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Perseus, the Water Prince

A female lay on the ground, a pair of warm coffee coloured eyes staring at the night sky, aureolin hair fanning around her head, wondering when life became so complicated. Lifting one of her hands to over her face, the coffee eyes now inspected the hand, twisting and turning it in her gaze, watching as what seemed like stardust fell from it, shimmering in colours of purple, green, blue and gold before vanishing into thin air. She rested her hand back on the ground, once again her gaze returning to the sky, taking comfort in the warm glow of the stars.

Sighing, the woman sat up, with her knees against her chest as she looked at her surroundings. She was all alone, trees surrounded her on all sides but one, where instead of trees, a peaceful lake lay, undisturbed, reflecting the stars and moonlight. She turned her gaze back to the sky, taking in the sight of the stars peppering the purple and blue night sky, undisturbed by city lights. The woman closed her eyes as a soft wind blew by, brushing its wispy fingertips through her hair. She sighed once again, her eyes fluttering open.

So much had changed about her since the closing of the Eclipse Gate and she didn't know how to deal with it. Summoning the twelve Zodiacs had taking a toll on her body, yet at the same time had given her an undetermined magic power, power that she had yet to explore. Power she had yet to control safely. For the third time, she sighed to herself, once again, wondering when her life had gotten so complicated. She knew the answer to her question, it was the day she followed a pink headed stranger with fierce passion and friendly onyx eyes, the person she now called her best friend, her brother.

She didn't regret following him. No, of course she didn't. He led her to her dream and he gave her something more precious that gold or any jewels. He gave her a family. People, who accepted her, people who loved her. Sure, they had many ups and downs along the way. From a dark guild summoning a demon to mages from the future attempting to control dragons and become the next Dragon King. She had been along many adventures with them, and found true friends that would last for a life time along the way.

Lucy sighed again, getting up and stretching her body out. It was late, past midnight, and Natsu was probably wondering exactly where she was. She loved Natsu, not in a romantic way, more a brotherly way, the same as her love for Gray and Erza. They were her family, her older siblings. The family that took care of each other, the family that had been through so much together. They were the strongest team in Fairy Tail. Not because of the pure power they wielded, no, it was because of their bonds with each other. All of them refused to give up on each other, they wouldn't. They couldn't give up on each other.

Lucy lifted her hands up again, taking in the site of the stardust that fell from it before smiling softly to herself; she then picked herself up off of the ground. She was about to turn around and leave when she saw a soft blue glow coming from the middle of the lake. She frowned to herself and stepped closer, gasping when the light grew stronger. She cautiously took another step and then another, watching as the glow got brighter with each step till she was on the edge of the lake.

Something about the light was calling to her, it felt safe and familiar. She didn't know exactly what it was, but she knew that it was for her. Lucy hesitantly stripped down to her lacy black bra and boy shorts, neatly folding her clothes and leaving it on the side, her eyes fixated on the bright light. She dipped a toe into the water and feeling its warmth, her resolve solidified and she stepped in further. Soon she was immersed into the water, her head the only thing above. She swam out to where the glow was before taking a deep breath and diving inside. She opened her eyes, surprised by the clarity of the water before she swam further and further into the depths, the bright light illuminating the lake.

Soon enough, she reached the bottom, and grabbed the item that was radiating the glow. She could feel her body screaming for oxygen so she quickly swam back to the surface, taking a deep breath once she had reached the top. She gripped the item in her hand tightly and swam back to the shore, wondering exactly what was giving off the strange glow. Once she reached the shore, she quickly sat down, ignoring the chill of the wind on her half naked body, noting that the glow had faded. She stared at the small item that was covered in mud, before reaching out to the water and cleaning it.

She stared at it in surprise, almost dropping it as a gasp escaped her. It was a key. However, it wasn't a gold or a silver key. No, this key was made out of what looked like the night sky. The key had a symbol on the top and a blue fish like tail wrapped around it. She twisted the key, and brought it closer to her face, inspecting the symbol. Once again a gasp escaped her mouth; it was the key of the Water Prince, Perseus. She snapped out of her daze and grinned to herself before she scrambled to her feet, bending down and placing part of the key into the water.

"I call upon thee, in the world of the Celestial Spirits; I beckon you to my side at once, pass through the gate. Open, Gate of the Water Prince, Perseus" Lucy chanted, a blue magic circle forming as she twisted the key into the water. She felt a drain in her magic as the key shone, a merman appearing from the light and bursting through the water, into the night sky.

