The silence of a clear winter night was shattered by the strident sound of clashing steel. High above the lights and bustle of the city that never sleeps, a pair of lone figures faced off across an artificial canyon, its walls glistening in the winter frost. The light of the full moon glinted off their naked blades as they stood like statues, the only motion that of the cold December wind rustling through a pair of angelic wings.

"Why do you attack me, my son?"

"How dare you asssk why?"

"Can you not see your father is transformed?"

"Fiend! Do you think me a fool!? Your pathetic disguises are nothing to me!"

With that, Kysuai lunged across the abyss, slashing with all his might, his blade slicing cleanly through a radio tower where Acheron had just stood. With fluid grace, Acheron flipped and turned in the air, bounding off a nearby wall and landing on an adjacent skyscraper. Instantly, Kyusai leapt backwards, turning in the air and thrusting his sword at Acheron's heart.

As Acheron sidestepped, sheathing his sword; Kyusai unleashed a flurry of slashes, each one narrowly missing its mark as Acheron weaved and dodged, moving backwards across the snow blanketed rooftop. As he reached the edge, he fell backwards, his arms crossed, as Kyusai's flashing blade barely missed his neck. Spreading his great gossamer wings, he turned in flight and dove toward a speeding subway train thundering across a raised tramway. Kyusai crashed down onto the roof just behind Acheron, leaving a crater in the sheet steel. The two warriors faced off again as frightened passengers stared at the dented ceiling from below.

"You will never escape me, Father! I will DESTROY YOU!" Kyusai raged over the roaring wind.

"I am not what I once was, my son. I did not come here to fight you..."

"Then you came to DIE!"

Kyusai lunged again, swinging the Blade of Vengeance over his head. With a motion barely perceptible, yet lightning fast, Acheron unsheathed his blade and parried the strike, staring with blood red eyes into the hate filled face of his son, "Perhaps this will convince you..."

As he spoke, the blade of his weapon began to glow blinding white, stabbing Kyusai's sight with pain. Reeling backwards, he shielded his eyes and growled, "IMPOSSIBLE!"

"So I thought, as well, but apparently not. I am the master of the Lightbringer."


"Do you not believe your own eyes my son?"

Their conversation was interrupted as Acheron spread his wings and soared high above the train and away from Kyusai. The latter was forced to rocket himself straight up and execute a backward flip to avoid being slammed into the wall of the bridge that was speeding up from behind. Landing with flawless grace from his blind leap, Kyusai was forced do dive backwards again to avoid a bolt of light from Acheron's blade. The force of the concussion slammed Kyusai into a passing car, sending it partially through the guard rail. Realizing with horror that the car full of innocent bystanders was about to crash onto the passing subway train below, Kyusai turned and buried his claws in the car's hood and roof, clinging desperately to the asphalt with his feet. In spite of his mammoth strength, he could feel the vehicle slipping with each passing moment; even if the train was past by the time the car fell, the terrified family inside would surely be killed. His mind raced, searching desperately for a way to prevent the car and himself from plummeting to destruction on the electrified rails.

Suddenly, to his shock, Kyusai felt the car lurch back toward him, affording him a chance to clench is clawed toes into the pavement and pull. He turned his head, a look of sheer bewilderment on his face as he and Acheron heaved the car back onto the road again. The frightened occupants immediately sped off, not wanting to spend one more second in the presence of the bizarre creatures.

"You..sssaved them..."

Acheron sheathed the Lightbringer, folding his wings down about him, "I did not come here to fight. I told you, I am not what I once was."

"Asssuming I believe you...why did you come here?"

Acheron's blood red eyes met those of his son and a small smile crossed his lips, "I came to invite you to meet your brother."