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Haunting Crimson

Lucy awoke to the telltale sensation of hands drifting across her skin, rousing her from her slumber. She felt lips ghost over the soft skin of her neck drawing out a soft moan from her. Lucy opened her eyes and came into contact with her two significant others, Laxus burrowing his head in the crook of her neck as he continued laving at the supple flesh while Mystogan's hands swept across her, his fingers caressing her body. She felt the bluenet lift her top up, easily slipping it off of her body as his hands wandered over to one of her breasts, rough calloused hands grazing the bountiful mound with soft touches, Lucy arched her back as she silently begged for more. Mystogan's hand carefully played with the hardened peak, tweaking and pinching the stiff nub.

Laxus manoeuvred himself to capture her lips with his own, the tongues darting into each other's mouths, massaging the appendages as pearly whites nibbled on her soft pink lips. Lucy let out a gasp, muffled by Laxus' lips, as she felt Mystogan bend his head down towards her exposed nipple, laving the hardened peak before taking the peak between his teeth, smirking against her breast as his tongue dart against the teat, flicking it mercilessly. Laxus broke away from their kiss, letting out a small groan at Lucy's half lidded, lust filled eyes before latching onto her free nipple, swirling around the stiff bud as he lightly grazed it with his teeth. The two continued their descent down her torso, hands trailing across her body as they lightly squeezed and massaged her flesh, Mystogan's tongue dipping into her bellybutton while Laxus pulled down her shorts and underwear.

Laxus placed a soft kiss on Lucy's ankle before kissing his way up her leg and at the same time Mystogan placed a kiss on her exposed hipbone. Mystogan continued his descent while Laxus continued his own ascent, the two finally reaching her toned thighs. The two smirked up at her, stormy blue and chocolate brown eyes shining in mirth as they latched onto the supple flesh of her inner thigh, sucking and nibble on each side, leaving twin marks, before pulling them apart and spreading her wide.

"Please" Lucy begged, trying to buck her hips; however, she was prevented by Mystogan and Laxus' hold on her thighs. The scent of Lucy's aroma surrounded them and the sound of her begging caused Laxus' eyes to darken as he latched onto her clit, licking and sucking on the tender bundle of nerves, Mystogan's hands trailing up and down her leg softly as he watched the Dragon Slayer's slowly suckle on Lucy's clit.

Laxus trailed his tongue up and down her dripping slit, swirling around her honey holed as Mystogan lightly stroked his bulge with one of his hands. Suddenly, an idea popped into the Edolas mage's head and he let out a wicked smirk before dipping his head and wrapping his lips around her clit, lightly flicking and lapping at the pearl. Lucy let out a silent gasp before arching her back, the two smirking against her folds as she drew her legs up, spreading them to accommodate them more. Laxus licked up, back to her clit, joining Mystogan's tongue in swirling around the clit, one of his fingers slipping into her pussy, slowly entering her.

"Oh my god" Lucy breathed out, her knees lifting to lock around each one of their necks, drawing them further into her folds. Laxus curled his finger, wriggling inside of her before pulling out and inserting a second finger into her, pumping his digits lazily into her.

"More. Please more" Lucy gasped out, begging for them to stop teasing her. Mystogan let out a sly smile before he too plunged two fingers into her, just as Laxus withdrew his. They began to piston their appendages inside her, every time one of them pulled out, the other filled her; Lucy's hands moved to grip the sheets, her fingers fisted around the covers as she let out breathy moans. Laxus wrapped his tongue around her clit, lightning dancing across his tongue as he flicked her bundle of nerves and at the same time, Mystogan plunged his tongue into her hole, swirling and thrusting inside her. Lucy's shoulders shot up, her legs shaking around their heads, her hands entangling into their locks, pulling them into her folds as she came all of a sudden. Her honeyed fluid gushed out of her, coating both the boys' fingers in her juices. She let out a shuddering whimper as they drew their fingers out of her, taking turns to clean up the wetness running down her thighs.

Once they'd cleaned her up, the two boys sat up on their knees, staring down at her flushed form, her body trembling in the aftermath of her orgasm as she came down from her high, sucking on their fingers to continue tasting her. The turned to each other, Laxus taking in the glistening juices that coated Mystogan's face. Lucy watched in shock, slightly turned on as Laxus drew nearer to Mystogan, before his tongue darted out, languidly licking off her wetness. Laxus let out a small moan, the taste of Lucy's cum mixed with the taste of Mystogan's skin was divine and he knew he needed more. He wrapped his hand delicately around the bluenet's neck, drawing him closer before closing the distance, tongues dancing against each other as they tasted Lucy from the other's tongue.

