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Their deadline was originally three days, but it stretched out to about a week.

Even Jeff, the weirdo in the sweatshirt and the dark pants with the face; wanted the training to be over so he can actually go and kill something, seeing as Richard's Master or whatever threatened to behead him in the worst and most painful way possible last time he tried. And, thinking of such a scenario made the killer want to search up pictures of whatever the fuck fans of his and many other Pastas paired him with.

Eugh. And Jeff thought seeing sketches of himself and BEN DROWNED together wasn't already weird and disturbing enough, he just refused to think of the possibilities of what could happen if he attempted to murder this Proxy of Slendy's, a very disturbing mental image indeed.

"No, no-" the sounds of metal against metal clanged throughout the eerie and foggy woods, "Make a straighter posture, try to look intimidating ta whatever the fuck his name is yer gonna put ta sleep-"

"Gray Mann-" Richard returned with great frustration as he followed Jeff's movements in his instruction.

"Yeah, yeah- Gay Mann more like," Jeff giggled insanely as he moved to swiftly slash at Rich's side with his kitchen knife, to which Richard quickly blocked it with the blade of his spare knife he received from Jeff's pocket, it can somehow hold infinite knives for whatever reason.

The light hiss of Rich moving to slide his knife away from Jeff's attack echoed and he attempted to stab Jeff in the gut but failed when the killer swiftly hopped back and faked a slice at Rich's neck- but he ended up socking one right at Rich's nose! Rich pulled back and held his nose with a yelp and scowl, a small blood trail running from his nostrils, to which he backed up as a reaction and wimped out from returning an attack to Jeff, who laughed rather loudly at such notion.

"WAHAHAHAHAH- C'mon, kid- ya gotta toughen up! Quit bein' this big ass pansy whenever ya see blood!" Jeff snapped at Rich after he fell over laughing and rolled a bit on the ground. Rich however shivered a moment, eyes wide and face pale from such sight and he dropped his knife he borrowed from Jeff and ended up falling to his knees and touching more of his nosebleed.

"...Do we need to get another box of tissue paper because you played dirty again and punched Richard?" Slendy's unimpressed voice echoed throughout the trees and whatnot, the gentle wind moving the leaves of the canopy back and forth. However, another invisible entity's laughter could be heard, first it was a snicker and then it turned into a playful yet ominous laughter.

"WAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Look at that idiot!" The unseen owner of the voice cackled somewhere next to Jeff, to which Jeff rolled his eyes and sighed to himself.

"Yes, LJ- that's my trainee. He's a big ass idiot..." Jeff crossed his arms and looked in a direction away from the invisible clown.

Rich knew who this 'LJ' was, he's seen him before. His full name (or so the Pastas call him when he's in big trouble) is what sounds to be "Laughing Jack", and Richard thought he'd overcame his fear for clowns before he met LJ- who now has recently proven that he's officially terrified of clowns, because LJ may seem like an "emo clown" at first, what with the striped long sleeves with the fur and pointed nose that also had recurring stripes, all in black-and-white; and... His make up he wears makes him look scarier than a typical clown- but how would Richard know? He's fucking terrified of clowns...

"Heeheheeheh... His blood makes my skin tingle..." LJ responded with a rather nasty-sounding licking of his lips and Richard shivered from chills down his spine as a result. How embarrassed did he feel from this? A bit too much, honestly. He got his long-awaited tissues from his Master and went to blow his nose into the white and soft comfort the little Kleenex provided, and after doing this he stuffed a clean corner of it into the bloody part of his nose to try to stop it from bleeding; and finally he stood back up with the knife in hand.

"Well, look at this. Now we can continue with this damn training." Jeff smirked, LJ's laughter dying down to give them silence for better thought-processing. "...Am I going to be the one who always attacks first er are ya gonna try ta hit me?" Jeff stared at Rich, this comment caused a few snickers to emit from LJ a moment before Jeff snapped "Shut up!" at him and Richard prepared his stance before he moved to charge forward at Jeff with the knife at an angle at which Jeff swiftly prepared to fake a dodge and block Rich's attack, slide it away again and this time really dodge Richard's vertical swing towards his chin, to which Rich proceeded to jump to the side when Jeff attempted to return a vertical cut of his own towards his left arm.

"...You're improving to say the least," the young ghostly child in the background near a tree commented, Rich learned recently his name was something like 'BEN'- again, his appearance is one of the popular video game characters named Link in his younger times, maybe around 8 to 11 years of age? BEN looks a bit... Well, the whites of his eyes are black and his pupils are a deep red, sometimes when he's pissed off he will cry blood and stalk his victim or something. Rich wouldn't find out any more than that considering how he and BEN met was how Jeff pranked the poor ghost child with a water-squirt gun, which this didn't really end well, mainly with Jeff running from the poltergeist laughing his face off while Richard watched on in confused silence. BEN looked at Jeff in an unimpressed manner. "You shouldn't have socked your 'student', Jeff..."

"Don't tell me what ta do, BEN!" Jeff moved swift and attempted to fake a punch at Rich's right cheek- but Rich saw this act and ducked when Jeff attempted to slash at his throat, managing to go under the killer's blade but at the loss of a few not easily-noticed deep brown hairs atop his head. Jeff pulled away and smirked as he then moved to kick Rich in the gut roughly, to which Rich let out a funny-sounding wheeze as a result and ended up falling over on his side gasping like a fish out of water on the forested ground, moist soil sticking onto his clothes and skin that touched it. LJ snickered at this before finally it returned his crazy, playful laughter, he was probably pointing and laughing at Rich at this point.

"Jeff..." BEN gave a rather unimpressed look at the killer. "Playing dirty isn't that fair..."

"Don't you play dirty, BEN?!" Jeff snapped back with a scowl.

"...That's only if the victim I'm stalking hasn't figured out my past within a given time, Jeff..."

"Fuck you! I've seen the videos where you fuck people up all because yer one 'uh those stupid asshole ghosts who fuck with people!"

"...Shut u-"

"Stop it, you two. Rich needs some rest and needs to recover from Jeff's kick. Jeff, don't kick Richard." Slendy interrupted their argument, to which Jeff pouted a moment and sighed and he proceeded to walk away, pocketing his knife.

"Fine... Lesson's over."