Cat and Mouse
Part One
Written by Col. Karl L. Schubaltz

Author's Notes-- I don't own Guardian Force or Zoids, however, I do own Leon Aethelwulf.

The soldiers were growing tired, they lowered their weapons and stifled another yawn. One of them got up and nudged his companion. "I'll get us some coffee."


As soon as the Imperial soldier was gone, the other one closed his eyes, cursing. "Damn that Schubaltz for these late night guard jobs."

A stifled thud woke the officer from his sleep, he aimed his gun at the shadowy hallway. "Who's there?"

A sleeping gas grenade erupted, the soldier fell down asleep as a black skinsuit clad burglar rushed down the hallway. With his high-powered nightvision goggles and his hands on the backpack on his back, he ran down the hall with graceful stealth. It was easy to see that the man in question was male, his suit was nearly anatomically correct. Doing a few backflips and a nice array of acrobatics, the burglar was able to avoid the laser system. Tufts of raven-black hair covered the left side of the goggle, the burglar brushed them aside with his fingers. The lock-picking was certainly hard-work, but the determined thief was prepared for everything.

Entering the art room, the thief opened the backpack and unloaded the room of the Guylos Imperial Family Jeweled Crown and all the jewelry inside. The room was still barely lit, the thief didn't hear something sneaking up behind him. Just as he was zipping the bag, the crafty burglar felt a barrel of a gun press against his temple. He raised his hands as he stood, his muscular body brushing seductively against his captor's. The rim of an officer's hat touched the back of his head, hot breath beat lightly against his shoulder. The officer behind him removed the night vision goggles, his gun still against the thief's temple. Alluring, feline-esque green eyes took in the very handsome and seductive face of his prisoner, gorgeous and persuasive violet eyes looking deeply into the gems in front of him. The Imperial officer did a pat-down to make sure his handsome and debonaire prisoner didn't have anything fancy up his sleeve. His hands however didn't pat down the body of the thief, instead his hands caressed the thief's perfect physique.

With such a quick but balletic movement, the burglar turned around, his hands behind the officer's head. His slender fingers ran passionately through the officer's wheat-gold hair. Without warning, he kissed the colonel, actually getting an aroused moan from him. His green eyes fluttered shut, his hands grabbed the thief's waist. Their tongues wrestled each other with erotic passion, but before the handsome colonel could react to anything, he was zapped with a knock-out serum. He closed his eyes, but slowly, carefully and poetically, the ever-so-crafty thief lowered the sleeping colonel onto the ground without a sound. He gathered the jewels and the night vision goggles and left the sleeping colonel on the floor. He didn't go far when he met the colonel's younger, dirty-blonde-haired brother. The GF lieutenant aimed his gun and shouted, "Stop right there!"

The burglar smirked as he blew the lieutenant a kiss, distracting him by making him blush. He lowered the AI gun, giving the dashing thief time to make his escape. Before he could come to his senses, the thief was gone. Outside in a black König Wolf, the thief took off his goggles and grinned, holding up a beautiful jeweled necklace. He kissed the sapphire of the necklace and laughed with a light-hearted joy.

"This is getting easy." But he remembered the wheat-haired colonel that nearly had him right where the Empire wanted him. "Hmmm... that green-eyed flower certainly had this black fox right where he wanted him. But of course, this is a game of Fox and Hound. He's the hound and I'm the fox, but it's only natural that I am the fox. But he, is too perfect to be a dog." The thief smirked with such a seductive glitter in his violet eyes. "Je consacre cette lune ai allumé la valse pour vous, colonel. Nous nous réunirons encore."

He winked toward the base as the König Wolf made it to safety.


The colonel opened his green eyes to see his younger brother hovering over him along with Van and Fiona. Sitting up, Karl rubbed the back of his neck and moaned. "What... what happened?"

"He cleaned up, that's what happened."

"We got to get those jewels back."

"Not so fast." Karl commented, stopping Van in his tracks. There was that unmistakable sparkle of love in Karl's green hues. Van and Fiona blinked, but they remained put. "Why? You don't want to go after this guy, Colonel?"

"I do. But the point is I'll go after him myself."

"Colonel, you sure that is wise?" Fiona asked, worried, her red eyes full of concern. "You look like you're in..."

"I don't want my authority questioned!" Karl snapped at her, his expression scowled. "Stay back, that's an order!"

"Y-yes, colonel." Van was hesitant to accept that, but seeing the stark determination in Karl's eyes, he couldn't argue.

"Karl, you should let us help you." Thomas frowned, he too, was worried about his older brother's safety.

"Do you make it a habit to question your superiors? I said, I'll handle it!" Karl stood up, shrugging his brother off, Karl tucked his gun back in his uniform and slowly made his way to the hallway.