Lucy watched as her two boyfriends made out, she could feel the heat rising and her pussy began gushing once again at the show the two were putting on for her. Trailing a hand towards her throbbing clit, she began playing with herself, one hand tweaking and pinching her nipple while the other sunk two fingers into her pussy, thrusting them in and out. She watched them break away, turning and leering at her. She froze, her actions halted as she realised that something was out of place. They weren't smiling like they usually did. Something was off. Her eyes widened as she realised that they weren't smiling at her with love and lust. No lust was certainly involved, but their eyes gleamed with malicious intent.

"God, you're an enigma. So innocent yet these fantasies are so naughty. I can't wait to make you mine kitten. But first I must get rid of these two, no?" They both said at the same time, Lucy paling as she heard their distorted voice. They didn't sound like her boyfriends; no, they sounded like someone else. She quickly drew away from them, her knees drawn up against her chest as she watched in fear as her two lovers began merging into one. Their build was a mix of the two, with Laxus' height and Mystogan's lean form. The new man had Laxus' blonde hair but Mystogan's hairstyle, limp, soft locks hanging loosely in front of his eyes.

His eyes.

They had been Mystogan's before, but now they were swirling, lightening and changing into a brilliant scarlet. The two stopped merging and in front of her, knelt a man that was entirely too attractive. He was beautiful. His body was chiselled and hard, almost as if the Gods had carved him out of the most exquisite marble, pale skin glistening in the dimly lit room. Unintentionally Lucy's eyes trailed over his form, a broad chest led to well defined, v shaped hips; followed by strong thighs. His cock hung between his thighs, the hardened member thick and long, waiting for her. He let out a deep chuckle as he watched Lucy peruse his body, breaking her out of her daze. She let out a shudder as she watched him bend over and crawl over to her, slowly backing up until her back met the headboard.

The man let out another laugh as he quickly cornered her, caging her between lean biceps. He bent his head down and ran his nose along her neck, the same way Laxus had done so before, peppering kisses along her silk like skin. Lucy quickly placed her hands against his chest, trying to push him away, however, he was entirely too strong for her. The man let out another dark chuckle before lifting his head from her neck, staring deep into her eyes. Deep doe eyes met haunting crimson and Lucy was lost in the glistening pools of red. His hands trailed down towards her ankles, pulling them so that her knees were no longer pressing against her breasts before his hands swept up to her thighs, spreading them so that his hips were between them. Lucy gulped, the deep crimson eyes holding her captive as he lined up his member with her dripping slit.

"Mine" The man breathed out against her ear, flicking his tongue against the outer shell. Suddenly, she snapped out of her reverie, horror washing over her as she felt him rear back and plunge deep into her heat.

"NO!" Lucy screamed, shooting up from the bed. She let out deep pants, her body shuddering in fear and revulsion, her dream still fresh in her head. Her body trembled as she curled into a bowl, wrapping herself into a ball, hands clamped around her mouth as she tried to quieten down her whimpers and cries, tears streaming down her face. She looked around, her trembles stilling into small tremors as she realised that she was still in bed and that it was daylight outside, the sunshine streaming through the window. She burrowed her face into her hands as she sobbed quietly, the dread and chills still crawling over her skin. Suddenly, Laxus barrelled out of the shower, the same time Mystogan entered the bedroom, both of them hearing her scream as they came to her aid.

"Lucy? Baby what's wrong?" Laxus questioned, the telltale scent of saltwater filling his nose, his ears picking up the sound of Lucy's quiet whimpers. What baffled him though, was the unmistakable scent of Lucy's arousal, the scent of her womanly musk and strawberries permeating the air.

"Lucy? What's wrong love?" Mystogan asked as he knelt in front of her, delicately placing kisses on her shoulder to calm her down. Laxus followed his lead, rubbing soothing circles on her sweat soaked back. Lucy let out a small sniffle, her lovers' comforting presence calming her down as she realised she was safe. However, another onslaught of sobs washed over hers as she realised she had almost cheated with them in her dream. She hadn't been willing at the end, but before that… something about the man called out to her, she had quite literally gotten lost in his eyes. She shuddered at the thought of being unfaithful towards her lovers.

"Lucy?" Mystogan said softly, coaxing her out of her curled up position, he pulled her arms from her knees and raised her head, his thumbs brushing against her cheeks as he wiped her tears gently.

