship from a dominant/submissive one. With true power play, a submissive obeys purely because it pleases the dominant that they do so. To me, it's more about your welfare."

"I think I understand what you're saying." She chews on her lower lip. "And the other two? Sadism and masochism?"

"I'm not a sadist. I don't enjoy inflicting pain beyond a good spanking."

Bella's blush deepens. "You spanked me before, but it wasn't punishment. Would you?"

"Would I punish you?" Edward shifts in the bed, turning more fully toward her. She's lovely in her pink pajamas, her blush nearly matching her tank top. She's tucked into bed, the blankets around her waist as she sits next to him, her dark eyes keen with questions, but no fear. "I don't like to call it punishment. I like to say that there are consequences for misbehaving. Normally I would take that role with a little, yes, because that's part of being a daddy. But what constitutes acceptable consequences varies, and I would consider it open to discussion, especially with you."

"Why especially with me?"

"Because you, sweet thing, aren't used to this sort of relationship. You don't know yet how you'll feel about any particular consequence. Maybe you'll find you absolutely can't tolerate a hard spanking, or a time-out, or whatever. The point isn't to make you miserable." He reaches for her hand, gratified when her delicate little fingers curl around his with no hesitation. "The point is to make you feel loved and cared for."

"Will we have a safe word?"

"I generally don't use them, but if you want one you certainly can have one." He smiles. This is easier to explain. "The thing is, I'm the kind of guy who listens when a girl says no. And there's really nothing I'd ever do, I don't think, that would make a 'no' anything but unequivocal. To me, no means no. End of story." He pauses. "I take that back. If a bratty little girl is telling me no, I might not listen. But if you use your big-girl voice and words, I always will."

She comes into his arms, then, moving slowly, her eyes asking if it's okay as she slowly straddles him, her body conforming to his. He pulls her close, loving the feel of her little body in his arms. She's small and warm, skin so soft, and he loves everything about her. She's this perfect thing, and he's not sure how he got lucky enough to find her, but she's his now and he's not letting go.

"You never have to ask about this," he vows as she tucks her head against his shoulder. "Cuddles are always okay, I promise."

A happy sound escapes her lips, a sweet little hum. "Really? I might want them an awful lot."

"Pinky promise. I need my privacy on the toilet and I can't be reached at work except in an emergency, but other than that, you can have cuddles whenever you want them. Even in the middle of the night if you wake up from a bad dream."

Bella hugs him tighter. Her voice, when it comes, is shaky. "Can I tell you something, daddy?"

"Always, precious."

"I think what I've wanted for a really, really long time is to feel like I matter to someone. Like someone cares. I didn't know what I was missing—I thought what I had with Jake was normal, you know? That if I wanted anything more, I was asking too much. But you give me everything I was missing, and it seems...effortless."

Edward kisses her forehead, lips lingering against warm skin. "It's what you deserve," he says, trying to put into words how he feels, what he thinks. "It's not asking too much to feel like you matter—that's not asking very much at all. Honestly, shouldn't that be the basic point of any relationship? Mattering to another person—knowing that someone cares?"

"I guess so?" She shifts against him, tucking herself into a tighter little ball. "I guess I never really thought about it that way." She bites down on her bottom lip, looking up at him with those big Disney eyes that gut him every time he sees them. Such a pretty girl, and she's all his. "Daddy? Can I tell you something?"

"Always, baby." He can't help but smile at her shy little blush.

"Some of the things I saw on the Internet when I was reading..." She trails off, biting down harder on her lip.

Edward's smile broadens. "Oh, yeah? What about them?"

Her blush deepens from pale rose to a darker pink. "They make me feel...squirmy." She shifts in his arms, and Edward can feel how her nipples harden as they brush against his chest.

"Do they?" His hands slide lower, curling around the tempting curve of her delicious ass. He squeezes, ducking his head and letting his nose slide along the sleek line of her throat. "Were you looking at big-girl things on the Internet, baby?"

"Mm-hm." She nods slowly, her breath stuttering as he pulls her closer, rocking her soft, tempting little cunt against his cock.

"Tell daddy," he urges, not sure if she will but hoping she does. She's a tiny bundle of passion, and he wants to know everything about this part of her—what turns her on, what she fantasizes about. What she's willing to try. He rocks his dick against the warmth between her legs, feeling her tremble against him, her hands curling on his shoulders. "Tell daddy what you saw, baby. What made you so squirmy?"

