The Unknown

So this is my second story and it's a Bella/Sam story where Bella is a badass hybrid. like last time I own nothing it's all Stephanie Meyers I'm just tweaking it a bit.

Prolog Chap 1

Isabella Swan looked like a normal 16 year old teenager on the outside. She was anything but normal hell she wasn't even completely human her mother Renee married her high school sweet heart Charles Swan right after graduation they had never discussed having children it was just implied that the couple would have some after marriage.

As most laid plans go life got in the way Charlie had become a police officer in the sleepy little town of Forks, Washington where grew up. As Charlie worked more hours Renee grew unhappy in her marriage. After 3 years of marriage in a last stitch effort Charlie took his wife on a second honey-moon to Italy in order to rekindle the romance. Renee had love Italy especially the tour of Volterra; it was there that Renee conceived Isabella. The couple had decided on another tour of the Volturi castle this tour would take them thru the castle not just the main corridor like the one before but Charlie was unable to make this tour with his since he had a unfortunate run with bad sea food so convinced his wife to go without him. During the tour Renee got separated from her group while wandering around she came across a large room that looked like an art gallery in the middle of the room stood a tall blond haired god at hearing her gasp he turned to face and just that quick Renee forgot she married, she forgot she was on vacation shit she forgot how to breath all she could think of was all the sinful things she could do to the blond god.

The god before her introduced him-self as Caius Volturi a dependent of the original rulers. Renee couldn't help but blush and stutter as she introduced her-self after a few more compliments Renee stood bare before the god.

After many hours Renee was leaving the castle a bit sore but very pleased, she chose not to tell Charlie about her indiscretion.

It had been 3 months since the Swans returned from their honeymoon when Renee realized that she had missed her last 2 periods she knew instantly that her affair was revealed since they had found out Charlie was in fact infertile, When Renee showed her husband the three positive pregnancy test when he got home from work that night she expecting him to throw her out to hurl insults anything but hug her and kiss her.

"Why aren't you mad "Renee couldn't figure why he wasn't furious with her?

"Oh I am but we always wanted kids, I always wanted kids with you, but since we found out I couldn't give you that I was waiting for you to leave me. But this baby is a blessing, it's going to need a father and I love you as well as anything that comes from you enough to be that as long as this was only a one-time thing every-one makes mistakes so what kind of man would I be if I couldn't forgive for yours especially since it's giving us this beautiful baby we always wanted" Renee could see the truth and hurt in Charlie's eyes.

"I'm so sorry it was just that once I had never even been attracted to any-one else since our senior year I don't know what happened but I swear I will never be any kind of unfaithful again." Renee vowed

The pregnancy progressed normally other than Renee started to crave her meat more rare then usual on September 13 1995 Isabella Marie Swan was born she had light brown hair and hazel eyes but Renee could have sworn when she looked at her daughter the first time her eyes flashed red.

Isabella had a normal child hood loving parent two best friends Angela Webber and Jessica Stanley Isa as her friends and family called her would play with Barbie's like the other little girls but she could also beat the boys asses in football she seemed more graceful than the ballet dancer on TV, but stronger and sturdier than the football player her dad watched.

It wasn't until Isa was 8 that she truly realized she was different so very different. Renee and Charlie had taken Isa to get her picture taken with Santa when she got separated from her parents while on the Seattle streets she had wandered around for half an hour when a man pulled her into the alley way she had just walked past. As she struggled to break free, she bit the hand that he had over her mouth at the first drop of her assailants blood Isa felt hungrier then she had ever felt before and began to suck she hadn't realized that there was no-more blood coming from the man until she heard her parents calling for her. The problem was she was still in a blood haze as her parents turned the corner where she was she lunged for her father, just as Isa's feet left the ground a white streak grabbed her and restrained the male (Peter) stood holding the child in his arms while her parents looked on helpless when a female joined the group holding an unconscious male and laid it at the child's feet the small girl wasted no time with her second helping of blood, while Isa finished her prey the two vampires took the introduce them-selves to the girl's parents.

"Hello I'm Charlotte this is my mate and husband Peter we're the Whitlock's"

The beautiful in-front of her speaking was enough to snap Renee out of shock and with her Charlie.

"I'm Renee Swan this is my husband Charlie the little girl over there is our daughter Isabella now that the pleasantries are out of the way can you tell what fuck you did to our daughter"

"Now sug' we didn't do anything to ya babe so how about where ya got the girl there cause ya ain't makin' a lick a sense." Char was very confused about why and how these people were around an immortal child with-out being eaten she looked over to her mate only to see concentrating on the child as though he had just figured something out. She was still looking at him when he turned to address the humans.

"She's half human ain't she? How did you survive her birth all the folk lore say she shoulda' killed you when she was born? How long were you pregnant? Did she hurt you?"

"What the hell are you talking about half human?" Was Charlie's response as he made his way to his little huddled in the corner scared out of her mind" Isa baby come to daddy we'll take you home and get you cleaned up, I would ask if you wanted to stop at the diner for dinner but I guess you already ate." Isa laughed at her daddy she was so scared he would be mad at her.

"Why don't you follow Charlie and me home so you can explain what the fuck is going on?"

The small group made their way back to forks all lost in their own thoughts. Once at home Isa cleaned up and put to bed Peter and Char explained what they were what Isa was and finally everything about being a vampire by the end of the discussion Renee and Charlie had named Pete and Char Isa god parents because after talking to them both couples felt comfortable around the other and the Swan's felt Isa should have someone to confide in about everything that comes with being a hybrid. It was also decided that the Swan's would put a refrigerator in the basement for blood bags so Isa wouldn't have to go out and feed as well as getting blood on a regular schedule the vampire couple would handle supply and the human couple would handle demand.