Lucy took in his figure, he had long red hair that was spiked on the top and fell to his back in a low ponytail. His eyes were gold and his left ear was pierced. He was bare chested, showcasing his washboard abs. His tail started below his navel, near his hips and was red before it faded to a blue and then back to red at his tail fins. He moved back into the water and turned to her, he took in her form before smirking

"Hello there gorgeous, I am Perseus or Percy, are you my new master?" Perseus question and Lucy sighed to herself, mumbling about another playboy spirit, causing Perseus to raise his eyebrow

"I am Lucy, and while I own your key, no, I am not your new master" Lucy said, causing Perseus to frown at her

"I am your friend. Would you like to make a contract with me?" Lucy continued, and smiled up at him. Her words evoked a dumbfounded expression from him, before he too grinned

"I would love to create a contract with someone as beautiful as you" Perseus said, causing Lucy to smile and nod at his compliment, completely agreeing with it.

"Great! When are you free and what kind of magic do you use?" Lucy questioned, loving the ego boost from her new spirit.

"I am free whenever you need me and I use water magic. It is wise to call me using a medium of water, however, should you become strong enough, you can also call me on land, and I do have a more human form. I pretty much look the same, but with feet" Perseus said and Lucy smiled nodding

"That's great; I look forward to working with you. You don't happen to be related to Aquarius by any chance do you?" Lucy questioned, her eyes fearful as she thought of her other mermaid spirit

"I am related to Aquarius, I am her brother. How do you know Aq- Hold on, you don't happen to be Lucy Heartfilia do you? Lucy Heartfilia, the owner of 10 of the Zodiacs and friend to the Celestial Spirit King?" Perseus asked, staring at her incredulously as Lucy nodded

"I am her" Lucy said, smiling softly at the look of disbelief on her spirit's face

"Wow, I can't believe my new master is THE Lucy Heartfilia. I knew of your strength, but I didn't know that you were strong enough to wield the Elemental Spirit Keys" Perseus said, his voice laced with amazement. Lucy stared at him in shock

"How do you know of me?" She questioned, wondering what exactly was going on

"Your strength and love for your spirits has taken the Celestial Realm by storm, many spirits want to be contracted to you. The ten Zodiac that you do own, along with your silver keys are very smug and proud about being contracted to you, they always boast about how their princess is the best Celestial Mage" Perseus said before a look of revelation dawned on his face

"While I do love my Spirits, I'm not that strong" Lucy said shyly, looking down at the ground, a blush adorning her face, causing Perseus to chuckle

"Oh, but you are. Not many would be able to hold my gate open for this long, however you can and your magic level still seems to be high. I can't wait to get back and tease Leo about how I am also contracted to his beautiful master" Perseus said, grinning as he imagined Loke's reaction. Lucy sweat dropped

"Once again, you may call me anything you like, as long as it's not master" Lucy said, as she looked back up at him, smiling at his words

"Fine, you shall be called Princess, my gorgeous Princess. I must say, Loke has spoken about your beauty rivalling that of the stars and I must say I agree, especially in that outfit" Perseus said, his eyes once again roving up and down her scantily clad body. Lucy looked at him strangely before looking down at her body. She screamed and tried to cover herself up, her hands running towards her pile of clothes as she hastily put them on

"Not a word of this to anyone, Percy" Lucy glowered as she slipped her top and skirt back on her now dry body.

"Of course my Princess, anyone except Leo" Percy said nodding, Lucy moved to disagree, her hands waving frantically, however, Perseus gasped and swam closer towards her as he grabbed her hand and stared at the stardust they emitted

"How is this possible? How long has this been happening for?" He questioned her, staring at her hands in disbelief. Lucy looked at him strangely and looked back at her hands as she remembered the stardust

"Not for long, a couple of months, since I had to summon all 12 Zodiac in order to close the Eclipse Gate. Why? Is something wrong?" Lucy questioned, staring at him intently. Perseus shook his head, letting her hands go

"Not exactly, while there isn't anything wrong now, it could be wrong in the future. You said you had to summon all 12 Zodiac in order to close the Eclipse Gate?" Perseus questioned, cocking his head to the side as Lucy nodded

"Well, when you did that, you used up a lot of magic power. Opening one Golden Gate takes a lot of magic power and opening Two Gates is quite rare too. However, you managed to open all 12 Gates and that took a toll on your body. Your magic strained and grew in order to cope with it. Most mages would had died, would have had their magic power weakened or even lost all their magic power" Perseus continued, looking over her as she gasped in horror

"However, you did not. You managed to expand your magic power. It's not unheard off, but it's extremely rare. You need to learn to train and harness this power, or it could become very dangerous. Not only to yourself, but to those around you too. No wonder you found my key and then could open my gate too. You have immense latent magic power" Perseus finished and Lucy looked at him in awe. She knew she felt different and she knew she grew stronger but she didn't she was this strong.

