AN: So, I do believe I've warned everyone that I had a few more projects that may pop up, this is one of them.

Dragon Ball, and Dragon Ball Z etc, have always been my personal favorites when it came to Anime. Actually it was one of the very first I ever saw when I was a kid. So I've wanted to write something with it and Naruto. So here is the idea I came up with. Hopefully you'll all enjoy it.




The Saiyan Princess.

Chapter 1: Destined Arrival.

"Must we send her off so soon?" A woman with long black hair that was perfectly straight (a very rare feature among saiyans), fair skin, and equally as black eyes asked as she held a baby girl in her arms.

She was dressed in tight fitting spandex and armor, a long royal purple cape attacked at her shoulders. The child was dressed in a smaller version, despite being no older than a week. The man beside her, also dressed in spandex and armor, with a red cape attached to his shoulders, nodded. His hair was also black and spiky, defying gravity, with a widows peak standing out. His skin tone was a little tanner than his mates, but he also had sharp features and black eyes. The most common features for saiyans.

The child resembled both, but took more after her mother. She already had a full head of black spiky hair that fell to her shoulders, and her father's widows peak but not quite as prominent. Her skin was light, and her eyes were black. The child was currently sleeping peacefully.

"Mokume, you know we do. She's got potential, but her power level is still rather small for a royal blood. This mission will do her some good. She'll return within a year or two, depending on how long it takes her to purge Planet Ninshū ," King Vegeta said. "Other than that, I think this is for the best. Freeza has been acting rather strange the last few months. I can't shake the feeling everything will be coming to a head soon. I hope that by the time Yasai returns from this mission everything will be settled."

Mokume nodded. She knew her mate was right, Freeza was a tyrant whom she had never liked. She'd told Vegeta not to trust him, that the Saiyans were above such petty things as to be ordered around like monkeys by him. Unfortunately, even though he agreed with her there wasn't a lot they could do knowing Freeza was so powerful. Only the legendary Super Saiyan could defeat someone like Freeza, and currently one hadn't been seen in over a thousand years.

"Alright. I suppose I already knew this was coming, so I've taken the liberty of getting her pod ready. I placed a modified version of the mission programming inside for her journey. I don't want her turning out like some of the other babies sent on these missions," Mokume said firmly.

King Vegeta nodded. Sometimes the programming for missions did more bad than good, almost like brainwashing as sometimes a child returned more violent than was normal for a Saiyan.

"Understandable. Don't worry Mokume, she'll fine. She's the Princess of all Saiyans after all. No child of ours would be defenseless," he said. "Even Tarble can handle himself."

Mokume nodded, walking over to where she'd had the pod prepared and placing the baby inside. There was little there other than a small box which had a symbol representing the royal family of Planet Vegeta on it. Closing the pod after setting it to leave, King Vegeta picked it up and they carried it carefully outside where it could blast off safely.

"Be strong Yasai," Mokume said, watching as the space pod shot up and into the night sky.

King Vegeta stayed silent, but did watch as his youngest child and only daughter left Planet Vegeta. It would be the last time the King or Queen saw any of their children.




Planet Ninshū:

Yasai cried loudly as she tumbled out of her space pod to sit in front of it. She was hungry, and a little confused on where she was. She knew that she had a mission to purge the planet as soon as possible and return to Planet Vegeta. She also knew that this wasn't the normal mission, she'd been sent more out of fear of something happening to her home planet than anything.

She didn't cry often, but she couldn't talk yet either. Saiyans were vastly more intelligent than other species across the universe, and they showed this intelligence sooner as well, but it still took them longer to string words together than it did to mentally do the same. So while she knew what she wanted to say, she couldn't form the words until she was at least eight or ten months. Maybe a little longer, she had no way of knowing how long she'd been on her journey to Ninshū yet, so she wasn't sure how old she was.

"Huh, a baby?" A soft feminine voice interrupted her train of thought, and Yasai sniffled as she began to calm down to observe who had spoken. "Minato-kun come here, I've found something amazing!"

