AN: Hello fellow readers and welcome to another story written by me. This one is the crossover between HTTYD and Frozen that I've been working on. First things first, I thank all of those that sent me a title suggestion to this story. I have finally chosen R2-M0's suggestion, considering the main theme of this story being the exploration of Hiccup's and Elsa's slowly forming friendship. Also, I'm trying a different setting with this fiction. Not only the canon will be considered canon, but R2-M0 fanfiction, Echoes of Falling Snow, will be as well. It is a flawless work this writer has created, in which he manages to truly capture the very essence that made Frozen be such masterpiece. I absolutely recommend his work to all 'Frozen' enthusiasts out there. But don't worry, once HTTYD and Frozen cross paths in my story I'll post a resume so everyone understands my references.

ANII: This fic takes a pace slower than those I've read, so it'll take a couple of chapters before we see Hiccup and Elsa meeting. I wanted to create a unique departure of Hiccup from Berk and introduce an OC dragon: The White Fury. For those that are reading 'How to Become a Dragon Chief', the only difference is that he breathes ice instead of fire in this AU.

Without further ado:

Hiccup was walking through the forest carrying a basket. His destination was the Cove, the place where he first how a dragon wasn't a mindless beast, the place he first befriended a dragon, a Night Fury no less, and the place he found a best, true friend after years of loneliness. But this time, he wasn't planning on simply visiting his best friend Toothless. His determined walking was a result of a decision he had made earlier that day.

"Bud? We're leaving. Forever. Come on, let's pack up," Hiccup said as he entered the cove. The dragon lazily lying down immediately shot up and met him happily, his tong hanging loosely from his mouth, just like the other days that Hiccup visited the Cove. His attitude soon changed once his rider didn't meet the same enthusiasm, even though Hiccup clearly tried to. Toothless could sense some uneasiness inside the boy, so, adjusting his position, the black dragon looked at Hiccup with concerned eyed.

He saw the changes in his dragon in his dragon demeanor and sighed in defeat. He dropped the pack and decided to explain to Toothless what happened: "Well, I guess I'll have to explain myself…" he mumbled, noticing Toothless' confused gaze over him. He didn't blame the dragon though, since all the days he came to the Cove to visit the elusive overgrown salamander, he was always cheered up the moment he spotted Toothless. But today, even though he tried, Hiccup couldn't muster enough joy when he saw Toothless.

It was reasonable; after all, Hiccup was looking to what would allow him to run away... to run away from Berk

"The thing is: I was chosen to kill the Nightmare today after I defeated the White Fury again, before Astrid could hurt him." He sighed, recalling the events that happened earlier, "I didn't want to, but he was fairly distracted, since they actually let him out of the caverns, and because he was focused on me, she found an opening to attack him. That's why I had to defeat him. Otherwise she would have certainly killed him." He said the last part somewhat sadly.

It was somewhat understandable that she would want revenge on the White Fury after their last meeting. The dragon had not only invaded her mind but use her memories of her Uncle Finn and her own guilt to reduce her to a pile of shame. Had Hiccup not intervened, the dragon would have mauled her when she let her guard down.

Not to mention the fact that she had shed some tears, much to Hiccup's surprise, as the dragon made her think he was dead. And to later find out she cried in front of a dragon for nothing made her angerand desire for vengeance reach unimaginable levels. She showed this, as she tried to behead the Fury at every opening she got.

Toothless cooed in understanding and concern. He understood that his rider and best friend was a misfit among the Vikings; after all, he was the only kind-hearted one there, and even though they mistreated the little hatchling until recently, his rider was still wary about leaving. He also knew how much Hiccup wanted to protect both the dragons and the teens from harm during his Dragon Training, so it was obvious that the teen would rather win than allow the White Fury to be hurt.

Hiccup patted his head, glad that Toothless would hear and comfort him whenever he needed. The dragon was incredibly smart, even when compared to his cousin, the White Fury. The Night Fury understood why he was reluctant to leave Berk, but why he also wanted to. Sometimes Hiccup really wondered if whoever had come up with the idea that dragons were mindless beasts wasn't drunk, or nuts.

"Well. I don't know why I am complaining..." he said chuckling slightly, much to Toothless' surprise. "Everyone would be happy if I left. The village wouldn't have to deal with my destruction, Dad wouldn't have to deal with me being a disappointing heir and Astrid would have the spotlight back on her, no longer being second to Useless on Training." He said with a self-depreciated tone, while looking back at how things used to be before his fluked situation on Dragon Training started.

"You'll be safe, and I'll be with you, just like we wanted," he said, looking on the bright side of the situation. Toothless couldn't help but croon in agreement, seemingly excited at the prospect of being near him all the time. "The only one that I think that would miss me is Gobber" Hiccup continued, "He was sort of like a father to me, and my only friend all those years. Maybe I should leave him a note or something like that…" After a pause he added, "maybe to Astrid too." The dragon snorted on hearing the girl's name.

"Yes, I know we aren't friends anymore. I think she doesn't even care about me anymore, if her attitude toward me recently is anything to go by. But I don't know. I still care for her; I want her to be happy after I leave. Maybe I could even leave a note to Dad to make her chief when she comes of age. Snotlout would just be the downfall of Berk anyway…"

The dragon chuckled, earning a smile from Hiccup, "And she would regain the honor her family lost long ago." Hiccup reasoned, earning a huff from Toothless as he was annoyed that his rider, even though running away, was still thinking of the Vikings.

