Chapter 6

In autoupsy

Ziva, Tony and McGee were showing Alex around. So they went down to meet Ducky.

"Hey, Duck" Tony Said cheerfully walking to Ducky.

Ducky turned around "Good afternoon" and smiled. "And who is this young man?" he asked when he saw Alex.

McGee answered "This is a new member of Gibb's team…" while Alex walked forwards to Ducky "Alexander Sciuto, Alex this is Doctor Donald Mallard"

Alex smiled and stretched out arm forward "nice to meet you,Doctor Mallard!" Ducky shook Alexanders hand .

"You too, dear boy" Ducky smiled "Are our dear Abigails realative?"

"Yes, she's my mother"


Alex laughted and said "I am hearing this all day"

"You just took me by surprise, Alexander. How old are you?" Ducky asked

"16,sir" Alex answered with a smile

Ducky was shocked with answer "I see that every knows about it"


Ducky smiled "Then my , dear boy, Call me chast Ducky"


In bullpen later this evening

"Well I guess you all should go home now" Gibbs said while standing up.

Everyone was happy that they all could go home now.

Ziva, Tony and McGee stood and walked to eleviator , and asked Alex "Are you going?"

Alex said "no, I'll go down to my mother, you all go"

"Ok, bye"


Down in Abby's lab

Alex went down to his mothers lab and was startled by her music. He went to radio and turned it off.

"Hey " Abby said and turned around.

"What?" he gave her a cheeky smile.

"Don't you dare do it again" and went to hug him.

"So have has your day been?" Abby asked with a big smile

"It was interesting" Alex replaid and asked "Are you soon going home?"

"No, dear, I have same things to do" Abby replaid with a sad look

"Oh, ok"Alex answered "Just don't sit here long ok?"

"Ok" Abby said went to hug him "I love you"

"I love you too"

Alex smailed and said "Then I should go"

He went to door and turned around "You know that someday you should tell him the true, he deserves it" and went out. Abby just looked behind him with some kind of sad look, and whispered "I know"

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