A Good Friend

Beast Boy reluctantly confides in Raven about something that's been bothering him.

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It was a dull, quiet evening in the Titan's Tower, for once. Almost... too quiet, actually.

Raven peeked up from over her hardback novel, her amethyst eyes scanning the common room suspiciously. Aside from herself, the couch was empty. The TV was left on, as usual - a forgettable action movie playing on mute, while the light from the screen illuminated the otherwise dark room. A half-full glass of apple juice remained on the coffee table, next to a worn game controller, which tilted haphazardly on the edge. A few stray magazines littered the floor below the windows, some partially eaten by a now absent parasite.

Raven turned her head slowly, noting that the kitchen, though cluttered with recipe books and dirty dishes, was empty as well.

The only sound in the room came from the air vents humming to life, and aside from the occasional flutter the pages of her book made, Raven found that she was for once gifted with a quiet evening to read.

Shrugging slightly, she redirected her eyes back to the small font of her book, mentally scolding herself for reading in the dark - a nasty habit of hers. Immediately being transported back to the fictional world of her novel, the half-demon didn't notice the hiss of the common room doors as they slid open, revealing a downtrodden changeling.

Instead, she found her mind captivated by the bravery of the main protagonist, who sacrificed the comfort of her secluded lifestyle to help out a good friend. Despite it being a new book, Raven already knew that the two characters were bound to fall in love, and a small fluttering in her stomach caused the nearby glass to shake ever so slightly.

Seeing her black energy encase the cup from the corner of her eye, Raven muttered her mantra under her breath, letting out a relieved sigh when the aura dissipated.

"Must be a good book, huh?"

Almost immediately, the glass was again encompassed in black, before shattering into pieces and sending the golden liquid spraying through the air.

Throwing up a small force field to shield her book, Raven's head snapped to the source of the voice who dared to interrupt her reading.

With a half-hearted smile, Beast Boy brought his hand up to rub the back of his neck sheepishly.

"Oops. Didn't mean to startle you, Rae."

Narrowing her eyes automatically, Raven swept the glass shards into a small pile with her powers. She kept her glare fixed on her green teammate as she stood from the couch, before turning her back to him and heading towards the kitchen.

Pulling out a fresh roll of paper towels, she used her powers to deposit the broken cup into the garbage, before turning back towards the dark common room. Using her powers to flip the light switch on, she watched as the room became illuminated in the harsh florescent lighting. Her eyes adjusted for a moment, before shifting back into a glare.

Beast Boy's feet were rooted to the floor as he continued smiling innocently.

"No, no - I'll clean it," Raven drawled sarcastically as she glided towards the mess. Soaking up the sticky liquid, she spared another glance at the changeling, who was being uncharacteristically quiet.

Their eyes locked briefly, before the green titan averted his gaze, instead focusing on the mess before the both of them.

Raven continued wiping away the juice, though she found that her focus remained on her silent teammate. His face was twisted into a look of discomfort, and the half-assed smile from before had vanished without a trace. His normally bright eyes were dulled by an unnameable emotion, and Raven found that she was somewhat curious as to why the boy looked so... down.

"Wait, Rae - " Beast Boy began suddenly, his eyes widening in horror, but his warning came a little too late.

Raven hissed in pain as her hand swept over a forgotten piece of glass, slicing a thin line across her palm. Pulling her hand away from the table, she gave it a distasteful look as her blood dripped onto the floor.

"Are you okay? Is it really deep? Will it need stitches?"

Raven let out a small huff of amusement as her green teammate rushed to her side, his face contorted into a look of concern. Rolling her eyes fondly, she quietly chanted her mantra as her hand became enveloped in a dark blue glow.

"I'll live," she deadpanned, watching with a bemused expression as the changeling's cheeks flushed.

"Oh, right," he laughed awkwardly, his emerald eyes fixed on the half-demon's newly healed hand. "Forgot you could do that."

Their eyes locked once more, before Beast Boy's blush intensified. Taking a step away from her, the green titan awkwardly broke eye contact and stared at the ground.

Raven felt her curiosity spike as her normally energetic teammate continued to look crestfallen. Despite being an empath, Raven tried not to invade the other's privacy by reading their emotions, but the shape-shifter's cloudy demeanor was making her reconsider that notion. She had only seen him upset a handful of times, and though she knew he had a habit of dwelling on the past, it seemed as though something new was bothering him.

