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This is a bit taboo with a twenty-something Edward and a teen, consenting-aged Bella. If that is a hard-limit, then please read no further. For those who continue, I hope you enjoy the ride.

This first chapter is shorter than the rest.

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This story is in the process of being back-beta'd from chapters 1-10. The plot will not change. Please forgive any errors you find.


"I'm sorry," I whisper, shifting in the seat; my heart hammering in my chest. Even in the car's darkness, the contours of his majestic profile are clear. "I didn't think that-"

"You're right. " He laughs bitterly, turning his head. "You didn't fucking think." His angry stare stabs my heart like a knife, his next words twist it deeper. "Now get the fuck out of my car, little girl."

"Please, just let me explain."

Dismissing my plea, he leans over the console, popping the passenger door latch. "Out, now!"

The door barely clicks shut before he reverses out of the driveway, leaving me alone with my guilt and shame.

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