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The Perfect Light

Chapter-1: Prologue

The rain keeps on falling like it has the entire day, hitting the windshield of the rusty old truck as it rolls down the empty streets of Seattle.

As the intensity of the rain increases, James Madison, a well-known criminal in the Seattle underworld, pushes the switch to make the windshield wipers move faster. But in the face of the pouring rain, it doesn't do any good.

"Fucking rain," James cusses as he drives on.

The dim light coming from the headlights fail to cut through the darkness of the night. In fact, to James, it feels like the stupid lights are intensifying the darkness even more.

From the opposite end, a six-wheeler truck can be seen coming. For an instant, James wonders if he should slow down because the jackass driving the other truck seems a little out of it—judging by the crazy way it drives straight for them.

At the last moment, the truck passes them—thankfully without crashing into them—but at the same time, splashing the windshield with the water that has gathered on the road.

The water rolls down the windshield, making it impossibly dark inside the car for a few minutes, and finally, the second man sitting in the truck acknowledges the situation.

Laurent Grissom turns his head to the side, casting a glass-eyed stare toward James and says in an admonishing tone, "Slow down, Jim."

James drives by a drunken passerby, sending water flying in his direction, and then grins at his boss. "No need to worry, Boss. You're riding with Mad Jim. I ain't gonna crash," he boasts.

Laurent's voice is cold as steel when he replies quietly, "That's what scares me the most, Jim."

"What's that, Boss? Why would you say that?" James asks, feeling worried all of a sudden.

"I'm saying that because you don't think before doing shit," Laurent replies quietly.

James moves his head to the right, peeking at Laurent's face in a hope to gauge his mood.

Unfortunately, the sky has darkened even more, making it impossible to see his face. James thinks for a moment before deciding to take the admonishment lightly. He laughs out loudly, louder than he would usually, and says, "Don't you worry, Boss. No steering wheel has yet dared to betray Mad Jim."

Laurent grinds his teeth and asks angrily, "Then what has betrayed you, you fucktard?"

His tone sends a chill down James's bones. James looks at the silent, olive-skinned man with dreadlocks sitting beside him.

Laurent Grissom, known as the One-Eyed Grissom in the Seattle underworld, was one of the most terrifying criminal Seattle has seen in two decades. He was in the business of brothels when a cop caught and tortured him, and before letting him go he curved one of Laurent's eyes out as a reminder of their encounter. That made Laurent to give up the world of prostitution and he joined the big league—drug trafficking.

In the past eighteen years, Laurent has earned the respect of all the crime families in Washington and nearby states. Laurent lived by a simple rule, which made him king of the Seattle drug world—he never let his opponent raise his head before striking—a rule that James has tried to adopt since joining The Grissom Gang.

James tries to reason with himself that he was not Laurent's opponent. He was his most loyal minion, if you disregard the fact that he has been fucking Laurent's wife, Victoria, for about a month now.

But Vicky swore he doesn't know shit about us, James tells himself.

Worrying if Laurent has indeed found out his secret, James asks in a shaky voice, "Did you say something, Boss?"

"Nothing. Keep driving," Laurent replies coldly.

James doesn't say anything else because frankly, no matter how much he boasts about being 'Mad Jim,' he doesn't have the guts to face the wrath of The One-Eyed Grissom.

After driving through another mile, James decides to take the risk and asks timidly, "How much further do you want to go, Boss?" He was supposed to fly solo tonight. It was just a matter of dumping two bodies, but when Laurent insisted to tag along, James held his tongue.

Laurent doesn't say anything, just moves his chin forward, indicating him to keep on driving. Then he reaches under his seat and pulls out the flask of Vodka he always carries with him. He unscrews the cap with his teeth and lets it fall on his lap.

Laurent takes a few long pulls from the flask, wipes his mouth with the back of his hand and then holds the flask out toward James. "Here."

James feels the thirst for alcohol burn his throat but shakes his head nonetheless, not sure if this was a test of loyalty of not. "No, Boss. I ain't thirsty."

As the truck passes under a streetlamp, James sees Laurent frown at him and immediately offers an explanation. "The tires are skidding in the wet roads. I won't drink now, Boss. Drinking makes my hands shake."

Laurent's jaw hardens as he says in a commanding voice, "Who the fuck is asking you to get drunk? Take a sip."

James realizes that he was not being offered, he was being ordered to drink. So he holds the steering wheel steady in one hand and reaches for the flask with the other. After taking a few sips, he hands the flask back to Laurent.

While handing it back, he chances a glance at Laurent's face. As he sees the look on the mob boss's face, he feels his insides churn with an unknown fear. Because in the dim light coming from the dashboard of the truck, Laurent's face appears to be expressionless—just like it gets right before he makes a kill.


After another hour of aimless driving, the rain seems to reduce down to a light drizzle.

Laurent pulls the window down and immediately feels cold air enter the truck. It's close to midnight so the streets look empty, only a few cars driving by now and then. They are in a residential area. The lake situated in the middle of the area seems to be ready to overflow at any moment with the rain water falling on it. This is the area where the filthy rich people lived.

Laurent doesn't look at James as he orders him, "Stop the truck."

James's voice sounds shaky as he repeats the words in a question. "S-Stop the truck?"


Another chill runs down his spine as James looks out at the deserted street around them. He suppresses the urge to ask Laurent why he wants him to stop the car and prepares to do as instructed.

In a weak voice, James tries to reason with his boss one last time. "It's raining outside, Boss."

