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Survivor: Part 1

The six-year-old boy dressed in oversized dark clothes with an oversized backpack snuck out of the small German town. The darkness that obscured his dark brown hair and hazel eyes was soothing and peaceful for the rest of the town's inhabitants who were unaware of the young runaway, headed for the foggy depths of the forest.

The familiar chill of the fog touching his skin as he walked through the forest, two years later. The clothes he wore that night when he left home were covered in dirt and leaves, as well as morning dew. He strolled through the forest with slightly slumped shoulders. His form was very skinny, his skin pale and ribs visible as he walked about his natural home in silence, his worn-out tennis shoes crunching the leave-ridden ground with each step he took.

He was about eight years old by now, his messy dark brown hair irritated his hazel eyes. He stood at about four-foot-five, his clothes tight on his small body. The nostalgic look he had in his eyes easily explained that he felt lonely and he hid it, he hid it with such a dark attitude towards life.

The boy paused and stopped his stroll momentarily to listen to the soft rustle of the trees in the breeze above and around him; the calming breeze flowed through easily like that of a gentle river's flow, and the orange-and-yellow leaves' rustling helped the young pre-teen smile softly to himself at such serene sound. It soothed him, in all honesty. Such sound reminded him so dearly of the peace a forest has, of his tall friend he alone sees. Since only Richard heard this towering being, it wasn't quite clear what the appearance of such an Entity possessed, besides being tall like that of the trees around him, according to the myths and fairy tales.

"Der Großmann?" the young pre-teen named Richard asked softly, some of his breath coming out in a slight but warm fog. "Are you here?" he asked, his voice thick with a soft but curious, saddened German accent.

"Yes, Richard… Is all okay?"

Richard smiled at this reply, looking at the empty space next to a tree. He reacted like he had met his best friend here despite the fact that he was looking at thin air in another's eyes. "Yes, all is well…" he responded with his soft, heartsick tone. "...What are we doing today?"

"Today we will hunt whatever we can find before we head off to another forest,"

Richard nodded slowly, seeming shy and nervous about such news as he removed a sharpened stick out of his backpack he moved off in a random direction spear gripped tightly in his hand.

As he walked, he thought of his old bedroom, of the light blue walls decorated with old posters here and there; from two years ago. He thought of the young woman sitting at the side of the bed with her soft smile that brightened the room.

"...Don't wander into the woods or Der Großmann will find you and punish you until you admit your mistake." the young woman chuckled, her slightly-plump cheeks brushed with light rose blush and dark brown hair neatly brushed to the side, about as long as her shoulders went. She pecked Richard on the forehead gently before she moved to head out into the hall through the door, where she turned off the lights before heading out and left the door ajar at a gentle angle, some light from the halls gently caressing the six-year-old's form on the bed.

He waited until no noise came from the darkness, which he anticipated for sometime that must've been hours. The full moon hung in the sky outside, the stars joined by the dark clouds and the dark-blue of the sky surrounding the large interstellar rock in the sky giving a rather peaceful feel to the air. Richard climbed out of bed and moved to open the window and feel the crisp, fresh air kiss his face before he moved to find his backpack from under his bed and locate his flashlight, a few snacks he'd hid that morning and a new change of clothes before he moved to the window with backpack slung over shoulder and he moved to sneak out towards the fog of the neighboring woods lit by the lunar boulder stuck in the sky.

His footsteps crunched softly in the leaves, a rather fascinated look in his eyes as he scanned about the woods; searching for this myth his mother told him about. The air went eerie silent and Richard stopped walking altogether, feeling the gut feeling of something watching him. He looked about the trees from where he stood, narrowing his eyes to get a better look in the lunar-lit darkness-

Something moved, nearby the leaves crunched a moment- to which Rich had to stop walking and look towards the sound with wide eyes. He couldn't see anything besides the fog and the forest; his breath coming out in fog, and this began to worry him a bit. "H-Hello?" he asked softly, beginning to suspect it was the creature he was searching for on this very night as he shivered softly and scanned the area surrounding him. "Who's there?"

There was a small pause. Richard went a bit tense at the silence, beginning to suspect that whatever it was that had approached him was either shy or simply didn't understand him. "May I ask you the same thing? I am Der Großmann, and you are?" the voice was gentle and echoed like they were in a tunnel, oddly soothing and captivating in ways that Richard could not explain.

Initially surprised by such a reply, Richard paused. "Der Großmann, my name is Richard. Richard Baisley…" he returned, "I heard of your tale earlier before bed and snuck out of home to meet you. Is tonight a good time?"

"...My tale? Am I really well-known? What does this children's tale explain… And where do you live? Do your parents know?"

Richard nodded slowly. "Y-yes, everyone in town says you discipline the youth who come out to find you, much like me…" he explained, "Or you at least scold the youth until they tell their family about their action they regret. I live on Walnut Peach 46, and no- my parents do not know."

There was a small pause. Richard felt his gut come up into knots- like the creature was processing the information. i wytiwyg="1""...Well- whatever tale that is I certainly don't do that. At least, not anymore… Young 'Richard Baisley', I suggest it be best you go back home then- don't want your parents to worry."/i

Richard paused at this. "What do you do nowadays, Der Großmann; sir?" he asked softly, if the tale he heard was no longer in effect then what did the mythical creature do?

"I simply live here on this land, using woods as my home. I travel between woods, bringing along the loneliness of being isolated from any friends…"

"You're lonely?" Richard blinked shyly. "I'll be your friend if you want!" he offered happily, figuring to himself that he could explain his new friend to his current school friends tomorrow, and he'd be thought of as different and unique; a good kind of unique- or so he thought. Besides, hearing such fact from Der Großmann made Richard feel bad for the poor creature.

"Friend? Do you really want to know me, young 'Richard Baisley'?" the creature asked softly, a bit of doubt in his voice.

"...Of course! Anyone who feels lonely deserves to be known past a silly children's tale. I'll be your friend~!" Rich giggled, feeling the air grow a bit ominous and hesitant a moment.

"Well, young 'Richard Baisley'... It's very nice of you to offer to be a companion of mine, very thoughtful…" the voice sounded contemplative and the air turned a bit warm. "Indeed I shall accept your request for friendship, young 'Richard Baisley'... On an earlier note, it's getting a bit late- why don't you head back home?"

Once he got home; Richard got grounded upon waking his family up really late at night and he was locked in his room, and the next day after they found out about what he did and who he met they disowned him; neglected him, hated him up until a week had passed, where Richard packed his vital stuff- and he left vowing to be that of an outcast, never to be welcomed back. That time was two years and about thirty days ago from now, and in one day's time it will be two years and one month ago.