Cat and Mouse
Part Two: City of Angels

"I believe in heaven, I believe in the light
I believe there's a path you follow, I believe in the night
Part of you is the Devil, part of you is the light
I'm gonna fly through the City of Angels"

The Crow: City of Angels

"Anything, Zeke?" The Blade Liger tromped through the fields, looking for the black K├Ânig Wolf Leon pilots. "Nothing, huh?"

"Maybe we should turn back." Fiona recommended. "Col. Schubaltz and Leon might be miles away."

"We can't let that happen, Fiona. If Col. Schubaltz gets too far without back-up and he's in trouble, he'll get killed. I don't personally know what kind of person Leon is, but if he's willing to bust into heavily-guarded bases for the thrill of it, then he could be a very dangerous man. Plus, his powers should also be added into the equasion. The only person the colonel has dealt with, with the same kind of power is Rysse. And even then..."

"I understand." Fiona nodded once, her grip on the seat lessened. "But Van, we should have a little more faith in Col. Schubaltz. I mean, he believed in us in the past."

"...I know." Van softly spoke, knowing Fiona's got a point. "I do want to have faith in him... but I don't trust his strategy."

"Then that's where he will need our support and our faith even more."

"I understand now. I'll try to have more faith in Schubaltz."

Fiona smiled and sat back down, the Blade Liger trodded along. In the corner of the radar, there was a lone figure, this alerted Van and Fiona. They turned toward the object, only to have it vanish from view. They could not see that they were in the crosshairs of a pure black Gun Sniper. Leon was aiming the sniper tail, a purple pitchfork-like cross dangling from his neck. "Ol' MacDonald had a farm, ei-iy-ey-iy-oh. And on that farm..." Leon sang, then opened fire. The Blade Liger was nailed in the leg. "...he shot some guys... ei-iy-ei-iy-oh."

The Blade Liger took more damage to the legs, but for some reason Leon was not aiming to kill... only to disable. Van tried to gather the shield up but Leon shot another shot, disabling the mechanism for the shield. The hind legs were the last to go. "Oswald was a fag." Leon joked, then slid back into the cockpit. The radar picked up another zoid in the area, this got the thief's attention.

"What kind of zoid is it, Kaiba? An Iron Kong Mk-II?" Smiling with satisfaction, Leon adjusted his frilly collar. "It seems that my lovely hunter had finally found me. Tell me, Kaiba, what is the best zoid to use for escape? A Storm Sworder? Great work, commensing morph-mode immediately. Target, Storm Sworder."

To Van's utmost shock, he witnessed the Gun Sniper morphing into a Storm Sworder. It actually changed into a Storm Sworder. Leon took off, viewing the scene from his standpoint. Sure enough, the Iron Kong was advancing on Van and it was definately Karl. Pulling out a bottle of champagne and a fine crystal glass, Leon poured himself a glass and sipped it. "Smashing performance, Colonel. You found me but you had yet to catch me. Round two of the chase and I shall take this chase to the City of Angels." The Storm Sworder took off at Mach speeds, Karl went right after him without acknowledging the fact that Van couldn't move.

"Colonel!!! Help us!!!"

"Sorry! Can't talk, gotta thief to catch!!!"



"What, Fiona??"

Fiona pointed to the horizon, the mist had finally parted for them to view it. The city was emormous but it didn't appear on any radar he has. The skyscapers had motifs of angels carved on their cement and marblework, but the city had a big Gothic feel to it. Ravens and crows flew overhead, the clouds around the city was grey and forbodding. The silence was deafening, Van and Fiona were smack dab in the middle of the city's shadow.

"Oh gods, now I'm terrified for Schubaltz. He's gotta go there!"

"I hope Col. Schubaltz makes it out alive."

"Me too, Fiona. Me too."

