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4: Something Wrong

Caroline woke up around mid day, in bed, unable to recall how she got there. She remembered helping with the tea, but after that everything was a blur.

While Caroline had been thinking all this through, she had failed to notice that she wasn't alone. And now that she was a bit more aware, she could feel someone running their hand through her hair in a repetitive motion.

She opened her eyes to find Klaus sitting up against the headboard, book in one hand as he mindlessly played with her hair. Using vampire speed Caroline grabbed his hand and sat up in the same motion, "What do you think you're doing?"

Klaus seemed unfazed, "Ah, I see you're feeling better."

Caroline threw his hand back at him, "Don't avoid the question."

Klaus sighed and pretended to return to his book, "We're stuck in a cabin love, there isn't anything else for me to do. Plus your hair is pure temptation, much like the rest of you."

In retaliation, Caroline snatched the book away from him, "Haven't you learnt over your centuries of tyranny that rhymes are cheesy?"

Klaus leaned toward her, "Rhymes are cheesy, but poetry is romantic, and has proven to be so over millennia."

Caroline surprised Klaus by mimicking his movements, "Well I am from an age where women are not simply swayed by a few choice words."

Klaus' smile transformed into a wolfish grin, "If there is one thing that my time on this Earth has taught me, it is that some things do not change." Klaus gently took the book back, "For instance, no matter how many times Shakespeare is repeated, over and over again, people never get bored of it."

Caroline raised an eyebrow, "You've obviously never taken one of our English classes. I've never understood the ending to Romeo and Juliet."

Klaus gave her a disbelieving look, "Are you telling me that Caroline Forbes is the only girl in the world not to adore the brave sacrifice of Romeo and Juliet?"

"What brave sacrifice? Five minutes ago Romeo was madly in love with another woman. And we're meant to believe that within a couple of days he's willing to kill himself over Juliet? I don't think so." Klaus shook his head and began chuckling, making Caroline frown, "What?" Klaus continued so she punched him in the shoulder, "Would you please tell me what's so funny!"


Caroline narrowed her eyes, "Right, I'll be downstairs where no-one will start randomly laughing at me." As she moved to get up Klaus hooked his finger into the back of her shirt, pulling her back,

"Don't be so over-dramatic love. You made me laugh because the one sure-fire thing to make a girl's heart swell is the story of love's sacrifice. "

Caroline twisted to face him as he released her clothing, "And?"

"And of course you'd be in the minority of girls who aren't affected."

Caroline crossed her arms over her chest, "I don't believe in love at first sight."

"Oh yes, you've made that perfectly clear." Klaus reached over Caroline to pick up a glass of blood from the side table and proffered it to her, "Drink this, you'll feel better."

"But I feel fine."

"You'll make me feel better then."

Caroline rolled her eyes but took the glass anyway. However, the taste of the blood felt off. As if it were a week past it's expiry date. Which was stupid because blood didn't go off. Klaus must have noticed it in her expression,

"Everything alright love?"

Caroline held the glass out to him, "Does this taste weird to you?"

She expected him to look at her like she was crazy, after all, how could blood possibly taste weird to a vampire? But he surprised her by taking her seriously enough to sniff the blood first before taking a small sip.

"It seems okay to me. Do you-"

"Caroline! Anyone home?" Stefan's voice travelled through the house.

Klaus grabbed Caroline before she could run off, "If something's wrong then we need to sort it out Caroline."

Caroline threw his earlier words back at him, "Don't be over-dramatic, it's probably nothing." Klaus just looked at her, unconvinced, "Give me five minutes and then I'll do whatever tests you want."

Reluctantly Klaus let go, "Fine."

Less than a second later she was at the large downstairs window talking to Stefan, "So your research tells you that the witch who's responsible for this has a vendetta against Klaus. Doesn't everyone?"

Stefan chuckled, "More than likely. But we think this one might be working for someone."

"Why do you think that?"

"Because we found her."

Unbeknown to Stefan or Caroline, Klaus was stood just in the kitchen, listening in. Right now he was in the clutches of the green-eyed monster because Stefan somehow had the bond with Caroline that he couldn't seem to keep hold of. There were moments when the two of them connected but they never lasted long, while Stefan remained connected with her all the time and did so effortlessly. The sound of Caroline's laughter in the other room was painful, because he wasn't the one causing it.

When he heard Stefan move closer to Caroline it took all his restraint not to break through the wall. Then he heard what they were saying,

"We brought her back to the house, but all she would tell us is that she was avenging her family."

"I still don't understand. What makes you think she's working for someone else if she's avenging her family?"

"We checked up on her history, her family are all alive and well. We called her out on it but she hasn't spoken since."

Caroline sighed, "So there goes that then."

"Caroline," Caroline looked up at Stefan, "Don't worry, we're going to sort this out one way or another."

Caroline smiled, "Thanks Stefan."

Stefan smiled back, and then his phone vibrated, "It's Damon."

Caroline tried to read the text upside down, "Is everything ok?"

"The witch says she'll talk but she wants me there."

"I don't blame her, Damon isn't exactly easy to approach."

After Stefan left, Caroline found Klaus in the kitchen, arms crossed and leaning against the wall, "That was more than five minutes."

Caroline walked past him to the fridge, "Counting were you?"

"As it happens...Stefan likes you, you know."

Caroline let the fridge door slam shut, "What?! That's crazy!"

"Is it?"

"Yes! He's like my brother."

Caroline turned away to get a straw for the blood bag in her hand, so she missed the small smile on Klaus' face. By the time she turned back he had recovered himself. As she took a sip, her face contorted into an expression of disgust, "Oh God, that's vile!"

Caroline threw the bag in the sink and raced to the toilet to empty her stomach of what little she had swallowed. Klaus raced with her and held back her hair while she knelt over the porcelain bowl.

"What has that bloody witch done to you," Caroline wasn't sure if he was talking about the smoke bomb or the herbs from Bonnie. Then Klaus had a thought; if the smoke had been made for him then no doubt it would have incapacitated him in some way, had he ingested it. But the vervain and wolfsbane had been breathed in by Caroline, a vampire, not a hybrid. Therefore the effects would be unpredictable, especially considering that the poisons had entered her nervous system before she'd drunken the tea.

Was it possible that her metabolic system had been tampered with?

Caroline stood on shaky legs and went to the sink to clean herself up while Klaus explained what he was thinking.

Caroline looked at him disbelievingly, "So if I can't drink blood then what can I drink?"

Without a moment's hesitation, Klaus bit into his own wrist and held it out to her. Caroline raised an eyebrow, "No offence, but why should your blood be any better?"

"Maybe it's only human blood you have a problem with." When she made no move toward him he sighed, "Just try it."

Doubtfully, Caroline took his wrist, but as soon as his blood hit her tongue there was no going back. She'd tasted his blood a couple of times before, both times when she'd been bitten by him, and that had been good. But this was a whole new experience.

Earlier, the bags of blood had tasted like sewage, but this was like a heady mixture of the finest wines and champagnes. Caroline tightened her grip and pulled Klaus closer.

Klaus was shocked by her behaviour, "Easy love," he spoke in a slightly uneasy voice.

A sudden savagery came out of Caroline, probably another change induced by the toxins, which resulted in her switching from Klaus' wrist to his neck.

Klaus allowed this to go on for about a minute or so, enjoying it almost, until he actually started to feel faint.

"Alright, that's enough love." Caroline ignored him, "Caroline, I said you can stop now." He was just contemplating whether or not he was going to have to restrain her when she pulled back at the last second.

"Klaus, what's wrong with me?"