"So.. Can you tell me what you are exactly? Because werewolf doesn't really cut it" Grayson asked as he handed the brown wolf a shirt and a pair of shorts.

Eve trotted off into his room, kicked the door shut with her back paw, 'Guess I have nothing to lose now that he has seen my form.' she thought to herself as she phased and put his clothes on. She took a deep breath and opened the door, "Your right, you deserve to know what I am given I exposed myself to you."

'I remember you said that when you explain this to your father and Vasile.'

Evelin rolled her eyes lightly at her wolf remark before turning her attention back to him, "Well, first of all my name is Evelin Lupei, I am the princess of the Romanian Grey Wolves, or Canis Lupis."

"Wait," Gray interrupted rising from the stool he was sitting on "Did you say princess? So your like royalty in Romania?"

Eve couldn't help but laugh at his question, "No, unfortunately not to your kind at least. What it means is I am a dominate wolf in the Romanian Pack, my grandfather is alpha."

Grayson nodded his head slowly as her words started to sink in even though part of him kept trying to convince him this was just a dream.

Something started to nag at Eve, a scent that her and her wolf caught the day that she met him.. The scent of a canis lupis

'Perhaps he is a dormant' her wolf suggested

'Its possible but he has to be at least Slate's age, if he is one, his wolf would've surfaced by now. '

'There is only one way to find out if he truly is one or not'

Eve didn't have the time to react when her wolf lunged forward, taking over the driver seat.

Gray fell back onto the floor as the girl in front of him lunged, grabbing him by the neck sharp nails digging into his skin "W-wha.." he gripped her wrist in an attempt to free himself but to no avail

"To draw out the wolf within.. You must be in danger or under great stress" the guttural voice was back, meaning that the girl was not a girl but the beast

'Wait… did she just say wolf?! Its not possible' Grayson felt as if his insides were on fire and the longer he tried to fight it the more he wanted to release it

Throwing his head back in a loud howl he felt Eve release him and he dropped to his knees

"The first phase is unpleasant but don't fight it" Eve soothed as she watch the dormant wolf force himself out until the man was no longer in front of her but a large sandy brown wolf