Part 3

"Naruto, get out of the room."

"Huh? Why?"

"We're not doing this in the same room, you idiot. You and Hinata go to the other room. Sakura and I stay here."

Hinata brought her cold hands to her cheeks, hoping to dim down her furious blush. She really wished Sasuke weren't as blunt as he was. He was only making it much worse for her.

"Fine," Naruto sighed, standing up. Then, he walked over to her and uttered, "Ummm. Shall… we?"

Hinata's heart skipped a few beats. Unable to look him in the eye, she wordlessly hurried out of the room as soon as the door opened.

She loved Naruto with all her heart; there was no one else she'd want to have her first time with. So no, she definitely didn't complain about doing it with him, and she was very grateful it didn't have to be with a random stranger. Still… why did it have to happen like this? Why couldn't it have been a normal experience, after several dates and a couple of steamy make-out sessions? Why did it have to be just because a stupid poisonous spider?

She couldn't believe what was happening. This was so terrible, she would be traumatized for life.

Quickly, she walked down the hall, towards her room's door. When she reached it, she glanced behind her and noticed Naruto was just closing the other room's door behind him. He felt her gaze upon him and looked up to meet it, which almost made her squeal with surprise. Hands shaking, she pushed the door open and stormed into her room.

As she caught sight of the closest bed, her own, she began to hyperventilate. That was where it would happen… in only a few minutes… with none other than Naruto Uzumaki… but not for the right reason.

She wondered if he even liked her back. She wondered if perhaps this was a huge sacrifice to him. She wondered if he was doing it just because it was his duty as her teammate for this mission. She wondered if he would ever do this under normal circumstances.

Stop thinking about such things. Stop torturing yourself!


Jumping, she spun around and faced Naruto. He was standing right in front of her; when had he gotten there? She didn't even heard him walk in.

His beautiful cerulean eyes filled with worry as he observed her flushed face. "Why… why are you crying?"

Crying? Slowly, she brought her fingertips to the corners of her eyes and felt the moisture. Oh great. She was crying. As if this whole situation weren't humiliating enough! Mad at herself for being so pathetic, she let out a broken sob and bowed her head.

"I-I'm sorry," she mumbled. "I'm s-so sorry, Naruto-kun."

"What are you talking about?" he inquired in a gentle tone. Suddenly, his large, warm hands seized her by the shoulders, forcing her to look up at him again. "What are you sorry for?"

"Fo-for being such a crybaby," she replied, wiping her tears with the back of her hand. "And f-for putting you through th-this whole thing."

"You say it as if it's your fault!" Abruptly, he pulled her towards him and embraced her. Hinata let out a startled gasp, both at the sudden action and at the pleasant warmth of his body. Wrapping one arm around her waist and the other over her head, he murmured into her hair, "It's alright, Hinata-chan. This… Well, shit happens, you know? What truly matters now is that I can't let you die, no matter what. I will do everything in my power to save you. You're so precious to me…"

Hinata widened her eyes at the revelation. "Naruto… kun…"

"It's all going to be okay," he whispered, cupping her face with his hands, blushing and smiling softly. "I promise… I'll do my best."

Carried away by the immense relief his words and his smile gave her, she stood on her tip toes and planted a slight kiss on his whiskered cheek. Naruto seemed taken aback for an instant, but then his smile grew and his fingers tangled in her hair to push her face to his. Tenderly, he kissed her cheekbone, her temple, her forehead, her nose, the corner of her mouth… Hinata's heartbeat sped up with anticipation.

"To be honest," he murmured, his breath mingling with her own, "I have been waiting a long time for this moment."

She frowned slightly with confusion, but before her brain could comprehend the significance of his words, their lips met at last.

And it was simply magnificent.

The kiss was sweet, almost innocent. His lips caressed hers gingerly, as if afraid they would shatter if he was too rough. This gentleness, this adoration he manifested towards her being, made her crotch tingle deliciously.

As the kiss gradually deepened, becoming more ardent and sensual, he didn't need to ask for permission: she parted her lips willingly, allowing his deft tongue to enter her mouth. His arms circled her body, pulling it flush against his. With her breasts squeezed against his chest, she realized just how much she was starting to hate the clothes between their skins. She yearned to get rid of them, even if the idea intimidated her mildly.

Without interrupting their erotic lip-lock, Naruto began to push her backwards, until the edge of the bed reached the back of her knees. The soft impact made her legs bend and her butt land on the mattress. Instead of lowering himself too, he broke the kiss and stood up straight. Hinata watched him attentively, spellbound by the carnal desire that his orbs reflected. Then, without looking away, he calmly started to undress himself, first taking off his shirt to reveal his tanned, muscled torso, then pulling down his shorts, and lastly, stripping off his boxers.

"Thought you'd feel less shy if I got naked first," he said, grinning coyly.