"What happened?" Laxus questioned, wondering what had caused his girlfriend such grief. However, Lucy didn't reply, all she did was take deep breaths as she tried to catch her breath, her throat sore from crying. So instead, Laxus pulled her into his embrace, his chest pressed flush against her back, arms wrapped around her waist as he peppered kisses along her shoulder, hands threading through her hair. Mystogan crawled over to her and rested his body between her legs, arms thrown across her hips as he snuggled into her stomach, one of his hands drawing shapes across the expanse of her thigh. She wasn't responding to any of their calls, and over the past few months of their relationship they'd learnt that sometimes, Lucy just needed to be left to her thoughts, surrounded by love as she tried to sort through her own thoughts.

Lucy drew deep into her thoughts as the initial fear of the nightmare left her body with the ministrations of her lovers. She wasn't stupid. She hadn't wanted to believe it and at first had just passed it off to coincidence, after all she hadn't been an heiress in over three years, but with this dream she knew. She knew she was connected to the dark guild and the murders. The nightmare had simply confirmed it for her. She'd been a mage too long, and had been thrown into far too many plots to destroy the world, to simply ignore the warning signs or her gut feelings. She was involved. And that meant, all those people had died because of her.

Sadness and grief washed over her, her friend, the Duchess of Rosa's daughter had been killed because of her. She didn't know why, or what role she played in this plan but she knew she had blood on her hands. However, she couldn't think of that now. Now was not the time for her to dwell on it and sink into despair. First she had to make things right, whether that meant bringing the guild in charge down or paying with her life, Lucy didn't care. But she would see justice for all the victims; she'd see justice for her friend. Nonetheless none of this made sense. It had been four months, almost five, since the last murder had taken place. Why had this dream just occurred? It had felt too real. Too vivid. Everything had just been so tangible, the feel of Laxus and Mystogan's kisses, the sensation of their tongues on her. The touch of that man.

She'd known it had been quiet for far too long. Four months without a murder was just wrong, especially after the two months of daily killings. She'd had a gut feeling that something was coming, something big. It didn't help that they weren't anywhere close to solving the murders. They were too sporadic, and no one had left any clues about who or why they were killing people. She'd have to call Levy soon; maybe another brain would be able to help. Maybe Levy would be able to find a clue, or solve something. But for now, Lucy had to figure out whether or not to tell Laxus and Mystogan. She had no doubts they'd figured out that it had something to do with her. The past few months, the two hadn't left her alone unless she was with a member of her team or one of her guild mates who was in the head quarters with them. They'd insisted on at least one of them keeping her company at all times, whether it was on a walk around the make shift base, or when she'd visit the bath house in Chrysanthemum.

She didn't want to make them even more paranoid, and she really didn't want them to worry about her, because even when she was alone, she really wasn't. Her keys were always watching over her, especially Hyperion and Asterion, who were on constant guard around her, making sure she was safe. But still, did she have the heart to tell them she had practically cheated on them in her dream? She didn't want to hurt them. However, she also knew that if she asked them to, they would drop it. Weighing out the pros and cons, Lucy decided against telling them. This was her mess to deal with. Besides, it was just a dream. How much harm could it actually do?

"It was just a really bad dream. A nightmare… about the Grand Magic Games and Future Rogue" Lucy lied easily. Laxus and Mystogan looked at her sceptically, knowing that she was lying. They knew she hadn't had any nightmares about the X791 Grand Magic Games in over a year and a half, but they could also tell that she no longer wanted to talk about it. They'd long since learned that pressing Lucy on matters she didn't want to discuss never ended well, so they dropped it. For now.

"Come on love, let's get you dressed. Jellal's cooked breakfast" Mystogan said as he took her hand in his and guided her to the adjoining bathroom. Lucy nodded, smiling at the two in thanks before shutting the door. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes only to see haunting crimson eyes staring at her in the dark recesses of her mind. She snapped her eyes open and let out a shudder, bracing herself against the sink. She couldn't think about that now. There was a murder to solve and she had to do it soon.

Lucy stepped into the shower, making sure the water was scalding, as if she wanted to burn off the non-existent, lingering touch from her dreams. Scrubbing herself until she was raw, she stood under the water for twenty minutes, till she was red and burning all over. She turned the water off and stepped out, towelling herself dry before brushing her teeth and getting dressed for the day. Her stomach let out a loud grumble, as she smelled the scent of pancakes, waffles, bacon and eggs. Lucy followed the delicious aroma, letting out a smile as the sight of a mouth-watering feast welcomed her. Almost instantly Natsu grabbed her hand, pulling her down next to him and Wendy.