Karl rushed down the street of the city, seeing how it was deserted. Thunder erupted from the skies above, rain fell like nails against Karl's exposed skin. His uniform was plastered to his skin by the rain, making each contours of his trim body stand out although his uniform was usually baggy. His wheat-gold hair was now hugging his face like so, Karl could barely see through the gale storm. To his side, he saw a Storm Sworder parked on a building, Karl fought the storm to get there. The bulding was a very luxurious, five-star hotel, all the makings of an early 1940's five-star hotel in Chicago. There was music playing on the overhead speakers to his surprise, Karl aimed his pistol all around.

The elevator doors opened, revealing artwork of lotuses on the walls. Karl aimed his gun at the elevator, expecting Leon to be in there, but two people materialized from out of nowhere. The woman had blonde hair and green eyes, she wore a red cocktail dress and a red veil over her beautiful face. The man had a grey business suit and black tie along with thick rimmed glasses. He looked a lot like Leon except his hair was black instead of duel-colored. When the woman passed Karl, it dawned on him who the woman was exactly. It was HIM... with BOOBS!!!! And HER companion was LEON!!! Karl dropped his pistol and bolted for the revolving doors, he was bombarded with very heavy rain. He tripped to the ground and lied there motionless. The storm suddenly ceased and the sky became sunny again, Leon stood on the building of the hotel with outstretched arms. In his hand was a staff with a crystal attached, the crystal was glowing. Leon looked down at the fallen Karl, then he flew down using levitation magic.

He opened his eyes upon feeling the warm air hitting his face. He was emerced in thick red blankets, his head resting on thick, fluffy red pillows. Karl slowly sat up to see that he was in the hotel and it was night time outside. There was a figure outside on the balcony, obviously smoking a cigarette. Karl stared aimlessly at the figure, the dim moonlight revealed that it was Leon, completely shirtless and his pants unbuttoned. He was staring at Karl from the balcony, he didn't have a very sly look on his handsome face. Instead, the look on his face was satisfaction mixed with sorrow.

Flashes of what happened that evening attacked Karl's senses, there was three bottles of champagne around the bed, along with empty plates which once held strawberries. Leon's arms, chest, shoulders and body were covered in fingernail claw marks. The moment was intense, full of hot sex and passion and yet... Leon and Karl both knew that this moment wasn't to last.

"It's the blood that ties, it's the hurt that heals
It's the face you hide, hides the pain you feel
So hold me up now, yeah, I long to believe
And I'm lost to you, yeah, I'm lost in you

The hunter stared at the hunted for a few more moments, Leon make his outfit appear by magic. Before another word was spoken, Leon vanished very quickly. Gripping the blanket with his hands, Karl gritted his teeth tightly. His eyes closed tightly, he pounded the bed with his fists. A few moments later, the Storm Sworder took off, Karl could hear the afterburners. Soon afterward, Leon was gone, leaving Karl alone in such a desolate town.

Getting dressed and rushing out of the hotel, Karl tucked the pistol back in his uniform and got into the Iron Kong Mk-II. In blind pursuit, he tried to follow Leon, feeling his eyes burn with tears. Suddenly it didn't feel so cat-and-mousy anymore, it was something else. Why exactly does Leon want just Karl to chase him? Why does Karl want to be the only one to give chase to Leon?

He already plucked Van and Fiona out of the game with a Gun Sniper and well-placed rounds. Leon already took Thomas out of the chase by disabling the Beek AI system with a Great Sabre's claw attack. He hadn't done anything to disable and disarm Karl and take him out of the chase. These questions flooded the colonel's mind as he pilotted the Iron Kong toward the mountains. Was it that Leon felt something also, that night in the art room of the Imperial capital? It couldn't be that, it couldn't be. Leon's a criminal and Karl is the cop that was after him. Foxes do not feel love for the hounds that chase them and vice versa.

It just felt weird, but also it felt very saddening. But logistics aside, Leon must be caught. But what happened in the hotel room, what did it all mean? Was there something there or was it a rouse to drop his guard?

Karl stopped the Iron Kong to think this out, now he was very confused....