Hinata was unable to reply. Her eyes drank in the beautiful sight of his unclothed physique with both shock and fascination. It was the first time she saw a fully-naked man in real life – the first time she ever faced a penis, yet alone an erectone. Her mind screamed that this was sinful, wrong, dirty – but her body reacted with an opposite belief: her mouth watered, her breath became ragged, and the heat pooling in her loins increased.

"It's your turn, Hinata-chan," he mumbled, leaning down to kiss the corner of her mouth. "I'm dying to see those damn clothes…" His tongue peeked out and sensually licked her lower lip. "… off you."

The agitated Hyuga sheepishly started to unbutton her blouse. Naruto's gaze lowered and watched the movements of her trembling fingers. When she finally shrugged the cloth off, Naruto shoved his face into her bosom and planted sloppy kisses all over her soft, ivory flesh. The stifled groans he emitted divulged how aroused she had managed to make him already. More than surprised, she felt extremely fulfilled.

Gently, he pushed her backwards again, until her back hit the mattress. One of his fingers hooked underneath her bra, its nail poking her breast. "Naruto-kun," Hinata moaned, accidentally motivating him to conclude his action. The finger pulled upwards, shoving her bra towards her neck, and her large breasts were completely exposed.

Without hesitation, Naruto's mouth descended upon one of her puckered nipples. His tongue lapped at it, his teeth pulled on it, his lips kissed it as passionately as they'd kissed her lips – and Hinata's entire being was palpitating with bliss.

She barely even noticed as his hands discreetly tugged down her pants. She also almost failed to acknowledge how her legs folded, helping him get rid of the unnecessary garment.

"Hmm," he moaned, licking her neglected nipple, while one of his hands reached out to squeeze her other tit. "Damn, Hinata-chan… you're so beautiful."

Gasping, she responded by raking her nails over his torso, from his strong pectorals to his defined abs. The blond groaned with pleasure, momentarily releasing her nipple. He unclasped her bra and got it out of his way. Then, his hands flew back to her hips, tantalizingly close to her only piece of clothing left. She yearned for his touch in that intimate part of hers – so much that it physically hurt.

Out of a sudden, he plopped down on the bed, turning her on her side so that her back pressed against his chest. She felt his throbbing cock against her lower back, but she was easily distracted from this as soon as his hands laid upon her body once again: one playfully squeezing her breasts, and the other running along her creamy legs.

"Does it hurt?" he asked, touching the bandage around her left thigh.

"A-a little," she replied, grimacing as his thumb flickered deliciously over her sensitive nipple.

"I'll stay away from there, then," he said, moving his hand upwards, away from the bandage, until it reached her womanhood. "Wow," he whispered in her ear, rubbing his palm over her moist panties. "You're so wet."

Automatically, Hinata parted her legs, granting him complete access. "Please, Naruto-kun," she gasped, "please… touch me."

"Heh. You don't have to ask twice."

Quickly, he pushed her panties down to her ankles, and then shoved his hand between her legs. Hinata bit her lower lip tightly, suppressing a scream, while his thick fingers stroked her inner lips, deliberately ignoring the bundle of nerves craving for his attention. Nibbling on her earlobe, he added up to her pleasure by pinching her nipple between his index finger and his thumb. This time, Hinata couldn't hold back her scream.

Finally, his fingers decided to indulge her clit. The sensation was heavenly. Who knew a subtle touch upon such a small part of her body could feel so good?

Aching for much more friction, much more pleasure, Hinata rocked her hips. Her lover's strokes became faster, more violent and eager, and his breathing became more elaborate. Numbly, she realized her pelvis' movements were causing another type of friction between her back and his smooth, solid length. With a hazy smile, she quickened her pace, turned her head back, and tangled her fingers through his spiky hair, pulling his lips to hers. Naruto groaned loudly into her mouth, twirling his tongue around hers, and avidly rubbed against her.

Then, together, they came.

It was the formerly-chaste girl's first orgasm ever. But it wouldn't be her last.

For a few moments, they lay in the same position, panting and staring deeply into each others' eyes. Her fluids soaked his fingers, while his were sprayed all over her lower back. Lethargically, Hinata turned around so that she could face him properly. He hugged her, intertwining his legs with hers, and kissed her sensually.

"We aren't done yet," he mumbled between kisses, "are we?"

Smiling shyly, Hinata shook her head. She put one hand on his sweaty neck, while she slowly massaged his chest and his stomach with the other. Naruto broke the kiss with a moan and started to lick and bite the sensitive skin of her breasts, massaging her backside. Closing her eyes with pleasure, she finally reached his stiff manhood and wrapped her small fingers around it. She was utterly clueless about what to do to it – massage? Pull? Squeeze? – but then Naruto rolled on top of her and put his hand over her own.