"Did you want the TV?" Raven asked awkwardly, finding herself wondering why the green teen had even ventured into the room.

Beast Boy shook his head absently, his gaze still focused on the ground.

Finding his silence more irritating than his usual antics, Raven suppressed a huff of frustration.

"Then is there any particular reason as to why you're out here, making a mess?"

That seemed to finally trigger a response as his head snapped back up. With a slight glare, Beast Boy scoffed incredulously.

"Uh, hello? In case you didn't notice, I wasn't the one who shattered a glass of perfectly good apple juice with my creepy mind-powers!" he exclaimed, waving his arms in the air.

Raven let the insult slide as she narrowed her eyes suspiciously. "No, but you were the one who appeared out of nowhere and caused my 'creepy mind-powers' to go out of control," she bit back, crossing her arms defiantly over her chest.

Beast Boy brushed off her accusation with the wave of his hand. "Psh, yeah. Way to take responsibility for your actions, Rae."

Feeling her curiosity and concern slowly being replaced by annoyance, Raven gave the changeling her signature glare. "This, coming from the boy who still can't do his own laundry. How old are you, again? Five?"

Returning her glare, the green titan crossed his own arms. "Ha, ha. You're hilarious."

"One of us has to be," she bit back automatically, suppressing a smirk at the offended look that flashed across her teammate's face.

He opened his mouth to retort, but apparently thought better of it. Clenching his jaw instead, he closed his eyes in frustration, before his usual cheery demeanor resurfaced.

"Whateves, Rae. I know you think I'm funny," he teased, before plopping onto the couch and propping his feet onto the clean part of the table. He paid no mind to how his foot knocked the controller onto the ground, nor to the confused expression of his empathetic teammate.

Raven found his sudden shift in moods to be bizarre, but the annoyance at his carelessness, as well as the way he turned up the volume of the TV, clouded her concern.

Carefully picking up the lone glass shard, she used her powers to gather the soaked paper towels, and began making her way back towards the kitchen. Knocking his feet off of the table in the process, she ignored his defiant "Hey!" and sauntered towards the trash can.

"I always find myself hopelessly in awe of your level of maturity, Beast Boy," she mused sarcastically, earning a snort of amusement from the green teen.

"I feel the same way about your people-skills," he retorted.

Raven felt a small smirk surface despite herself as she returned to the couch, before reclaiming her spot and opening her book. She attempted to dive back into the plot, but the feeling of her teammate's eyes on her made the task almost impossible. Giving him a sideways glance, she felt her brows arch in confusion as the changeling's eyes snapped back to the TV.

She continued to stare at him, waiting patiently for his eyes to drift back to her.

As expected, their gazes locked once more, and a fierce blush consumed his face as he looked away.

"What?" he asked with a hint of irritation in his voice as his eyes strained to focus on the screen before them.

Raven shrugged nonchalantly as she returned her attention to her book. "Nothing."

She watched in amusement from her peripheral vision as he shifted uncomfortably in his seat.

"Then why were you looking at me?" he asked in annoyance.

"You were looking at me."

Beast Boy stiffened slightly, but refrained from replying.

Feeling her curiosity threaten to manifest into a bout of dark energy, Raven decided to quit tiptoeing around her teammate's odd behavior.

"Why are you acting so strange?"

She set her book in her lap and patiently waited as the surprised look on Beast Boy's face faded into a look of amusement.

"What are you talking about?"

Denial, she sighed internally, before turning herself to face him.

"I don't need to be an empath to realize something's bothering you," she deadpanned, giving him a pointed look when he opened his mouth to interrupt her. "And there's no use lying to me, Beast Boy, because I could always use my empathy to prove my point."

He closed his mouth immediately, turning away from her to stare awkwardly at his lap.

Trying to rein in her impatience, Raven let out a sigh of exasperation. "So, as I said before - why are you acting so strange?"

Beast Boy hunched his shoulders forward as he pulled his knees to his chest. Resting his chin on his knees, he gave her a slight shrug.

"You wouldn't understand," he mumbled bitterly.

Feeling an odd sense of worry, Raven scooted closer to her teammate. "I can always try?" she suggested awkwardly.

Letting out a small chuckle, he gave her a sideways look. "Believe me, Rae - this isn't really up your alley."

"What makes you say that?" she questioned.

