"Kira, Kira wake up its time for school." A familiar voice said from above. I rolled over and opened my eyes to see Nico looking down at me. He was like my big brother that was a year younger then me. After I ran away from Doctor Strange's place I was alone for a few years in the foster system. I later ran into Nico and his sister and they became my family.

"Kay." I said slowly getting out of bed. I looked at the clock, 7:45. 15 minutes til school starts. I bolted from the bed and quickly changed into my usual outfit. Black jeans, long sleeve black t-shirt, black gloves, and my black hooded jacket. I went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror, my long blonde hair was a mess.

I sighed angrily when I saw my hair. I hated the color of it, it made me think of my brother. But I promised Bianca that I wouldn't dye or cut it.I did the usual braid and ran to collect my stuff in the dining room. When I got there I looked at the clock. 6:45 am, I turned and glared at Nico who gave a smirk.

"You forgot to turn your clock back an hour." He said and I lounged at him and he dodged with shadow travel. We both finished getting ready and went to school, whispers followed us through the building. Everyone probably knows about what happened at my past schools. I grumpled and went to class. Nico and I sat the very (and I mean VERY) back of the room.

"Nico di Angelo, M.J. Watson, Peter Parker…" The name made me tense. I knew his uncle and it made me think bad thoughts, but I pushed them out.

"Kira Rand." I stood up and shot the teacher a dirty look.

"It is di Angelo not Rand." I growled, but the teacher ignored me. THe next name made me jump out of my skin.

"Daniel Rand." The teacher said and the name echoed through my head. Whispers filled the room instantly. Everyone one was now staring at me and a boy near the front of the room. The boy then turned and looked at me, his eyes widening with shock.

"I need some water." I muttered leaving my seat. Everyone watched me as I headed for the door. I paused at the boy's seat and looked at him. Hatred filled my soul and I kicked his chair causing him to fall to the ground. Everyone gasped and started whispering again. Nico gave me a stern look, but i ignored it.

"Oops I'm sorry Daniel Rand. Guess you got the spot back home right? Well congrats and I hope you know that I don't like you at all." I said my voice going from girly girl to a growl. I started to walk away when a voice spoke up.

"What's your problem? Danny doesn't even know you." I turned to see Peter and I tensed up. I gave a mocking laugh before answering.

"Oh he knows me, he just doesn't know it yet. Did his jerk of a daddy never talk to him about me? Well I wouldn't be surprised." I turned and left the room. I skipped the rest of my classes and sat in a tree.

"Who was that girl?" I heard Peter say from below. I looked down and watched as Peter talked to his friends and Danny.

"May be SHEILD knows something." Danny said, his eyes telling me he was deep in thought.

"She knows about me and my father, what else could she know. Still I think I have at least seen her. When I was a kid at Doctor Strange's place, she watch me around a corner and then stormed away." Danny said looking at the ground.

"Sounds like her." A dark haired tan boy said.

"Still we should be careful around her, there is something about her that seems… dangerous." Peter said and the were gone.

"Get down here now." Nico said appearing behind the tree. I jumped down gracefully in front of him, but he wasn't happy to see me.

"You could have left him alone." He growled. I looked away at the ground nowing a lecture was coming on.

"Kira I know you hate him to Tartarus and back, but you should just leave him alone. He did nothing to you." I snapped at this.

"Done nothing to me. His existence is why I am cursed. If he wasn't born then I would be hated by everyone, I would end up having everyone who touches my skin end up dying like Bianca. Its his fault I was abandoned. ITS HIS FAULT FOR EVERYTHING!" I screamed.

I continued "He is why I hate who I am. WHy I hate my hair color, why I hate my last name, why I hate Kun Lun. Its because he is my brother that I hate him!"