She gasps and nuzzles him, nipping at his ear with sharp little teeth. "T-there was a girl all tied up," she whispers, her cheek hot against his. "There was a thing between her legs, buzzing, and she couldn't get away from it."

Edward's smile broadens and his hands find the hem of her pink tank top, sliding it up and over her head. Her sweet little pink nipples are hard and she shivers as he lays her gently down on the bed, covering her with his body. "That's called a forced orgasm," he says, running his lips slowly down her throat, loving how she shivers under him. "When a strong vibrator is held just here..." He cups between her legs, loving how she rocks against his hand. "...until all the pleasure you can take is wrung from that sweet little body of yours."

She exhales a panting breath, tugging at his t-shirt until he relinquishes it. "That sounds..."

"Squirmy?" Edward kneels between her legs, his deft hands peeling her out of her pink pajama pants. Her bare labia glisten with moisture, sweet and pink. He's promised not to fuck her any more today, but that doesn't mean they can't play.

"So squirmy." She shifts, her legs falling further open, and Edward swallows hard, his mouth watering. He's addicted to the taste of her already, the salt-sweet of her arousal, and he wants her on his tongue. "W-will you do that to me?"

"With absolute pleasure," he vows. Fuck yes, he'll wring every last drop of pleasure out of her, until she's begging him to stop. His cock aches thinking about it. "But not tonight, baby girl."

"Why not?"

"Because your poor kitty needs to rest, precious thing, and so do you."

Her exhalation is a little whine as his lips travel down, ghosting over the swell of her breast, barely whispering a kiss against a hard little nipple. "But—"

"Shh, little girl. I'll take care of you, don't worry." He grins, tipping his head up to meet her eyes. They're wide and dark, wanting. "I have a present for you."

She looks delighted. "Is it in your pants?" she asks, hopeful.

Edward chuckles. "No, not tonight, naughty girl." He reaches into the drawer of his nightstand and draws out a purple...popsicle?

Bella cocks her head to the side. "What's that?"

He flicks a tiny switch and a soft buzzing noise begins as the popsicle starts to vibrate in his hand.

Her eyes widen, mouth popping open in a little o of realization.

"It's a friend for when I can't be with you, and it'll be gentler on you tonight than my cock would be." He brushes his lips against her shoulder, and leaves several small, biting kisses along her throat. "Have you ever used a vibrator before?"

She shakes her head, but she's intrigued. "It's so cute. I thought they all looked like...well, dicks."

Edward grins and hands it to her. She holds it by the popsicle stick and runs her hands along the smooth purple silicone.

"It's smaller than you."

"That's a good thing for your kitty tonight, don't you think?"

She doesn't answer, but she tentatively brings the vibrator to her skin, brushing the tip against her belly. Edward covers her hand with his, guiding the vibrator to her breast, holding it against a hard nipple.

"Oh..." She swallows audibly, head tipping back. Edward kisses her jaw and presses on her shoulder, urging her to lie down again.

"Let me this time. Let me have a little fun, and then it's all yours."

She relinquishes the buzzing toy and Edward plays the tip against her nipple, his mouth slipping to her other breast. She's so sweet, and the low moan that escapes her tells him that so far she likes this present.

"I don't know if you're interested, but it's safe in the bath and the freezer, should you want to experiment."

She shudders, her sweet body moving, legs shifting open.

"Look at that. So fucking cute. One of these days I'll have to melt a real popsicle over you."

A soft whimper leaves her mouth, and her dark eyes flit open. They're hungry—she likes the idea. He moves the toy lower, over her concave belly, keeping his mouth gentle on her nipple. He was hard on her this morning and he wants this to be gentle and sweet, though she's making it difficult. His cock strains against his pajama pants, hard and aching, but he's far too wrapped up in the needy body laid out beside him to do anything about it.

Her perfect skim-milk skin is flushed with color, peaches and strawberry, and he can smell the faint reminder of the body butter she bought earlier, combined with the tantalizing smell of her arousal. So sweetly needy, she keens softly for him. His baby girl, calling for her daddy to soothe the hunger and make it all better.

"Most women seem to like how this feels," he says as he trails the toy lower, playing just the tip over her soft, bare labia. She gasps, her hips rocking to feel more, but he runs a slow path along the crease of her inner thigh, making her whimper her need, her dark eyes big and begging, mouth pouted as she pants.