Both dragon and human failed to notice a blond hiding behind a rock outside the Cove, breathing deeply while too many emotions for her to handle flowed through her. She had been following him, and almost lost his trail doing so. She had planned on going down and confronting him, but when he began speaking, Astrid decided to hide and eavesdrop instead.

She closed her eyes, trying to deal with her emotions, as a thousand voices screamed inside her head, each telling her different things. First and foremost she was feeling lost. Having spent the last ten years pretending to have a frozen heart made her unable to properly deal with feelings. And now, to make things worse, she didn't even know what she was feeling. What should she even feel?

Feel angry that he had clamied her spotlight through a fluke?

Feel betrayed that he had chosen to side with the very beasts that killed hundreds of Vikings, that had dismembered his own mentor twice, that had killed her Uncle, and even his mother?

Feel ashamed that, by focusing solely on her training, she became a cold, distant person, a person who didn't deserve any of the concern he held for her?

Feel sad that probably the only one that truly cared about her and did not see her as a prize wanted to leave, partially because he thought she wouldn't care?

Feel guilty that his willingness to leave was partially because of her, although the other teens were probably also responsible for that?

Feel happy that, with him gone, everything would be better? No more destruction caused by the nuisance, she would be again the top student again; she could even become heir and have restored her family's honor.

She felt like she should run and expose Hiccup's treachery, uncover his Dragon Training fluke and reclaim her spot; expose his siding with a dragon and betrayal of his tribe. Another part wanted to go down and ask him if this was how he saw her, if distancing from him changed his vision regarding herself. A small part wanted to stop him from running away, since that part knew that, if Snotlout ever became chief, it would be the downfall of the village, should Stoick not approve the idea of her becoming the heir. That part also clearly saw that he had the brains to be Chief, and that, if Stoick married him to someone strong, Hiccup could lead well the village.

A lone tear fell from her widened eyes and travelled her cheek briefly before she heard the flapping of wings. She turned and stood, only to meet the sight of dragon and rider getting smaller and more distant. She would have screamed his name if her throat didn't feel so closed that it was almost suffocating her. Even after all those years, he still cared for her, even if she didn't. And the surprise of seeing Hiccup on the back of a dragon left her speechless.

He cared enough that he thought she would make a better heir than him. However, now that he left, she doubted that he would put in motion this idea. She knew he wasn't thinking about this while looking exclusively at the tribe's future, but was also looking at her family's honor. She had distanced herself from him to focus on training to restore that honor and because of his un-Viking attitude he would only have been a distraction.

But now she saw that the only friend she ever had -sure the teens hanged out with her, but this was either out of fear or awe rather than true friendship, or in Snotlout's case, out of the desire to impress her- the only one that had comforted her when she had lost her Uncle Finn to the Flightmare almost a decade ago, the only one that saw her as more than just a prize, was gone. And she had been too focused on Training to even realize that he had saved her when they first met the deceptive Fury.

She didn't have the heart anymore to expose him to Stoick, even though he has already left. It wasn't like he was all wrong about leaving. Sure he had befriended the enemy; he had cheated at the Training and now deserted his tribe. Sure he deserved the Blood Eagle and be punished for betraying her and their tribe. Sure he deserved a kick in the groins for taking her place as best Trainee, only to leave later.

A thought had stopped her from doing so: was he all wrong? It was clear that Gobber's friendship with him had not been enough to take away the feeling of being an outcast, since he even went as far as befriending the enemy. He wasn't dumb either, if how he had bested her at the arena and his concern regarding the chiefdom was anything to show, or that he had managed to approach,and even ride, a dragon without being mauled. It was crystal clear to her that he hadn't had this idea all of a sudden, and even that he might have left before if he had had the means to do it, or maybe it was only a matter of time before something finally pushed him to leave.

It was also clear he never let go of losing her friendship, never stopped caring about her, even if she ignored him. He had never moved on from losing it and probably had never forgotten the pain she had had once she had heard of her Uncle's demise and the tainted honor her family's name earned because of it. And from what she heard he had never given up on trying helping her restore that honor, even if she was blind to it.

Her warrior instincts instantly kicked in as she heard the flapping wings getting closer. She dropped to the ground and hid, her hand already on the handle of her axe. The axe that she found out he had forged after she had nearly broken her mother's, and that he kept a secret for fear of being lashed out at and rejected as always. He had carefully made it, doubtlessly considering her fighting style and physic. It was rather unsettling to think that he observed her just like Bork must have observed a dragon when studying one of them.

ANIII: a rather short chapter, considering my target is usually 2K+ chapters. But, I wanted to finish the first chapter on a cliffhanger. Before anyone asks if this is a Hiccelsa fanfiction, like most of the crossovers, I'll just answer. I don't know. While no pairing is left out (Hiccstrid, Heathercup and Hiccelsa, perhaps even Hiccanna) I have yet to progress this story to the point that I'll have decided who I'll pair with Hiccup

Credits to R2-M0 for... Well, countless things. His fanfiction is what inspired me into finally venturing on the Frozen universe. His utmost support is priceless and he has more than once helped me write this fiction. He is not exactly a co-writer, but more of a co-thinker, and is thanks to him that this fiction lives. Not to mention I am very thankful that he gave his permission for me to use his work as a canon.

About the updates, since my main focus is still How to Become a Dragon Chief, more recently a one-shot being written with the help of Kate Carpenter (another brilliant writer whose work I recommend) I cannot guarantee that this fiction will have a scheduled updating, unlike my other work.