"What do I need to do in order to train?" Lucy questioned, staring at him with hope and determination in her eyes.

"Find someone to train you, both magically and physically. The more your magic grows the better endurance and durability you will need to contain it. Now, I must take my leave, it is quite late and I have to get back and brag to Leo. Before I leave, do you have any questions?" Perseus asked her, grinning at the thought of teasing the proud Lion Spirit

"Your key. I didn't just find it, it found me. I was here and it began to glow, it called to me. Why?" Lucy questioned, remembering her experience of obtaining the key

"Like I said, not many Celestial Mages can wield the Elemental Keys. It takes a toll on their body and magic power. My key was hidden because it waits for a mage strong enough to wield it to appear. I haven't been called for over hundreds of human years. My key felt your potential and called to you. I wouldn't be surprised if the rest of the keys did that too. Is that all?" Perseus answered before questioning her

"Yes, I need to get back; Natsu, Gray and Erza are probably worried about me. It is late and their probably tearing my apartment and the city apart looking for me. Thank you Percy, I look forward to working with you" Lucy said, beaming at him and Percy nodded, smiling back

"I hope to see you soon my Princess, now I need to go back and tease a certain Lion about how he needs to learn to share his Princess with a real Prince" Perseus replied, grinning before he disappeared.

Lucy smiled and added her new friend to the belt with all her keys. She started walking back through the forest towards Magnolia and her apartment, summoning Plue to walk with her. She spoke softly to the Dog Spirit, telling him of what she just learned. Fifteen minutes later, Lucy had reached the town of Magnolia. She sighed to herself and made the short way home, hoping that her apartment building was still in one piece.

Finally, she arrived at her apartment and sighed in relief, taking note that her apartment building was indeed in one piece. Lucy smiled and walked in, noticing that her team did in fact break into her apartment. Erza was on the couch, sleeping soundly while Gray and Natsu were on her bed, punching and kicking each other in their sleep, Happy resting peacefully on her pillow beside Natsu, mumbling about fish. Lucy sighed, silently thanking Wendy and Jellal for having enough manners to know not to break into her home.

Lucy sighed as she moved towards her closet, pulling out her pyjamas she quickly changed before nudging Gray to the side and crawling between them. She was just too tired to argue or wake them up. She sighed and felt Gray and Natsu stop fighting. Natsu quickly wrapped his hand around her waist, Gray doing the same as they mumbled in their sleep. Lucy smiled before drifting off to bed.

Lucy woke up to the sound of clattering pots and pans. She sighed and sat up in bed, realising that her team had already woken up and were making themselves comfortable in her home. Lucy got out of bed, grabbing some clothes as she groggily made her way to the bath. She quickly stripped and immersed herself into the warm water, infused with her strawberry, orange and cherry blossom bath gel.

She could hear Gray and Natsu fighting, while Happy cried about fish. She couldn't hear Erza and knew that she had found the strawberry cake that she kept in stock in her fridge, purely because of the amount of time her team spent at her home. Lucy sighed and got out, getting dressed in a short black skater skirt and a white crop top. She slipped on some maroon thigh high socks and her black heeled boots before she made her way out to greet her team.

"Morning Lucy, I hope you don't mind, but I helped myself to some of the cake in your fridge" Erza said and Lucy smiled at her

"Good morning Erza, it's fine. I buy it for you in the first place" Lucy said as she smiled at her best friend. Erza nodded, eyes shining with happiness as she returned to her cake.

"Hey Luce, hope you don't mind us crashing the place" Gray said as he drank his ice water. Lucy sweat dropped

"Gray, it doesn't matter if I mind or not, you do it anyway" Lucy said, yawning as she moved to grab some cereal; however she was suddenly enveloped in a large hug

"LUCE! WHERE WERE YOU LAST NIGHT? I WANTED TO GO LOOK FOR YOU BUT ERZA SAID YOU NEEDED SOME TIME TO YOURSELF" Natsu yelled as he hugged her and Lucy smiled, inwardly thanking Erza for understanding. Soon Happy flew into her chest, crying about how much he missed her

"Sorry Natsu, Happy, I really just did need some time for myself. A lot has happened since the Grand Magic Games. I was supposed to head back early but certain things held me back, I apologise" Lucy replied, smiling as she pet Happy on his head before she moved to give Natsu some fire and Happy some fish, causing him to cry about how nice she was

"What kinds of things happened Lucy? You weren't hurt were you?" Erza questioned, looking over Lucy for any damage. Lucy shook her head no before smiling brightly at them

