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Easy as 1, 2, 3……

Chapter One

~Modern Day Tokyo~

Lady Rumiko sighed and watched her son sulk and pick at his dinner. She truly felt sorry for him, but he really needed to snap out of it! Glancing at her husband, she noticed he was glaring at Inuyasha with more than a little impatience showing on his face. With a temper like his, this was not a good sign.

Her stepson Sesshoumaru was ignoring the uncomfortable atmosphere created by his family, and was calmly eating his dinner as if nothing was wrong. As usual, his face was completely expressionless, and not for the first time did his stepmother wonder if he was even aware of anything going on around him.

They were the only four people at the dinner table that night, which was an uncommon occurrence. Normally Lady Rumiko enjoyed private times like this with her family, but lately Inuyasha wasn't acting at all like him self. It disturbed her to see her son so depressed, but what could she do?

"Inuyasha, aren't you going to eat something?" She chided him gently. "The cook didn't go through all this trouble to prepare your favorite dish just so you could stare at it."

When Inuyasha didn't respond, Lady Rumiko had to shoot her husband a warning glare before he could open his big mouth. Men, would they ever learn there was such a thing as tact? Probably not!

She was about to try again, when to her shock, Sesshoumaru spoke.

"Let him sulk mother." He advised in a cool voice. "It is his birthday after all, and I'm sure he'd rather not be reminded of how old he is."

THIS got Inuyasha's attention like nothing else could, and his head snapped up to growl at his older brother as he glared. "Oi, what are you talking about? You're a lot older than me, Sesshoumaru!"

"Only by two-hundred years." The older full demon sniffed casually, as if the span of time he mentioned was a little as two years. To demons like him, in a way it was.

This caused Inuyasha to growl again before he slumped back into his former posture, not looking at anyone around him. Lady Rumiko watched him sadly, feeling all her hopes die. Just for a moment, she had felt like she had her real son back. Not this depressed, moping, sad faced one, but the one who never let anyone get him down! She almost wished Sesshoumaru would say something rude again, anything to make her son snap out of it!

Lord Tai watched his son with growing annoyance. Inuyasha's sulking was upsetting his wife, and that did not set well with him at all. If this didn't stop soon, he was going doing some serious physical damage to his own son!

"Inuyasha…" The deep voice of his father cut through the tense silence, and Lady Rumiko stiffened, preparing for the worst. "I'm tired of seeing a son of mine acting this way! Just because you can't have what you want doesn't mean you should make your mother miserable."

There was a strained silence for several moments, before Inuyasha finally jerked to his feet. Glaring at his father, he turned without a word and left the room. Everyone in it was unnaturally silent.

"Well." Sesshoumaru suddenly spoke up, startling his father and stepmother once more. "So much for hoping that Inuyasha would finally start acting his age."


Later that evening in the privacy of their room, Lady Rumiko and Lord Tai were discussing the problem at hand. It had been going on for far too long, and it needed to stop before Inuyasha did something stupid!

"Why can't we just find him a nice demon woman?" His father grumbled.

This caused Lady Rumiko to roll her eyes. Men were so clueless sometimes. "Because you know he's not excepted for what he is. Hanyou's are looked down on by all the demons. What chance is there we are going to find one that would want him?"

Lord Tai frowned as he thought about this. "I suppose you're right, but we can't exactly find a suitable human either. Inuyasha would far out live one with his demon blood."

"The only way we could fix that problem is if we could find him a human miko like myself. But they are so rare and nearly impossible to locate. What would the chances be of us finding one?"

This problem had had been plaguing their family for some time now. Inuyasha was at an age where he was very lonely, but finding a mate for him would be like trying to find a needle in a haystack. And as the situation looked more hopeless for the hanyou, the more depressed and withdrawn he would become.

The only way they would be able to find someone suitable would be to find a girl with miko powers. With those powers, it would be possible for her be bound to a youkai, or even a hanyou, sharing their life span. That is the only way Lady Rumiko had managed to survive for so long since she was human.

"I've looked for so long Tai. I know I would feel it if I ever manage to come in contact with one, but that has only happened once in the last one-hundred years!"

This caused her husband to smile in amusement. "Not exactly a match for Inuyasha, was she?"

Lady Rumiko gave an unlady-like snort. "Not exactly. Maybe because she was 75, had no teeth, and had a thing for attacking people she thought were demons. I can't believe she tried to hit you with her cane!"

He waved this off. "It's not like it hurt me. I'm a youkai, much stronger than you lowly mortals." Lord Tai had to avoid a very well aimed shoe for that remark!

After the fuming lady of the house finally calmed down, she went back to the original subject.

"I can try looking around more carefully, but I honestly don't believe there is one anywhere in Tokyo. I would have found her by now."

A comforting arm wrapped around her shoulders, and she sighed happily.

"Don't worry about it." Her husband advised. "Inuyasha will come around sooner or later. If he doesn't, I'll knock some sense into him."

Lady Rumiko groaned. "That's exactly what I'm afraid of!"


The influential youkai family's home was a large one situated among some of the most beautiful forest area in Japan. They lived outside of Tokyo, far enough away for peace and quiet, but close enough that they had easy access to the large city.

Practically on the other side of Tokyo there was a small family run shrine. It was a quiet neighborhood, but still within the city limits. The shrine was kept by the Higurashi family, and had been for many centuries. It was a very old, sacred place.

An old man was the true keeper of the shrine, along with his only granddaughter Kagome. Since she was seventeen years old and the eldest of his two grandchildren, that put her next in line to inherit the shrine. Kagome really had no interest in taking over the shrine, but it was, after all, family tradition.

A calm summer afternoon was upon them, and school was out. Kagome's younger (and only) brother Sota was taking full advantage of the free time, and had become a video game zombie. Kagome on the other hand was forced to work at the shrine in her spare time.

"Sota, don't you want to take over the shrine from Grandpa? You are a boy after all!" Kagome gave him the most pathetic look he could muster.

Sota didn't even look up from the video game he was playing, and answered like all sympathetic siblings would. "Nice try. You're older, remember?"

Kagome stomped her foot and huffed angrily. "Mou, how can you be so cruel to your only sister? If I hear the history behind one more thing today, I'm going to go mad!!!"


Both children froze at the sound of their grandfather's voice.

Sota laughed nervously. "You'd better go. After all, he's looking for you!"


That completely wiped the smile of Sota's face, and he began to panic along with Kagome. Frantically searching her mind for an idea, she asked her brother the first thing she could think of.

"Where's mama?" Kagome hissed quietly.

"She went out!"

This answer caused Kagome to suddenly smile brightly. "In that case, I think I need to go…shopping! Yeah, I forgot all about my friend's birthday! Mama won't mind since she wasn't here to ask."

Running out of the room, she slipped on her shoes in record time and was out the door before Sota could even figure out what was going on! The poor boy ran to the door after her, calling frantically.


Alas, it was too late. Kagome had left her poor brother in the dust.


"Where are you going?" Sesshoumaru's toneless voice inquired of his stepmother.

Lady Rumiko smiled at him. "I need to go shopping today while you're father is gone. His birthday is coming up next you know. Don't you dare tell though!"

Sesshoumaru waved off her concern. "While your out, could you get me something?"

"Of course, what do you need?"

Walking out of the room, he didn't even bother to look back. "Chocolate."

Lady Rumiko rolled her eyes. "What is it with him? I thought chocolate was supposed to be poisonous to dogs. Oh well, to each his own."

With this odd request stuck in her head, Lady Rumiko set off on her shopping trip, bodyguards in tow. Perhaps she would find an interesting birthday present for someone other than her husband on this trip. I guess we'll see!

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