"I'll go slowly," he murmured, positioning his cock at her entrance. "Just bear with me, okay?"

Hinata bit her lip and placed her hands on his shoulders, squeezing his flesh tightly, nervously. "Okay."

He kissed her briefly, offering her a reassuring smile. Then, unhurriedly, inch by inch, he penetrated her.

Hinata grimaced at the feeling of being stretched and filled. More than pain, she felt discomfort. To distract herself, she kissed Naruto again, enjoying his taste. He reached for her hands, pressed them against the bed, and lovingly laced his fingers with hers. A knot formed in her throat as she became fully aware of what was happening: she was making love with the boy she'd adored her entire life.

Once he was completely inside of her, he remained immobile for a few moments, before pulling out slightly. The way his hot, moist skin grazed her own elicited a gasp of surprise from both of them – because it felt amazing. Entranced, she pushed her hips forward, engulfing his member greedily. Naruto groaned between clenched teeth and pulled away once more, only to sink back into her with a hard thrust. He buried his face in her neck, gasping, as a startled, delightful cry escaped her lips.

"A-again," she breathed out, gripping his hands firmly.

Naruto complied. His thrusts were even, moderate. His chest rubbed exquisitely against hers, stimulating her erect nipples. He frowned with concentration, attempting to hold himself back properly, but when her tight, warm walls twitched around his member, he completely lost it. He let go of her hands and grabbed the underside of her thighs, lifting and pulling them further apart. Like this, he could reach much deeper within her.

Hinata moaned uncontrollably, mesmerized by the new sensation. She put her arms around his shoulders and buried her face in his neck, occasionally licking and kissing his perspiring skin. Naruto slammed into her unmercifully, suddenly devoid of all the bashful gentleness he had started out with. Nonetheless, she extensively enjoyed this side of him, too.

Her soft cries filled the room, drowning out Naruto's deep, manly groans. Just as the blissful impact of her orgasm approached, he suddenly sat up and pulled her along, so that she were straddling his lap. This different position bewildered her, but she found it extremely sexy nevertheless.

Naruto grabbed her ass and squeezed it, prompting her to move. Tentatively, she lifted her hips a little and then fell back down, instantly making them both moan. She did it again and again, riding his cock excitedly. In a short time, she felt herself get close to her peak again.

The sexual culmination struck her with much more force than the other time. She screamed her lover's name euphorically, pulling his hair with unintentional roughness. He continued guiding the hysterical jerks of her hips, his own never halting with their upward thrusts, even after she came down from her high. But it didn't take him much longer to come, as well. He did it just as loudly and violently, ultimately collapsing against her so that she laid back down on the mattress, with him on top.

Struggling to catch their breaths, they stayed like that for a few minutes. His entire weight upon her wasn't a bother; in reality, she was too delighted to even care. Affectionately, she petted his hair and kissed his forehead, impulsively whispering a sincere, "I love you."

It certainly wasn't the first time she confessed to him. But it was the first he ever gave her an immediate answer.

"I love you, too."

The next morning, the four young adults reunited. It was Sasuke and Sakura who woke up first, so they were the ones to go knock on the other couple's door. Predictably, Naruto was still asleep, but he woke up when he felt the bed shift as Hinata's weight disappeared.

Sluggishly, the dark-haired girl put on her clothes, unaware of how her lover watched her. Then, she opened the door, and smiled when she saw Sakura, as healthy and alive as her. Relieved and joyous, she couldn't help but hug her friend.

"I'm so glad you're fine!" Sakura exclaimed.

"We survived!" the other girl replied.

The kunoichis broke the hug as Naruto rose from the bed, hurriedly pulling on his pants.

"Sakura-chan!" he said happily, joining Hinata's side. "Bastard! Good morning!"

"You just woke up, didn't you?" Sasuke asked apathetically from behind Sakura.

"Uh, yeah. I stayed up until late…" Winking suggestively, he put an arm around the Hyuga's shoulders "…if you know what I mean."

Sasuke rolled his eyes, Sakura giggled, and Hinata blushed furiously.

"Anyways," Sakura said, "we should leave soon. I want to go back to the village and start preparing the antidote as soon as possible."

"Hn. It's not like you don't have enough extra time."

Cheeks reddening, Sakura giggled again. "Yes, Sasuke-kun, but better be safe than sorry!"

"Okay," Naruto yawned. "Lemme just get dressed and then we'll be ready to go, alright?"

"Just hurry up, idiot," Sasuke said. "And don't get distracted."

"That won't depend on me," the blond murmured, planting a warm kiss on Hinata's cheek.

Hand in hand, Sakura and Sasuke walked away. As Naruto closed the room's door and gave her another kiss, this time on the lips, Hinata thought, Maybe this experience wasn't as terrible as I'd thought.