Summary: "Abby was certain she was dead, or close to it anyway. That was, until, she felt warm hands on her face, bringing her back." A Kabby oneshot set during The Calm.


Was this what death felt like? Silence, darkness? Abby didn't know, she'd lost all sense of what was real and what wasn't.

All she knew was, if death was coming for her (provided it hadn't already claimed her), it was certainly taking its sweet time. Everything felt heavy and numb, she could barely open her eyes. More importantly, though, she just didn't want to. They had no power, they were probably all going to die soon anyway. So she laid there, too tired to move, waiting for her heart to stop. Not to mention she was very, very cold.

Abby could barely feel any of her extremities, and every breath hurt.

Yeah, she was pretty much certain of her impending doom.

So she stopped thinking, just closed her eyes, and decided to let whatever happened happen.

Besides, in death she would be with Jake again, and that certainly wouldn't be a bad thing. although, dying alone was not how she thought it would happen to her. Did she dare hope for a rescue? Was there even a point? No, that required more energy than she currently had at this present moment.

So all she could do was wait.

Somewhere in the fog of the weakness, she felt incredibly warm hands on her face, heard a low voice that, while it sounded vaguely familiar, she was too weak to make out. But the warm hands on her face definitely helped more than a little. So she focused on those until she could get enough strength to open her eyes. When she finally opened her eyes, she saw that the warm hands belonged to none other than Marcus Kane.

"Abby." he breathed, and as she let the heat from his hands leach into her body, she couldn't help noticing how relieved he looked. Why? She thought he hated her.

Oh well, she'd worry about that later, when he wasn't ridiculously warm, and she wasn't in danger of freezing to death.

Abby wanted to tell him how cold she was, but her mouth didn't seem to want to work. Luckily, he seemed to get it, because he shifted so his back was against the wall of the service bay, and his arm wrapped around her to pull her closer. It wasn't just his hands, his whole body was blissfully warm. Abby found this out as her cheek pressed to the bare skin of his shoulder.

Marcus gasped sharply, probably because of the stark contrast of their core tempertures. But he kept her close, letting her share his warmth, which she was extremely grateful for. "You're freezing." He murmured.

And you're not. She wanted to say, but she was still too cold. So Abby just settled for nestling closer.

When Jaha and Sinclair and the others found them, they were huddled together. His warmth had brought her back, and she could never be more grateful for that.