Chapter 11: Simple Needs

During the next weeks, Michiru and Haruka got along surprisingly well. Michiru did her best not to mention Harukas late wife, while Haruka seriously tried to be more civilised around the aqua haired girl. One of the facts that made that much easier for Haruka was that Yukkio obviously had made up her mind and had stopped flirting with her. Another one was that Hotaru simply was an angel when it came to her nanny. The little girl obviously did everything to make Michiru feel comfortable, and Haruka didn't want to ruin her daughters amends by treating the aqua haired girl badly. Besides, thanks to Michirus great deal in taking care of her, the blonde had been able to get to work very fast again, and that had impressed her. Now, Haruka was sitting in her office again, talking to the man who was responsible for the sell of the Olympic games license. "Tenoh Sports TV is the most popular broadcaster in Japan." The blonde spoke, leaning back in her chair casually. She knew that the license was already hers; it would be Tenoh Sports TV who would broadcast the Olympic games, making TST even more popular. "So, giving the license to me would be the best for both of us." The man on the other end of the line whole-heartedly agreed to that; much to Harukas happiness, he promised that he would send someone with the contracts over as soon as possible. The blonde said her goodbye to the Olympic games responsible and hung up the phone, leaning back in her chair with a smug grin on her face. "That just went too good." She then spoke, mainly to herself since she was the only one in her office. Mentally patting herself on the shoulder, Haruka finally concentrated on her computer again, continuing with her work.

While the blonde was proud at herself, Michiru was busy cleaning the house. She knew that this wasn't exactly her job – after all, she was just Hotaru's Nanny – but Haruka paid her extra when she cleaned, and she would be stupid if she would let a chance like that slip. It took her almost all afternoon to get the cleaning done; when she was finished, it was just in time to pick Hotaru up from school. Grabbing the keys to the Rover, Michiru hurried into the garage. She quickly climbed into the car and started the engine, then drove off towards the school.

Hotaru came walking out of the school building, talking to two of her friends while making her way down the stairs. "Will your nanny pick you up again?" the taller one of her two friends, a sometimes quite blunt girl named Nikio. Hotaru nodded, smiling up at her friend. "Yes. You'll get to meet her too, finally!" As if on cue, the blue Rover pulled up to the school and stopped in front of it, Michiru sticking her head out of the window. "Hotaru!" she called out and waved over to the little girl, who beamed and waved back. "So that's your nanny eh?" Nikio spoke, looking at Michiru strangely. "I could swear I know her from somewhere…" Hotaru shrugged and said goodbye to her friends, running over to the blue car and climbing in. "How was your day?" Michiru sweetly asked, while starting the engine again and driving off towards home. "Okay." Hotaru replied, smiling at the aqua haired woman. Michiru smiled back and stepped down on the gas pedal, leaving the school behind.

Haruka returned home from work just twenty minutes after Michiru and Hotaru had arrived there; she was in obviously good mood, since she literally came bouncing into the mansion. "Good afternoon, Haruka-san." Michiru politely greeted, earning a friendly "Good afternoon too" in return. "Hi Daddy!" Hotaru cried out, running towards her father and hugging her. Or, more likely, hugged her legs since the blonde was much taller then the small child. Haruka smiled at her daughter, bent down and picked her up, looking at her. "Your daddy made an important transaction today." She informed her, grinning. Hotarus eyes widened, and she produced a weird "Oooh" sound. Haruka chuckled before she set her daughter down again and look at Michiru. "I see you cleaned again." She remarked, earning a nod and a shy smile. "Yes, Haruka-san." Haruka gave her another smile before she pulled out her wallet and gave a relatively big amount of money to Michiru. "Here. Take the rest of the day off and have a nice evening." "Thanks." Michiru beamed, accepting the offered money. After saying a quick goodbye, the aqua girl left the mansion and got into her own car, started the engine and drove off.

Michiru entered the small apartment she lived in, carrying two big packages filled with groceries and a smaller one with various medication boxes. Carefully, the aqua haired girl placed her buyings on the kitchen table, then walked over into the small living room where her sister was waiting for her. The older woman was sitting in a comfortable chair, watching TV, almost completely covered into a thick blanket. "Hi, Michiru." She softly spoke before coughing heavily. "Hey." Michiru replied, setting the small package down in front of her. "I bought your medication, Hoshi." Hoshi coughed again, looking at her sister with watery eyes. "Really? But I thought you don't get your pay check until next week…" Michiru smiled and nodded. "True. But I cleaned Haruka-sans house today…so she gave me a little extra money." Hoshi weakly smiled and reached out, pulling the package closer to herself while suffering through another coughing fit. Michiru just looked at her sister sadly, wishing for nothing  more than finally saving up enough money to pay the expensive specialist she needed.