I was visiting hades to ask about my dearest nephew, Kronos, when I flashed to his throne room. He was talking to his wife, Persephone, and saw me. He motioned for me to sit and I went to his sofa. "Hades I need a report on Tartarus about my dearest nephew", I said sarcastically. He just shook his head and said,"It's not good my lord he is awakening." "Quick we need a council meeting now", I say. We flash to Olympus and I call an urgent meeting, five minutes later everyone comes and sits. "Kronos is rising the great prophecy is starting tell me, Zeus, hades, and Poseidon, have you had any children yet", I start. They all shook their heads except Zeus," I have a son but I fear he is arrogant and weak." He put his head in his hands and I say,"I have a plan, I will disguise as a half blood of Poseidon and go to camp. I will be the child of the prophecy and go to camp." They all agree to me and I dismiss the meeting.

I was outside in my garden with my lieutenant, Nico DiAngelo son of Hades and Perseus one, minor God of assasains meaning he can command assassin's. I was telling him my plans and his part of the plan.

three months later

I was in the wood running towards camp when a monster came after me. I was running and killing it at the same time, by the time I got to the barrier I was ready to kill it. I killed it and pretended to callapse of exhaustion( like when I went there the first time). I got carried away to the infirmary, hours later I wake up and see her there. I still resent her for the time she stabbed me, she gave me a glass of nectar not knowing who I am. I had jet black hair, sea green eyes, I was 15, and had a different facial design as last time. She led me to Chiron and we talked, after my talk with Chiron I met Travis Stoll. He was the current cabin counselor of the Hermes cabin, he had a brother, Connor stoll, that looked exactly like him but weren't twins. I heard that the former counselor, Luke castilen, was a traitor to Olympus and joined Kronos. He showed me the Hermes cabin and gave me a stop on the floor to sleep. After showing me around camp the dinner horn blew signaling dinner. I was on my way when I bumped into Zack, son of Zeus, he was exactly the way his father described him. "Watch where your going punk", he said. "Watch where you are going yourself", I reply calmly and walk away when he said" who do you think you are? Give some respect to the hero of Olympus." I ignore him and keep walking, I sat down at the Hermes table and ate. I sacrificed my food to every god and sat back down when a trident sign flashed above my head. Everybody kneeled down," all hail percy Jackson son of Poseidon", Chiron said. From that day on I was known as percy jackson son of Poseidon.