Blinking away the tears that clouded her vision, Yasai looked over at a thicker area of the clearing in the forest she'd landed. Standing there with shock in her dark violet eyes was an average height woman. She had fair skin, a rounded facial shape, and a shocking shade of calf length red hair.

She wore some sort of uniform, which included dark blue pants tapped down at the ankles, some open toed sandals, pouches on her waist and thigh, and a pale yellow long sleeved shirt under a black sleeveless shirt. There was also a green flak jacket over that. Around her forehead was a blue fabric headband with a metal plate, which had a spirally leaf symbol of sorts.

Soon after spotting the redhead a man appeared. He looked even brighter than the woman. He had shocking yellow-blond hair, light tanned skin, and bright blue eyes. He wore something similar to the woman, but with a white haori over a blue long sleeved shirt, flak jacket, and pants.

Yasai blinked again, tilting her head some as she looked at them. She had a feeling things were going to get a lot more interesting before she could go home.

" that a baby, Kushina?" Minato asked, standing beside his wife now.

The baby sitting in front of the still open space pod looked at them with more intelligence than should have been normal for babies her age. He knew it was a female from the more feminine features. She was dressed oddly, definitely nothing made around Konoha, or any of the Elemental Nations to be honest. Neither was that pod, which Minato suspected was the biggest clue that the baby was not human, or from the planet.

Her strange armor also had a symbol. Probably a clan symbol. She had light skin, sharp features, black spiky hair and black eyes. At first he thought she may have been an Uchiha, but it was obvious she was not; something was waving behind her lazily.

A tail.

A monkey tail, he realized with some shock. Shaking his head he and Kushina approached. The child glared up at them. Despite the fact she couldn't be older than a year she wasn't as small as babies he'd encountered, and she had a full head of hair. Mostly it was the tail they noticed.

"She has a tail," Kushina said while she bent down to pick her up.

The babies tail flicked viciously, and Minato narrowed his eyes. He wasn't sure this was such a good idea. She seemed as if she didn't like them, and Minato wasn't sure he wanted Kushina trying to pick up the alien child. Slowly Kushina reached out to pick up the baby, though it was apparent she didn't like it and struggled to get free. Her tail whipped around, hitting Kushina in the arm before finally the child seemed to sigh and give up.

"Ah, see now this isn't so bad," Kushina said as she brought the baby to her chest.

Minato felt an ache in his heart. He knew Kushina had wanted children, they'd even talked of it once or twice before and after the Third Shinobi War ended. Unfortunately they'd found out Minato was unable to have children, the why was still a bit of a mystery. The fact of the matter was, he simply didn't have the little men needed to get the job done. He and Kushina had despaired at the news, but slowly came to accept it. They had recently been discussing their options.

"She's so adorable," Kushina muttered, running a hand slowly through the babies black hair to not startle her into acting out again. "Minato, do you think we can... keep her, dattebane?"

"I don't know Kushina-chan..." He stopped abruptly as his wife turned, and gave him the best puppy dog look he'd seen so far. It was actually kind of amusing. He relented. "I don't see why not. I doubt she's from around here, so the likelihood of her parents being in the area is slim. Even so she seems to have been abandoned here... we'll need to take her pod with us back to the compound. We'll tell only a few of this. At least until we can figure out exactly where she's from."

Kushina grinned, hugging the baby gently.

"You'll like it here, I promise Naru."

Minato raised an eyebrow. "Naru?"

Kushina nodded. "Her name. I don't see any identification on her so she needs a name."

Minato smiled and replied, "Uzumaki Naru, it's a wonderful name."

Maybe finding the child, wherever she was from, was a blessing in disguise. He just wished he'd known just how very little time they'd have together.




AN: Now, for Fem!Naru's name. Her name given to her when she arrives and is found by Kushina and Minato is Uzumaki Naru, but her birth name is Yasai. It's the best I could come up with that I liked. Saiyans typically have a vegetable themed name. Yasai is Japanese for Vegetable, which fits in well with the royal families name – Vegeta and Tarble for example are plays on the word Vegetable. Mokume is Japanese for Grain, close enough to a vegetable for me.

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