"No, in fact quite the opposite, I found a new key" Lucy replied, grinning brightly at them. They looked shocked before grinning back at her

"What key Luce?" Natsu questioned, grinning proudly at his best friend

"It's the key of the Water Prince, Perseus. He reminds me of Loke, he's quite the pervert too and has the same power, if not slightly more powerful than Loke" Lucy beamed at them and told them all about her contracting the spirit as they stared in awe as

"Yes, I can feel it. Your power has grown a lot and I would offer my services to train you, but I know nothing about Celestial Magic. I could train you physically, but even that would be hard as you'd need hand to hand combat and I only use weapons" Erza said disappointedly, wishing that she could train her best friend and sister

"It's okay Erza, I'll just speak to Master Makarov about it today, I'm sure he'll have some options" Lucy said, reassuring her friend

"I'm in the same boat about the magic, but I could do hand to hand combat training with you" Gray said, offering his own services

"Gray, as much as I love you, I love my life more. I know that somewhere in training you will strip and then Juvia will see us alone and then she'll drown me along with Aquarius. Those two get along quite well plotting my demise" Lucy said, sweat dropping and Gray nodded, also fearing for his little sister's life

"I COULD TRAIN YOU LUCE! YEAH! I'M FIRED UP" Natsu yelled, pumping a flaming fist in the air, earning him a prompt Lucy Kick, sending him into the wall

"No thanks, knowing you, I'll probably end up charred. Its fine, I'll speak to Master Makarov" Lucy said, smiling at her friends who nodded at her. Finally, after finishing their breakfast, they got up and left for the guild. They quickly arrived, kicking open the doors and were greeted by everyone smiling at them cheerfully. Lucy smiled and waved back at them before moving to Mira.

She watched as Natsu and Gray began brawling while Erza moved towards Jellal, who had been pardoned for all his crimes due to his help disbanding the dark guilds as well as helping during the Grand Magic Games. Lucy was happy because she knew that Erza was happier than she had ever been. After all, Jellal had no idea about his actions, he was possessed. He was quickly accepted into Fairy Tail, everyone rejoicing over how they had four dragon slayers and a former wizard saint within their ranks. Lucy also knew that Erza's happiness had factored into Jellal's acceptance.

"Good morning Mira! Can I get a strawberry milkshake please?" Lucy questioned and Mira nodded before creating her milkshake

"Of course you can, here you go. Also, Master told me to send you to his office. He needs to talk to you about something important" Mira said and Lucy nodded, picking up her smoothie as she made her way to Master's office.

'This is quite convenient. After all, I need to talk to him about training and about everything that has happened' Lucy thought to herself before knocking on the door. She heard a rough enter and walked in, almost laughing at the sight of her Master crying over all the paperwork. He looked up and smiled, throwing the paper work off of his desk and beckoning her to take a seat.

"Master, Mira said you wanted to talk to me about something? It was quite convenient because I need to talk to you too" Lucy said, smiling at him as she took a seat

"Oh? Then you go first my dear" Master said kindly and Lucy nodded

"Master, after I summoned the 12 Zodiacs to close the Eclipse Gate, something happened. You see, normally, Celestial Mages can summon, at most, two Golden Gates at once and that in itself is very rare. So summoning all twelve is highly rare and it should have killed both me and Yukino. However, it didn't. It left Yukino greatly weakened and it should have happened to me too, however, my power expanded and grew" Lucy started and looked over at Master who smiled reassuringly, motioning for her to carry on

"When my power grew, it became unstable. For now, it should be fine, but I need some help and time to train both magically and physically so that I am not a danger to anyone in the guild. I was hoping you'd know of someone who could do so. Magically, I should be fine with Capricorn, but it will be a strain holding open his gate as well as training magically" Lucy finished and looked at her beaming Master, wondering what was going through his mind

"This is simply perfect and should fit in well with what I need you for. I do know of people who can train you both physically and magically. In fact, I know two people. Lucy, you will be going away on a month long mission with these two mages. It's a fairly easy mission and should only take a few days, however, I extended it to a month long one, so you can use the extra time to train" Master said and Lucy nodded, relieved that Master knew people who could help her before she frowned

"Master, do I know these two mages?" Lucy questioned, wondering who she was going to be spending a month with

"Yes of course. Let me call them in" Master said before turning to a communication lacrima, calling the two mages in. Lucy couldn't see who he was talking to and soon he turned the lacrima off, smiling and looking at her. She waited eagerly and as soon as she heard knocks on the door, she turned around, ready to greet whoever walked in. However, when she saw the two mages she was shocked. One she wasn't so much shocked about, however the second one was a completely different story.

There, standing in the doorway was both Laxus and Mystogan.

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