"Please, daddy?" Her voice is perfect, breathless but rich with want. "Please? I've been a good girl, haven't I? Haven't I been good?"

Just those few words, just the hint of a pout on those sweet swollen lips, and Edward relents. "Yes, baby doll. You've been daddy's sweet angel today, and you deserve your reward." He slowly eases the vibrator against her, drawing the blunt, buzzing tip up her wet folds.

"Oh, f-f-fuck..." she stutters, and her eyes fall closed as he pulls her legs further apart, watching how she instantly rocks against the toy in his hand. He draws it around the silky little ruby of her clit, red and exposed, and she curses again. It's the first time he's heard the f-word from his little girl, and it sends an aching jolt straight to his cock as those perfect swollen lips draw out the 'f' sound. "More, daddy. Oh. There...there!"

Her hips buck suddenly as the toy meets her pretty little clit; remembering what she said earlier about the idea of a forced orgasm, Edward doesn't move it away. Instead he presses a little firmer, her plump outer labia split so delicately, so perfectly, around the vibrator, cupping it with flesh the color of the heart of a peach. Needing her taste in his mouth, he moves the vibrator slightly, only to replace it with his tongue. He licks the flat of his tongue in a smooth motion from her tiny, leaking hole to her needy little clit, gathering her wetness into his mouth, swallowing her down, savoring her want. There's a faint sharp undercurrent from the new silicone even though he washed it before using it, but he doesn't care. She tastes perfect.

"Oh!" She cries out at the touch of his tongue, but a moment later the vibrator is back. Edward eases it away from her clit, sliding it down to toy at her entrance. With a little hiss she cants her hips toward it, and he watches with fascination as the vibrator slips smoothly into her sweet little cunt. His cock doesn't quite think it's fair, but Edward's far too enthralled with his fun to care. He'll jack off in the shower after he tucks her in or something—right now he's watching as her tiny hole stretches to accommodate the toy. She makes a satisfied sound, a deep "Mmm," that he's coming to know well from her.

"You have to tell me if it hurts at all, baby doll," he says softly, bringing his free hand up to massage her clit as he slides the popsicle-shaped vibrator deeper.

She shakes her head, her motions jerky. "So good..." She swallows hard. "Not as full as with you but still so good..."

Fuck. Damn right she's not as full as she is with him. This is just a little toy, nothing serious. It doesn't even come close to his length or girth. But he loves watching as he eases it slowly out of her and then back in, two slick fingertips rolling her clit between them. She's panting, tense with need—fucking beautiful. He's never been one for taking erotic pictures, but he wishes he could capture this.

The moment she shatters is perfect. Her body freezes, chest thrust out, little nipples hard as unripe fruit. He sinks the vibrator fully into her, holding on by the popsicle stick, not relenting with his fingers on her clit until her whimpers of pleasure turn desperate and she cries for mercy. Instantly he removes both his hands and the toy, tossing it aside and curling his body around her. She shudders in his arms, rocking against his thigh as the aftershocks ripple through her, her body slowly becoming soft and pliant once again.

He's feeling quite proud of himself and wondering if she's fallen asleep in his arms when she takes a deep breath and moves, shimmying down his body. Her hands slip into the open slit in his pajama pants, bringing his aching cock out, and her mouth stretches around it.

"Baby, honey, you don't have to—fuck." He gives up the struggle when she bats his hands away, whining softly until he stops trying to pull away. She makes a satisfied sound again, and Edward has to chuckle as he strokes her hair away from her face. "You want daddy's special milk again, sweetheart?" He inhales quickly. "Daddy won't last long after playing with his baby girl like that."

She pulls him further in, and he feels the back of her throat. Fucking perfect. She sucks, bobbing her head with little motions, one hand squeezing his balls through his pants, kneading like a little kitten.

"Such a good girl. Take daddy's milk. If you want it, you can't waste it."

She nods her reply and he comes a moment later, spilling into her mouth. He can see her throat working as she swallows all he gives her. That's a hell of a lot better than jacking off in the shower.

"Good girl," he croons, praising her as she tucks his spent cock away, peeking up at him with bashful but replete eyes. "Is it safe to say you like your present?"

"Yes, daddy," she says, giving him a little smile even as she blushes. "Is it really mine to use whenever I want?"

"Whenever you want," he confirms.

"I love it." Her smile grows bigger. "It's so cute. And it felt so good. But daddy?"

"What, precious?"

"I like you more."

Edward chuckles and pulls her closer.