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'Where are they coming from?'

Kagome frowned, flinging off the excess blood from the blade of her sword as the dark entity she had just slain dissolved in glittering ash, 'They are like Youkai, but aren't at the same time.'

"Another Sailor Guardian?!"

The unfamiliar male voice had Kagome immediately turning around and she drew her sword in front of her in a protective position, "Who are you?" She asked in a calm, detached voice as she stared at the man with her cool blue eyes.

The man frowned at her and uncrossed his arms from his chest, "You are different from the other Sailor Guardians." He stated and she raised a brow at him in response.

"What the hell is a 'Sailor Guardian'?" Kagome asked and watched with a vague disinterest as the man blinked his blue eyes seemingly with shock.

"You are not a Sailor Guardian!?" He asked in disbelief and honestly seemed taken back when she shook her head in return, "Then how you possess the power to destroy my Youma!?"

"Is that what they are called?" Kagome's stance hardened and her frown deepened into a glare, "Your damn 'Youma' are interrupting my precious sleep time! I'm starting to fall behind in classes again because I'm up all night slaying these 'Youma' of yours!"

The man seemed momentarily stunned at her outburst before he allowed an arrogant smirk to rest on his rather handsome face, "I care not for your worries! I, Jadeite of the Dark Kingdom, will find the Maboroshi no Ginzuishou before anyone else!"

'What is he talking about?' Kagome wondered for a second before pushing it out of her mind, "If you insist on disturbing the peace of Tokyo, then I, Higurashi Kagome of the House of the Moon, will stop you at any means necessary." She smirked, mocking his own words.

He simply sneered at her before disappearing in a dark shadow just as quickly as he had come and Kagome finally let out a wary sigh as she sheathed her sword at the cease of a threat.

'Sesshoumaru won't be happy about this...'