Title: The Conversation (2/2)
Author: Angel (angel-cale@glay.org)
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Gulped! 'Oh,crap! What do I do now?' Max's thought was a mess as her heart raced. So, she just blurted out a simple, "H--Hey." Logan's lip curved into a slight grin as he too said, "Hey." Their eyes met and for what seemed like forever, they just stared into each other's eyes. Logan stepped forth and sat down beside her. She moved away a bit, afraid she would incidentally touch him. For a moment, they just sat there in silence. Neither of them decided to speak. Both just stared into the distance.

"It's too quiet, isn't it?" Logan was the first to break the silence after what seemed like eternity. She couldn't help but smile at the comment. "Yeah…" Silence fell again. Logan sighed and fixed his gaze onto Max face. The wind was caressing her hair. 'She's so beautiful,' he thought. "Max."
"Hmm?" "I…I have something to say." "I'm listening."

"First, look at me."

She hesitated for a while at his request. 'Where will this lead to?' She wondered. Somehow, she did look at him, not wanting to hurt him even more. In reality, she desperately wanted to look at him. To look into his calming steel-blue eyes… She just realised that he wasn't wearing his glasses. She felt her heartbeat went faster by the minute. "Wh-What do you want to say?" She asked politely.

"I overheard your conversation with Alec."

'Oh my God!' Her eyes widened in pure shock. "You…You… Oh, goodness…So, you knew then…" He nodded. She brought her gaze back to the sky. "Logan… I was just… I was just…" "It's okay. You've explained everything clearly." She didn't know what to say, or what to do. She kept her silence and let him speaks.

"I love you more than my life, you know?" He confessed almost in a whisper. She nodded.

"The thought of you seeing someone else, especially someone I know seems to beat my heart into pulp. Everything seemed so dark and scary. I felt so lonely and empty. I felt like my life's not worth living anymore. I felt like myself going crazy. I felt…"

"Logan, that's enough."

"No, it's not! I felt like the world had turned its back on me like my world's been torn apart. Everything's a mess. I… I didn't know what to do."

She kept her silence.

"Do you know how much you hurt me?"

Max's heart sank. Hot liquids began to well up in the corner of her eyes. "I'm sorry. I thought it's for the best."

"It's for the worst, Max. Honestly, how could you think I already gave up hope? How could you tell Alec that I won't wait for you? How did you know I won't?!"

Tears streamed down her cheek silently as she closed her eyes. 'This is wrong. I'm not supposed to cry but I… I couldn't help it,' she thought bitterly.

"Max…Even if it takes forever, I'll wait."

"You'll just hurt yourself."

"It won't hurt. Knowing that you're always by my side is the best feeling in the world. Didn't you realise how you give me life?"

More and more tears streamed down her cheek. "I was so scared… Scared of losing you…Scared of hurting you…Scared of risking your life…I don't know what I would do if anything ever happens to you!"

"Everything will be okay. We'll find the cure."

"What if we don't?"

"We will and there's no 'ifs', okay?"

She sniffed and looked at him. "Will you…Will you forgive me for being such a jerk?" He nodded. "Let's make a deal." "What?"

"Well, you still remember our deal?"

"Our deal? You mean the ' I help you, you help me' one?"

"Yeah. Let's make another deal. I'll have faith in you, you'll have faith in me. What do you say?"

"It's a deal~"

For the first time in months, their faces broke into true smiles and they laughed in unison. Then, Logan pointed to the sky. "See the stars?" "Sure, why?" "When you believe you can clutch the stars," he pretended to clutch the stars, "you can do whatever you want to." He brought his hand down, opened his grasp and blew his palm. Golden, glittering powder floated onto the air as he did. "Wow!" Max gasped. "Where'd you got those?" "Not telling~ I have some more in my pocket. Look!"

He blew more glitter to her, making her giggled as a result. He continued. "I remember a saying. 'Once you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however unlikely, must be the truth.'"

"You quoted Sherlock Holmes!"

"Oh, I'm impressed that you could actually recognize it. What about this one; 'Forever eyes. Dark. Somebody's Angel'?"

The playful air bled away. Max knew it at once. It was the piece of poem Logan had wrote her sometimes ago, 'Forever Eyes'. Seeing the look on her face, he smiled. "You know," he began, "I wrote another poem for you. I've been carrying it along with me and I kept it in…Here," he took a piece of paper from his pocket and handed it to her. Indeed, it was for her. He clearly stated 'For Max'. The poem read:

As the moon shines
Your eyes glow among the brightest stars
Yours, of the most radiant glow
Like an Angel
That comforts me in the coldest night
You light up my darkest hour
You shine the light of hope
Into my life
Your smile thought me
What life really means
Giving me strength to carry on
In this wildest world
As time moves on
I would continue to stare
Into your dark, angelic eyes
You gave me hope and someone to rely on
For that, I thank you from my heart
My guardian Angel

The poem really moved her emotion. She flashed a sincere and grateful smile to him, whispering, "Thank you."

"You like it?"

"I love it."

Silence fell upon the odd couple until…



"If I'm your guardian Angel, then you're my guardian knight."

". . . Thank you."

Alas, they found truce…

*~*~*~*~*~* FIN *~*~*~*~*~*~*

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