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Author's Note:

"SURPRISE BITCH, BET YOU THOUGHT YOU'D SEEN THE LAST OF ME!" - Wintermoth told me I had to open with that. Done Moon!

So, those who watch my tumblr, know of the... movement... which Ya-ssui started, which has been dubbed "Starbolt Five". If you go to my tumblr and click on the Starbolt Five option on the sidebar, you can see everything which has been done in relation to this, including other people's drabbles and Ya-ssui's glorious pictures. But as it's pretty hard to locate stories and chapters on tumblr, I've been asked to post it here as well.

This was meant to be just a few quick humour snapshots of what it might be like. But it turned into something bigger. I honestly don't know where I'm going with it right now.

This is inspired by the Teen Titans Go comics, where all the Titans swap powers and Robin ends up with Starfire's powers for a short time. Ya-ssui dared to imagine what would happen if Robin kept the power and set the ball rolling.

BIG FAT WARNING: FLUFF. Varying lengths. Long time between updates.


Had someone asked him a week ago where he'd be today, nowhere in his wildest dreams could he have even conceived this moment.

Pink. Fluffy. Wet. Those were Robin's thoughts as he dove through the clouds, spinning and laughing with glee. Glorious.

Sunset over Jump, as never seen before. Above the sea, soaring through the sky and plunging through the clouds until they were nothing but vapour. No net, no hooks, no trapeze, nothing but the pure Tamaranian power flowing through him.


It was no wonder Starfire was so expressive all the time. With emotions such as this flowing through him constantly, encouraged, revelled, glorified, he'd be happy all the time too. He couldn't remember the last time he'd felt so exuberant. He wanted to laugh and whoop and dance and he didn't care who saw him. It was a revelation.

Spinning in the air, arms outstretched, he saw the flash of green and red as she joined him. Floating above a tinged orange cloud, she sat in the puff and watched as he spun. With a patient smile, she beckoned and patted the air beside her.

Right. They were up here for a purpose. The last taste of sunlight.

He practically burst with energy. Even sitting beside her for a short interval seemed impossible. Compared to him right now, Starfire appeared almost zen-like.

He went. Because she smiled. Because she waited. Because she asked. Because sunlight danced in her hair and he wanted to know how she did it.

Sitting in the cloud beside her was more awkward than he imagined. The first time he tried, he went straight through the cloud and plummeted several hundred feet before he managed to stop and wobble his way up to her. The second time, Starfire grabbed him to keep him there.

"Do not release the happiness," she said. "Only allow it to keep you stable."

He nodded. "There is no spoon."

She frowned and slowly released him. "There is most certainly a spoon, Robin."

"It's an expression. Sorry."

She narrowed her eyes and then decided not to concern herself. "I do not sit upon the cloud," she explained. "On this planet, they are not solid."

"You float. Gotcha."

She shook her head and smiled at him. "You are a dinklebrath drunk on k'ankabroth."

He laughed, resulting in him shooting up into the air. His arms flailed and he tried swim though the air as though his arms would make a difference in his path. "Okay, this is harder than it looks. Speed, I can do, but this? This is hard."

"You are but the newborn," she said, understanding. "Raven also found it difficult to feel exactly the right amount of happiness to maintain stable flight."

"And she can already levitate."

"It is different," Starfire said.

"So I'm discovering." He made it back down to her, copying her position and struggling to find that perfect balance which meant he wasn't shooting off on a tangent or plunging to his doom. "Okay. Okay. I think… I think I got it."

Starfire beamed. "Well done. You are a fast learner."

"I have a good teacher." He laughed again and managed to keep it just a sound and not an outpouring of emotion. "You know, I never expected I'd ever just be sitting on a cloud and watching the sunset. I suppose this is something you do every day."

"Indeed," she said, turning her eyes to the horizon. "It is nice to share."

He fidgeted, because her energy raced through him and he didn't understand how she can be so still. Since he can't (shouldn't, damn it all, he's only holding this float by a thread) move his body, he moved his mouth. "So what are we doing up here anyway? When you said 'taste the sunlight' you didn't literally mean eating it, did you? Is that what Tamaranians do?"

"In a sense. Yes."

He grinned. "Do I walk up and lick the sun?"

She laughed. "No. You would burn yourself, you simply need to—"

He bounced. "Hey, we can go into space! You and me, in the vastness of nothingness. We can go to Mars! I've always wanted to see Mars." Worry brought him to his senses. "Can we go into space? What do I do to survive? Do I have to hold my breath?"

"I do not think a trip into space would be wise until you have mastered your abilities," she cautioned.

"Nuts," he said and snapped his fingers. A starbolt erupted from the snap and he shot himself in the face on accident. "Holy cow!"

Starfire laughed so hard she curled around her belly.

He shook his finger at her. "You're not allowed to tell Cyborg and Beast Boy I did that."

"I promise," she said and wiped the tears from her eyes.

"So," he teased. "Which one's Cloud Nine? Do we get to sit on that one too?"

She giggled. "You are most playful."

He was abashed. "Sorry. It just… this is all so… so amazing. Us, being able to share your power, I never… I always wanted to fly, Star. And now I can."

"Do not apologise," Starfire said. "It is glorious to view my abilities through fresh eyes. To see the joy they give you…" She put a hand to her chest. "It fills me more than the sunlight could."

"Glorious," he said and nudged her with his shoulder. "It really is. And I never use that word."

Starfire beamed. "You do now."