From the last chapter I got a hater review. I know that I can't make everyone happy but I want to explain. Even though Omega is a primordial he doesn't want to reveal himself this letting the hydra sing him. In surprise the manticore used this distraction and poisoned him.

Thalia walks up to us and asks,"What's going on here"? The gods look at each other, Zeus says,"I think we should tell her the truth". I nod and say," Thalia why don't you sit down". I summon a chair for her and starts explaining,"You see I'm not a demigod or son of Poseidon, and before you start asking questions let me explain. I'm Omega, the primordial son of Chaos,the king of gods, the primordial of honor, gods, weapons, and leadership, and the husband of Artemis. Zeus was never the king of gods, he was just my second in command. I never wanted to be known to the world, I wanted to have a mortal life. So to the outside world Zeus was the all mighty King of gods, but to the gods I was their leader, their brother, and the person to depend on. A few months ago I was checking tartarus for any escapes. I found that Kronos was stirring and that the great prophecy was starting. We had a council and I found out that your brother Zack was the prophecy child. We knew how weak he was so we had a plan, I would go as a son of poseidon and help him indirectly. Like the quest I made it look like I was just completing the prophecy but for real I was killing the monsters and letting Zack set the last strike. Now can we trust you to keep my secret"?

She nods and says,"I swear on the Styx that I would not reveal Lord Omega's secret". Thunder booms sealing the secret.

This is the end of the story, I am making a seqeul to this it is called King of gods:the battle of olympus