Title: The Conversation (1/2) Author: Angel (angel-cale@glay.org) Disc: Dark Angel isn't mine, whatsoever~ A/N: There just might be lots of grammatical errors. Just be CAREFUL~ *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

The stars were twinkling brightly on the satin night sky. Logan Cale walked slowly along the street to Space Needle. He didn't even know why he was out there on the street in the middle of the night like that. He just felt like something was calling for him from Space Needle. He couldn't stop himself. It was as if his legs had gained a life on their own. He made his way up and before he reached the rooftop, he heard familiar voices. He wasn't sure whether it was a conversation or an argument. Not wanting to distract anyone's attention, he stopped and peeped to see the owner of the voices.

His eyes widened upon seeing two persons sitting there. Max and Alec. He felt a part of him hurt like hell. He wanted to go back down but instead, his legs were glued to the floor. He stood there, unnoticed, and listened to the superpowers' conversation.


Alec brought his right hand through his hair and turned his face slightly to look at Max. "Honestly, Max. Is it fair?" Not really interested to talk, Max snapped back coldly, "What fair?"

"Now, now. Don't pretend like you're innocent. You know very well what I mean. Is it fair to treat Logan like this?"

". . . It's for his safety," she simply noted, bending her knees to her chest and stared through the distance.


Logan was taken aback. ' For my own safety?'


Alec sighed to nothing. "C'mon, Max. He's so crazy about you and I know you feel the same. What good will this do? You're just hurting both of you!"

"It hurts so much more if I'm together with him. You don't understand, Alec. The person that you care more than your life stands barely a few feet away from you but you can't even touch each other. It hurts like hell! How funny this Manticore game is!!"

"It's not forever. You'll find the cure. I mean, someday~"

"What if we don't?" This time she turned to look at Alec, nearly spoke in scream. "Alec. Logan won't wait for me forever. It would only hurt him even more if he does."

"You know what? I think you're already hurting him."

"Why can't you understand? If I ignore him. If he thought I am seeing someone else, maybe he will forget me. Then, he can get back to his own business. He won't have to get involved with transgenic like us and put himself in danger."

Hearing that, Alec let out a light chuckle. "That's lame, Max. He's already in the game and you know there's no turning back."


Did she just say 'if I think she's seeing someone else'? Omigod. She was pretending all this time?


"At least, he won't be in greater danger. What if I accidentally touch him? It would be fatal. If he dies because of me, that means you guys would have to manage a double funeral 'coz I'll be dying as well~"

"You can be so dense sometimes, Max. You really think you can live without him? I mean, just look back. Why did you try so hard to remain as Max when they tried to re-indoctrinate you in Manticore?"

". . . Logan."

"Why did you struggle so hard when they tried to dig the information about Eyes Only out of your head?"

". . . Logan."

"What is the reason you tried so hard to run away from Manticore?"

". . . Logan."

"Now. What is the reason you've been trying to keep on living and find the cure for the virus?"

"Okay! Okay! I surrender.. I did it all for Logan!!"


Again, Logan was taken aback. Max.


"So why the hell are you pretending like this? If you love each other that much, you should have faith in each other! You'll find the cure, Max. Everything will turn out just fine. So stop torturing yourself like this. You love him or not?"

"I love him too much to let anything happen to him."


Now a part of Logan felt like crying.


"Nothing will happen, Max. I don't want to be the reason you break up with him. You'd better explain everything to him that there's nothing between us from the beginning, and that you were using me to keep him away from you."


"Isn't that true? Besides, you'd have to stop before I really fall for you."

"HEY!" "Calm down, will ya? I'm just kidding. If Ben's your brother, then I should be your brother too, right?"

She laughed at the remark. "Maybe."

Alec shrugged. "Weird enough that Logan actually believe there's something between us. I thought he thinks us as brother and sister. Geez~ Eyes Only could be so blind when it comes to love."

"Say anything stupid about Logan again and I'll be lying my hands on your neck~" She said playfully. They laughed until Alec finally stood up. "I'm outta here. Are you staying here all night?" He teased. "Shut up and just leave, brother~" Was Max's answer. "Oh, there's one more thing I wanna say!" "What?"

He grinned and said, "Love sucks!" With that, he turned around and walked in to go down but as he stepped in, he nearly choked to death at the sight of the man leaning against the wall before him. "YOU?!!" "Syhhhh-" Logan raised his index finger to silence him. They spoke in whisper.

"L-Logan. How long have you been standing here?"

"Long enough."

"Then-Then you must've heard. Oh.Well. Listen; what you just heard is absolutely true. Go speak to her. I'm outta here and good luck, man~" Not waiting for Logan to answer, he ran off as fast as he could. He's a genetically enhanced human, after all~

Logan stood there in silence for a while. What should he say? How does he approach her? Steadying himself, he stepped out, towards Max. Fear of heights be damned! He heard Max sighing, but didn't look back. "Alec,"she started. " I thought you said you're ou- ..out-ta -h-here.." She began to stammer as she looked around. Her eyes widened. Her heartbeat went faster. "L----Logan?"

== To be continued ==