Author's Note: I am again, starting a new fic. You should think that I have more to do in my office now that my colleague left, but I'm still as bored as always…anyway. I know that gay marriage isn't legal in Japanese (what a shame!), but for this fic, I need it to be, so it is. Bear with me.

Disclaimer: I don't own Haruka, Michiru or Hotaru. I do own the parents of Haruka and Michiru, since I made them up, and I own the plot.

Dedication: Dedicated to the woman who holds my heart, my girlfriend. Ti Amo my One and Only!

Heart Of Stone

Prologue: Grief And Misery

Rain fell from the clouded sky, the heavy droplets hitting the umbrellas of the people that stood at Tokyo cemetery, in front of a beautiful marble gravestone. There wasn't a single man or woman that didn't cry; some of them sobbed loudly, while others cried in the shoulder of their partner or closest relative. The only person that stood alone and cried without producing a noise was a tall blonde woman. Her face wore an expression of pure pain and grief, and the tears that ran down her face like two small rivers. Next to her, a little eight year old girl stood, holding the hand of the tall blonde. "…and so we came together here today to say our last goodbye to Miko Tenoh, beloved wife, mother and friend." The priest spoke. The shoulders of the tall blonde woman started to shake heavily, and for the first time, she let out a sob. "Daddy." The little girl next to her whispered, also crying. The blonde named Haruka didn't react at first, then she looked down. "Yes, Hotaru?" she asked, her voice shaky and tearful. "Did Mommy go to Heaven?" Hotaru asked, sniffling. Haruka nodded, even more tears flowing. "Yes, Hotaru. Mommy…Mommy went to Heaven." "Haruka." An elderly, gray-haired man approached Haruka from behind and put a hand on her shoulder. "Father." Haruka replied, turning around to look at him. "I'm so terribly sorry." The man now whispered before he pulled his daughter into a tight embrace. "If there's any way I can help you…tell me, okay?" Haruka nodded, a sudden lump in her throat keeping her from speaking. "Thanks, Dad." She finally managed to press out. Her father nodded, patted her back and let go of her. One by one, the people left the cemetery, until only Haruka and Hotaru were left. "Let's go, Hotaru." Haruka finally said. Her daughter nodded, taking her daddy's hand. After one last look at the grave where her wife was buried, Haruka walked away with her daughter. And with every step she took away from the grave, her heart turned further into stone. By the time she had reached her car, she knew deep inside that she probably never would be able to love again. Not after the sudden death of her wife.