Laurent gives him a stony stare, his prosthetic eye making James feel uneasy, and then asks in a roar, "What the fuck do you expect to fall from the sky? Fucking pee?"

James gulps and decides that it is safer to keep his mouth shut. He stops the truck by the side of the road. He debates whether to shut off the engine or not but in the end, looks at Laurent for instruction.

"Go to the back. There are three bodies in there. Take those out. We'll dump them in the lake," Laurent orders him.

Nodding, James shuts off the engine and steps out of the truck. As he starts walking toward the trunk, he frowns. He was the one who picked up the bodies and put them in the trunk and he clearly remembers putting two bodies there ... not three.

When he reaches the back of the truck, he sees the two dead bodies lying there ... just the way he thought they would be.

Unable to figure out what Laurent wants, James turns around to walk back up to the passenger side window and the sight that greets him makes him freeze in horror.

Standing there ... facing him ... is Laurent with his Glock pointed right at his forehead.

James recognizes the gun because it is the same one Laurent used a few hours ago to kill Peter and Charlotte Styles—Peter, for not repaying the debt he owed to Laurent and Charlotte, just for being Peter's wife.

All on a sudden, James realizes that his small, insignificant life is about to come to an end. Even in the darkness of the night, he can detect the brightness of Laurent's eye as he stares at him with a blank look. In the few years James has served Laurent, he has seen this look in his eyes many times—each time just before he made a kill.

In a hoarse voice, James stutters, "Wha-what have I done, Boss?"

Laurent grits his teeth and asks venomously, "You don't know what you've done, you asshole?"

James takes a step back and says while shaking his head vigorously, "No, Boss, I swear on my mother's grave ..."

"Shut up, you fucktard. Don't bring your dead mother into this. This is all on you," Laurent growls.

James opens his mouth to try to defend himself when Laurent speaks again. "You think I didn't realize that you were banging my wife behind my back, Jim? Really? How could you be such an idiot?"

The sardonic tone of Laurent's voice makes James try one last time. "Boss, please," he begs, "I have been faithful to you all these years. It was a mistake. Believe me, Boss ..."

A vindictive smile plays on Laurent's lips as he says, "Of course I believe you, Jim. I have always believed you. You have been a good puppy all this time ... you should be rewarded for your service. You know what I'm gonna reward you with?"

James tries to speak but Laurent beats him to it. "I'm gonna reward you with a quick death, Jim. Turn around and close your eyes, will ya? I'll count to five and then shoot you right in between your eyes. That's the cleanest way to go. See how kind I am, Jim?"

In that moment, James knows that his time is up. He is going to die right now. His body will lie on the muddy streets of Seattle for people to stare at and finally, he will be lying on one of the tables in a morgue with a tag saying 'John Doe' tied to his big toe.

As he stands there, feeling sorry for his worthless life, a sudden ray of bright white light shatters the darkness of the night as it falls straight down from the sky to the ground. A whooshing sound accompanies the light as the source of the light flies toward the lake behind him.

For a moment, Laurent gets distracted and stares at the light, and one moment of Laurent's distraction is exactly what James needs.

Like a desperate man, James jumps at Laurent, knocking the gun out of his hand and then shoving him to the ground. He blindly starts throwing punches at the man he had always addressed as 'Boss.'

With animalistic brutality he punches the man, not caring when the blood from Laurent's injured face makes his hand sticky.

Laurent seems to regain his bearing and starts to try to throw James off of him. After a few tries he manages to push him away and stands up slowly. But James, being the younger and quicker of the two, grips the gun from the ground, leaps back up and points it to Laurent's chest.

In his attempt to survive, James doesn't see the small aircraft-like machine that resurfaces from the lake. A small door on it opens and a slightly slimy thing slips out of the aircraft.

Even if James didn't notice it, Laurent does. He stares at the slimy moving thing for a long moment before James pulls the trigger and within moments, Laurent's dead body lies at his feet—with an expression of horror etched on his face.

As a precaution and because he hates the man, James empties the whole magazine in Laurent's brain. Then, dropping the gun beside the dead body, he walks back to the truck.

James opens the door and plops down on the seat of the truck. He still cannot believe that he has just killed One-eyed Grissom, the most terrorizing man in all of Seattle.

Reaching down under the passenger seat, James pulls out the Vodka flask Laurent always carried with him. He twists open the cap and throws some of the liquid down his throat, trying to calm his nerves.

In his attempt to soothe him nerves, James fails to notice the slimy thing moving toward Laurent's lifeless body.

The creature tears open Laurent's chest and enters his body. Instantly, Laurent's dead eyes open and shine in a bright red hue. Very slowly the body stands up and in small steps start to walk toward the lake.

After taking several long pulls from the flask, James puts the cap back on and drops it on the truck floor. Then he steps out of the car, intending to dump all three dead bodies into the lake. However, what he finds leaves him speechless.

The spot where he left Laurent's body is empty … with no body in sight.

In a panic, James turns around and meets the most terrifying sight he has ever seen. Standing there was none other than Laurent, with bright red eyes and something metallic protruding from the part of his brain James blew off not even an hour ago.

Fear grips James as he wracks his brain for the right thing to do. The bright red eyes staring at him make him sputter, "B—Boss, I … I panicked …"

The body standing before him tilts its head to the side and reaches out with its hands for him.

Instinct makes James turn around and start to run. But he only manages to take a few steps before a hand grabs his neck from behind in a vice-like grip. Before James can utter another word his spinal cord breaks and his lifeless body falls down to the ground in a heap.

Unfortunately, for the people of earth, this was just the beginning.

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