1 : Surprise!

Today was Sunday. It was also Caroline's birthday. Later there would be a huge surprise party located at the Mystic Grill that Caroline would pretend to have no prior knowledge of, even though she had made almost all the preparations.

Therefore the plan was to enjoy a relaxing day of multiple self-done make-overs whilst catching up on all the shows she had missed due to vampire/werewolf drama. But apparently this was not to be.

As she dropped several cases of newly bought makeup onto the bed for inspection, the sound of her tinkling ring tone coming from the kitchen disturbed her concentration. With her mother out at work and her friends busy setting up at the Grill, Caroline couldn't imagine who would be calling when she had sent out specific instructions not to interrupt her.

With a blur she was in the kitchen, phone in hand with a look of confused frustration on her face, which quickly turned to annoyance.

"I don't have time for any of your silly games today Klaus, so if it isn't a matter of life and death then I don't want to hear about it."

There was a shuddering intake of breath, "Help me, Caroline."

In spite of everything that he had done to both her friends and herself, Caroline felt her pulse pick up, and she hated that. She replied with a false air of nonchalance, "Well that depends, who did you kill this time?"

"I wouldn't jump to conclusions love," he hissed as if in pain, "I need you to find your witchy friend Bonnie and bring her to me."

"And why would I do that?"

There was a beat of silence on the other end, "Because if you don't help me I might die, and if that happens, all your friends die with me."

Caroline looked longingly at the pile of makeup back in her room before letting out a sigh, "Where are you?"

As soon as she'd hung up on Klaus, Caroline had texted Bonnie explaining the situation. Against her better judgement Bonnie had agreed to meet her there after clearing up a few things with the food organisers.

So for now Caroline was on her own looking for a cabin in the woods. Why Klaus was dying in a cabin, she had no idea. She might have thought it was simply a new way to bid for her attention, except that he had sounded pretty desperate on the phone. And why ask for Bonnie if he wasn't really in some sort of trouble?

"Klaus? Klaaauuus? Klaus!"

A faint moan straight ahead beckoned her forward until she found what she was looking for; a rather large cabin with perfectly stacked log walls and a chimney poking out the roof . It looked like something found straight out of a fairytale.

She blurred to the open doorway but gingerly stepped over the threshold, there was no mystical barrier to prevent her as she had expected.

An overly familiar voice sounded from within, "Caroline?"

In the next room she found Klaus sitting casually in an armchair, not injured, perfectly fine. Caroline scanned him over, the furrow between her eyebrows deepening, "You're not dying."

"How very observant of you love, perhaps you'd like to state more of the obvious?"

"What is going on Klaus!" Caroline snapped. His smug smile made her

want to slap it off.

"I apologise for deceiving you, but I'm afraid it was necessary. You see this house is a vampire trap, and if you weren't stuck in here with me then your little witch would have no reason to work on a spell to free me. Sorry sweetheart."

The barely contained glee in his voice suggested to Caroline that he was anything but 'sorry'. Her eyes widened, "Vampire trap?" She ran to the front door, but that barrier she had expected earlier had suddenly decided to appear. She pushed against it but of course no amount of vampire strength could help.

The sound of Klaus behind her made her pause, "Anything I can help with love?"

Caroline turned on him, and grabbing the front of his black shirt, she pulled him down to her, "Yes, help me figure out why I fall for it, every time!"

"Fall for what?"

"The sick puppy act," She looked into his eyes which had gone cold, "I can't believe I tried to help you."

Walking past him she dialled Bonnie's number, "Bonnie, where are you right now?"

"I'm still trying to sort things out here, everything's a mess at the moment, if you want this party tonight then Klaus is just going to have to wait."

"Well if you don't come over here right now then there won't be a party later."

"Wait, slow down Care, what are you talking about?"

"Klaus is stuck in a mystically enchanted cabin that won't let him out...and now I am too." She looked at Klaus pointedly who crossed his arms and leaned back against the wall, there was no smile now.

"What the hell Caroline!"

"It's not like I planned it alright? Just tell me you can fix this."

"I know the spell, but since it was put on by someone else, I'll have to find the witch who did it to take it off."

"What! How long will that take?"

"Depends, did Klaus happen to see this witch when the spell was cast?"

Caroline looked at Klaus hopefully, but his reply was far from helpful, "If I'd seen the witch then I wouldn't have strolled in through the front door now would I?"

Shooting her best death glare, Caroline relayed the bad news. She could hear her friend groan on the other end,

"That'll take longer then, but don't panic, we'll find them and get you out of there. Just hang on Care."

Caroline pulled her hand through her hair, "Alright, but hurry."

She pocketed her phone, took a calming breath, and then turned to her technical kidnapper, "So it looks like we're going to be here for the next, who knows how long, and there's nothing either of us can do about it."

Klaus' answering smile was more than a little unnerving, "A pity I'm sure."

For a second their eyes met, then Caroline shook herself mentally, "Yeah, well, there will be ground rules."

Klaus raised an eyebrow, "Such as?"

"Such as, in spite of your many suggestions in the past, we are not friends. So you stay on your side of the house, and I'll stay on mine."

Klaus took several strides towards Caroline until they were a hair's breadth apart, his presence was intimidating, but she refused to budge. His voice was a whisper, deceivingly soft, "Actually I own this house, so I'll stay in whichever side I like," His accompanying smile was somehow both angelic and fearsome at the same time, "Alright love?"