"What's gotten into Col. Schubaltz?" Fiona asked, hugging Van's arm tightly. "He's not this irrate."

"I dunno." Van responded, looking into his lover's red eyes. "Although he's given us orders, I can't help but feel he's in some kind of danger. I'm not bound to let him get killed over Imperial pride."

"This is not Imperial Pride that's to blame." Thomas's voice was dead serious, that got Van and Fiona's attention. "Did you see the look in Karl's eyes?"

"Now that you mention it... he did look like he found his soulmate."

"You mean to tell me that Col. Schubaltz is after this guy because he's in love with him?"

Thomas held up a tiny ring with a needle in the false diamond, the diamond was none other than a rouse. The remaining serum inside was some kind of knock-out serum. It was a one-use item, and the fiber on the needle was purplish-grey, the color of Karl's uniform. Van blinked, examining the needle and the ring itself. "I see this kind of equipment used before. Many trained assassins and spies for the Republic use this kind of gear."

"But the man is not with the Republic or the Empire." The lieutenant frowned, grabbing the ring. "I seen his face before, he is a well-known jewel thief, wanted in both the Empire and the Republic."

"What's his name?"

"His name is Leon Aethelwulf, he prides himself on being a fancier of the fine arts. He's a modern-day Zorro, but his seductive influence not only works on women, but with men also. I'm afraid that Karl fell under his spell, when someone is under that charm... it's very hard to get them out."

"Leon Aethelwulf. I heard of him." Van spoke up in response to that. "He's a mage and a psychic, is he not?"

"Yes, a very skilled and powerful one at that. That's part of what makes him so exotic and alluring."

"We need to talk sense into Col. Schubaltz, this kind of thing will lead him to his grave." Fiona reminded them both, she was upset by Karl's sudden change of will.

"I agree."

"Alright, if you insist." Thomas followed them to the hangar, his expression defeated.

Karl was able to mingle with the crowd of patrons of the arts with relative ease. His tuxedo concealed a well-placed gun, his hair combed back from his face and slicked with mousse. He observed the party with his lovely green eyes, looking out for the one called Leon. In the corner of his eyes, he saw a glimpse of blue and black, Karl turned to face that. There stood Leon, his hair was black but his bangs were a deep cerulean blue. He wore a lovely tuxedo and in his hand was two red roses. Leon was looking at him with those desirous indigo eyes, a smirk on his pouty pink lips.

He walked up to Karl with the roses in his hands, the roses were tied together by a deep pink ribbon. Handing them to Karl, Leon grinned with such debonaire.

"I didn't foresee this happening. Strange games fate plays on one's heart." Leon spoke softly, grabbing Karl's heart with his words.

"Strange indeed. You're a wanted criminal, I need to take you in."

"I think not, colonel." Leon took Karl's hands in his, they began to dance like everyone else. "You're too enthralled with me, you can't resist me. It's the chase you crave, that's why you're hesitant to draw your gun."

"Don't be surprised, Aethelwulf. You don't know me at all."

"You're not the kind to snipe one in the back." Leon's eye sparkled behind his monocle. "Nor are you one to lie even to your enemies." Leaning forward, his lips close to Karl's ear, Leon whispered so, so captivating. "And that makes you so worthy for the chase, my lovely hunter."

"Chase, is it?" Karl smirked just the same, his eyes locked onto Leon's. "Then let the game of cat and mouse begin."

Licking his lips, Leon responded with his enthralling voice. "Yes, so it begins. The prize for my capture is the Jewels of Guylos. But if I win, my prize is your heart."


"Good." They shook hands on this, but soon the ballroom was rocked by an explosion. The people scattered as the head of the DiBison erupted from the south wall. Karl snarled with rising anger, he ripped the gun from its' hidden holster and fired at the DiBison. Looking back at Leon, he shouted. "Run!"

"Dedicated to the cause of the chase, I commend you. We will meet again, Karl." Leon rushed down the stairs with the rest of the patrons. Thomas, confused at Karl's sudden actions, pulled back from the hole in the wall. "Karl!! What are you doing!? We have Leon right where we wanted him!"

"He's mine! Hands off!! Withdraw the forces NOW!!!"


"I SAID NOW!!!! He's MY prey!!!!"

"...." Thomas closed his eyes and looked back at the Imperial forces. "Withdraw your forces now."

"But, sir!!!"

"Do it!"

"Yes, sir." The Molgas backed off the search, the DiBison in close pursuit. Karl looked at the night time sky as he watched the black König Wolf take off to safety.

"So it begins, I will catch you, Leon." Karl smiled, holstering his gun in his tuxedo. "But even if I do capture you, the prize will always be our hearts... I don't care about the jewels. You were right, it's the chase..."