"Because!" he exclaimed, throwing his hands in the air in frustration. "You're... you're... you! You're smart and mature and - and you don't have to worry about this kind of thing, 'cuz... 'cuz..." he trailed off awkwardly, avoiding her eyes once more.

"I don't have to worry about what?" she pressed, completely lost.

Beast Boy let out a shaky sigh as he curled back into himself. "You don't have to worry about this not happening to you - heck, it probably already has," he mumbled bitterly, burying his face into his knees.

Raven furrowed her brows in confusion as she tried to decipher what the green teen was talking about. "I... I don't understand..." she began gently, watching him with concern, "What, exactly, has already happened? What are you talking about?"

"Kissing!" Beast Boy yelled furiously, before slapping his hand to his mouth in embarrassment as his face flushed.

Raven felt a blush of her own rise to her cheeks as she worked out what the changeling was referring to.

"You've never... You're worried you'll never..." She swallowed awkwardly, suddenly cursing herself for trying to decipher his odd behavior, "...you'll never be kissed?"

Beast Boy groaned in humiliation as he grabbed a nearby pillow and buried his face into it.

Feeling just as embarrassed as him, she tried to defuse the situation. "Why would you... What made you even think about this?"

A muffled response greeted her ears, causing Raven's eyes to narrow slightly.

"Excuse me?"

"Cyborg!" Beast Boy exclaimed, tearing his face from the cushion. "He was teasing me about it before he left for his date!"

Raven felt her brows arch as she worked out the time in her head. "He left about three hours ago, Beast Boy - you've been stressing about that this whole time?"

The shape-shifter merely nodded shyly as his fingers toyed with the pillow in his lap.

"Why would Cyborg tell you you'll never be kissed?" Raven asked hesitantly, feeling a little anger towards her robotic-teammate.

Beast Boy let out another sigh as he sunk into the back of the couch. "Well, he didn't say that, exactly... He was just making fun of how I haven't been kissed yet..."

Raven tilted her head in confusion at why Cyborg would feel the need to tease him about something as trivial as kissing.

"You're barely fifteen, Beast Boy - it's not the end of the world."

Instead of her words comforting the changeling, Raven watched as he brought his hands to his face in frustration.

"Exactly! I'm fifteen, Rae! I should have kissed dozens of girls by now!" he groaned.

Raven snorted in amusement at the lack of logic in his statement. "And what makes you think that?"

Beast Boy was quiet for a moment as his blush intensified. "Cyborg said so..."

Letting out a subdued laugh, Raven shook her head in amusement. "I highly doubt Cyborg has kissed more than two girls," she mused.

"That's two more than I've ever kissed..." the green titan muttered defeatedly.

Sighing fondly, Raven gave her teammate a small smile. "Well, Robin has only kissed Starfire, and that didn't happen until he was sixteen," she smirked.

Beast Boy seemed to perk up slightly at her statement, before giving her a fleeting look and deflating once again.

"What about... you?" he whispered shyly, avoiding her gaze.

Raven silently chanted her mantra in her head as her powers threatened to implode the couch.

"Well, I've never kissed a girl," she replied dryly, earning a snort of amusement from her teammate.

"Ha ha," he smiled, rolling his eyes fondly, before slipping back into his cloudy demeanor. "I meant in general, Rae."

Both titans remained silent, and Raven noted that the longer it took for her to answer, the more distraught the changeling seemed. Steeling herself for what she was about to do, she let out a wary sigh.

"I've... I've kissed one boy," she admitted quietly.

An expression between confusion and pain flitted across Beast Boy's face as he straightened himself in his seat. Despite his earlier avoidance of eye contact, Raven found that his emerald orbs remained locked with hers as his face sunk in defeat. She wasn't sure why he was upset - whether it be that fact that he now believed he was the only team member to not have been kissed, or that Raven had just been kissed in general, she had no idea.

"W-who?" he stuttered nervously.

Raven felt her stomach flutter uncomfortably as she debated on what to do, before friendship overpowered logic. Leaning in quickly, she gave Beast Boy a chaste kiss on the corner of his mouth, before retracting immediately and pulling her hood up.

"A good friend," she replied shyly, turning away from her dumbstruck teammate and reopening her book. Finding herself lost once more among the pages, she didn't notice the confused smile upon her teammate's face, nor the small one forming on her own lips.

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