"And now! For the final bit, the one that you really did need me for, cause I kinda doubt that you just have Archangel blood lying around the place." Gabriel told them brightly, in contrast to him dripping blood into a bowl full of different bones and blood and leaves (and about a half a cup of tap water).

"Now, for your safety, I might suggest closing your eyes so that they are not burned out of your skull. And Cassiopeia, over here." Cas raised his eyebrows at the strange new nickname but walked over anyway. Dean looked hesitant, but shut his eyes anyway. (Sam's eyes were closed already). They could see the bright white light through their eyelids, squeezing them harder, even if it wouldn't help much. When the light died away, Dean was the first to open his eyes. When Dean gave a yelp of shock and fright, Sam quickly opened his. Cas was passed out on the floor (He didn't have his massive wings anymore though), and Gabriel had a massive grin on his face.

"What did you do to him?" Dean demanded of Gabriel, the fear and anger obviously present in his voice. The smile slid off of Gabriel's face, "He's fine, Dean. There was a massive energy transfer there. He was bound to pass out. I'm worn out. But he'll be fine. Trust me." Dean looked uncertain, but significantly less worried now that he'd confirmed that he was still alive. He nodded slowly, and dragged Cas (As gently as possible, Sam noticed) to the couch where he lay him down, even if it was slightly haphazard. Bobby hovered at the door, slightly irritated at the sight before him. But Sam knew that, deep down, the old man really loved the oddball bunch. Gabriel was still smiling, and just for a split second, Sam saw it waver as he looked into Sam's eyes, who was still looking slightly suspicious of the man. He'd given no explanations of anything since he'd shown up again, and Sam wasn't quite ready to forgive him for Tuesday, especially because the old wound had been rubbed by recent events with Tusdays. Sam thought that, maybe, one day, he would learn to like the little guy. He obviously cared for Cas, just as much as Sam cared for Dean, and each time he'd put the group through a bunch of crap, it seemed to have had some sort of point. He always seemed to be teaching them a lesson. How to live without Dean. To play their roles. Not to open Purgatory. Even if his methods were… unconventional to say the least. But, Sam thought that maybe, if Gabriel were to continue being like this. Not like he was on Tuesday, or in TV land, or at the college campus. Not how he was at Elysian. Not that, Sam didn't want that. Not the Trickster, not Loki, not an Archangel. Just Gabriel. If Gabriel were Gabriel, then Sam thought that he could learn to like him.


Cas did heal. He woke up several hours later. Sam wasn't sure who was most relieved, Cas, Dean, or Gabriel. Which of course, Sam picked on. He smiled, Gabriel seemed to pick up on that, relaxing (almost visibly). Gabriel left soon after that, and Cas after that. Dean was reluctant to let Cas out of his sight after the wing fiasco, but eventually let him leave. Sam just laughed, while Dean glared. And everything was back to normal in the Winchester's lives. As normal as it could be with the Winchesters. Just waiting for what came next.

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