'Emma, you're making the candles flicker again.' Graham laughed as Emma took an innocent bite of her food at the dinner table.

'Am I not allowed to eat then?' Emma teased sarcastically, waving her hand to snuff out the candles all together. Grumbled complaints from Graham and her parents made her snort before she waved her hand to relight the candles so they could see.

'Can you imagine if you had these powers as a child? We would never have finished a meal.' Snow said sternly, although there was a hint of a smile on her lips and Emma laughed.

'Come on, you guys love my magic.' She replied, looking between the three of them for reassurance. They all looked shiftily around at each other and Emma rolled her eyes.

'Well, it does come in handy sometimes.' Her father offered, scratching his neck awkwardly.

'You mean that nifty sound protection barrier she puts on her room every time Killian gets back?' Graham scoffed, and the jaws of Emma and her parents simultaneously dropped. Emma felt her cheeks flush instantly and she suddenly wished she hadn't relit the candles.

She was relieved when she heard a guard clear his throat at the door and she carefully avoided her parents when she looked up.

'Miss Emma, the ship was spotted along the horizon. It will arrive in the harbor soon.' He said, his eyes darting to the king and queen as he sensed the awkwardness in the room. Emma's heart jumped and she bit her lip to stop herself from grinning stupidly.

'Thank you Jack.' She said calmly, finally looking to her parents with raised eyebrows.

'Go.' Her mother smiled, nudging David's elbow with her own as a signal to keep quiet. Emma quickly left the table and brushed down her dress and hair.

'Looks like that sound spell will be in full use tonight then.' Graham joked, making her parents groan and complain. Emma shook her head as she rushed out the room, the giddiness building inside her as she slipped on her shoes and ran down to the docks.

'My love, I missed you so much.' Killian sighed into her neck as they embraced. Emma had practically jumped onto him, wrapping her legs around him and clinging on for dear life.

'I missed you too.' She whispered, inhaling his familiar scent. They had come to an agreement a few months back that Killian would live with her in the castle and travel with his crew whenever his role as Pirate King required his presence elsewhere. The arrangement was relatively easy, although this time Killian had spent more time away than usual and Emma hated it. She could live without him seeing him every day, but it was the uncertainty of the duration that made her anxious. This time he had been gone for 5 weeks and she hadn't received a note from him in 12 days.

'You didn't message me. I thought something might have happened.' She whispered, her mind catching up with the feel of his body against her again.

'I'm sorry lass. I was worried in case any rogue pirates were monitoring the ship and would intercept the bird. I didn't want to lead them to you.' He explained but Emma laughed shakily.

'Killian, I'm pretty sure every pirate in the South knows their King is with the princess.' She slid down until she was back on her own two feet although she still leaned into him, not ready to get go. He chuckled and kissed her forehead before she angled her face up and caught his lips. He groaned and her grip on his leather jacket tightened.

'I know I said I was okay with it, but I hate it when you leave.' She admitted, pressing her forehead against his and feeling his warm breath on her skin as he sighed. He didn't say anything and she suddenly felt guilty. Perhaps she shouldn't have said anything. She didn't want to seem like she was pinning him down and keeping him away from the life of the sea that he loved so much.

She pushed away those feelings for now so she could enjoy their reunion, smiling again when he kissed her greedily, causing the crew to whistle and cheer behind them. Killian laughed and shook his head before gesturing for them to head back to the castle, away from prying eyes.

Emma lay tangled in the bed sheets, gasping when Killian's lips moved across her stomach. Her skin felt like it was on fire, her body tingling and sensitive with desire. His hand was traveling across her thigh and his touch was almost too much as she was still coming down from the high of their bodies joining together so perfectly.

'Killian.' She groaned, resting her head back onto the pillow and closing her eyes as he hummed smugly and moved further up her body, his lips trailing across her breasts and up her neck. He moved so his body was hovering just above hers, his lips lining up with hers, causing her to open her eyes slowly.

'Hi.' She breathed, moving her legs to rub against his. He smirked and lowered his hips, smug when her eyes widened before she bit her lip.

'Hi lass.' He replied, brushing their noses together before kissing her softly. She moaned and moved her hands across his back, pulling him closer to her so that their chests were pressed against each other. She shifted her legs so that he was positioned back between them and before she could move herself any further he pulled away from her lips and looked down at her, his heart hammering as he took in her flushed cheeks and green eyes and flirty smile.

'Will you marry me?' He blurted. Her smile fell and his insides grew cold instantly. Her eyes were frantically darting between his and he felt nauseous, starting to pull away but she squeezed her legs against him and held onto his shoulders firmly.

'Do you really want that?' She whispered, and he clenched his jaw.

'More than anything.' It felt like an eternity until he saw her lips curve upwards and her eyes meet his again.

'Good, because my answer is yes.' His emotions hit him in a violent wave and the tension in his body buckled as he fell against her, smiling as she laughed.

'You had me worried for a moment there love, leaving a man hanging like that.' He joked as he brushed his knuckles across her cheekbone. Her smile faded again and he frowned.

'What is it?' Killian asked, trying not to sound too worried as he moved his hand to brush through her hair, as if hoping the gesture would somehow comfort whatever woes she had.

'If we get married you will officially become part of the royal family. That means you won't be able to be a pirate anymore. You will be giving up a huge part of your life, just for me. How can I be okay with that? It's not fair for you to sacrifice so much.' Emma turned her head away from him and closed her eyes with a sigh. He shuffled to lie beside her, wiping away the rogue tear that escaped and ran down her cheek.

'There is nothing for me in my old life anymore, so please don't think you are making me give it up. It is my choice and I choose you. I will always choose you.' Emma looked up at him hopefully then, blinking away her tears before anymore fell.

'And I choose you too.' She said quietly, and he moved his leg between hers and pulled her closer as his arm rested at her waist.

'I was going to propose more formally, with a speech and a ring but I looked at you and I just couldn't spend another moment without asking you. Are you disappointed, do you wish I had been more romantic?' Killian asked, suddenly feeling self-conscious about the way the words had just spilled out. Emma laughed and brushed her finger across the scar on his cheek, a habit she seemed to have whenever they lay like this.

'Killian, I don't care about formality and nothing about us has ever been conventional. Besides, I think my boyfriend proposing to me after pretty amazing sex is romantic.' He watched as she tugged her bottom lip between her teeth teasingly and he remembered the first time he met her all those months ago, wondering how he had stumbled upon the love of his life at the village market.

'Well, it's fiancé now.' He grinned, watching the way her eyes crinkled as she laughed and how the apples of her cheeks were round with her smile. It was a strange but wonderful feeling to know that he was looking at his future when he looked at her, and to him, his future looked beautiful.

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