Author's Note: This is written assuming that I know Alexis Rockford, Cassandra Elise, and Verena Gruen, and that we live in the same town.

Esteed sat back in her chair, breathing heavily, her eyes wide with joy.

"Wow," she whispered. "I can't believe it. I just met the Avengers! I've got to go tell Verena Gruen, Alexis Rockford, and Cassandra Elise!" Hurriedly she typed in her password and waited for the computer to dial up. Luckily all of her friends were online, and she quickly group Imd them.

ESTEED: You'll never guess what just happened!?!?!?



VERENA GRUEN: Tell us Esteed.

ESTEED: I found a way to travel through time.


VERENA GRUEN: That's impossible.

ALEXIS ROCKFORD: Tell us another one.

ESTEED: It's true. And I met *hushed whisper* The Avengers!

VERENA GRUEN: You mean you met the actors who portrayed the Avengers.

ESTEED: No! I met Mrs. Peel and Steed! Meet me at the park tomorrow. I'll tell all.