"Morning Lucy" Everyone greeted, Lucy smiling back as she wished them a good morning.

"Anything new?" Lucy questioned as she began piling foods onto her plate before turning to Erza.

"Indeed. Captain Lahar has requested to speak to us as soon as possible. We were simply awaiting your arrival. Freed, if you would please" Erza said, beckoning Freed to pull out the Communications Lacrima and call Lahar. The Comm. rang a couple of times before a clicking sound was heard, Lahar's face coming into view.

"Hello Miss Scarlet. I have heard some new news about your mission. I am aware that there hasn't been a murder in over four months; however, we've been tipped off with a lead. There have been rumours going around in Pennywort, whispers of a dark guild taking refuge there" Lahar informed and dread filled Lucy.

"How are we to know if this is related?" Jellal questioned, Lahar's eyes narrowing slightly.

"It helps that Penelope Pennywort currently resides there. Her family owns the docks over there and the Pennywort Shipping Company is one of, if not the biggest, shipping company. They import and export all over Ishgar, from Fiore to Sven to Pergrande. It also has come to my attention that she fits the description perfectly. A buxom blonde heiress" Lahar expounded and at this, another flash of haunting crimson eyes appeared in Lucy's mind, causing her to stiffen slightly. Natsu looked at her funnily, eyebrow rising as he silently asked her if she was okay. Lucy nodded tensely, not wanting Natsu to find out about her morning. He'd go on a rampage for no reason if he found out she'd been crying.

"That is all. Pennywort is a simple two-hour carriage ride away from Chrysanthemum. I'd highly recommend you following this lead," Lahar said with a nod, before bidding them goodbye and ending the call.

"This all seems far too suspicious. I do not think we should follow this lead" Freed stated, Evergreen and Meredy agreeing with him.

"We have to! This is the best lead we have so far," Natsu argued, for once Gray backing the Fire Dragon Slayer.

"I agree Natsu, however Freed is correct. This all seems so sudden. There've never been rumours before, the guild would simply kill before anyone knew they were there. Also, why now? After four months of silence? Something doesn't add up" Erza added, Freed nodding with her.

"I think we should go, even if it ends up being a dead lead. Because if the rumours are correct and we don't respond, then we've got another victim to deal with" Bickslow inputted, and soon everyone bar Lucy, Mystogan and Laxus were arguing. The feeling of anxiousness and trepidation grew in their guts with each passing second. This was too great a coincidence, Lucy thought to herself. First her dream, and now a lead out of nowhere? Something was coming. Something big. And she was terrified. But she couldn't let her fear hold her back.

"Natsu and Bickslow are right. We should go" Lucy finally spoke up, everyone turning to her.

"Think this though Lucy, none of this makes sense," Jellal spoke, Lucy shaking her head.

"I know! I know that something seems off… but Bickslow is right. If this lead turns out to be true and we don't help them… we've got another death on our hands. And this time, it will be entirely out fault. We have to go, no matter how bad an idea it seems. We wouldn't be able to call ourselves Fairy Tail mages otherwise," Lucy explained, Natsu grinning at her in response, accepting her logic. Laxus caught Mystogan's gaze from the corner of his eye, Mystogan shaking his head, Laxus nodding his head before the two turned back to Lucy.

"Lucy, I don't think this is a good idea," Mystogan said, voicing out both his and Laxus' opinions.

"Mystogan you have to see reason. This is the best option" Lucy replied, Laxus opening his mouth to argue with her, however Erza cut him off.

"Lucy is correct Mystogan. We cannot call ourselves Fairy Tail mages if we don't respond to a call for help. Penelope will need us to protect her. I'm going to phone a carriage, everyone prepare your bags. We will be leaving within the hour. We must make haste," Erza finally ordered, Laxus once again opening his mouth to argue.

"That is the final decision Laxus. Master has put me in charge of this job and I will not fail him or anyone else. She needs us and Fairy Tail will answer her plea" Erza hissed, Laxus glared at her but relented, knowing that once Erza's mind was made up, there was no going back. Lucy drowned out the uneasy feeling in her gut as she walked back to her shared room to pack her bag, Laxus and Mystogan silently following her. They caught each other's gaze once again, a troubled glance exchanging between them. They both desperately prayed to Mavis that this wouldn't be a trap, hoping beyond belief that Lucy would be safe and the lead would pan out in their favour.

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