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EVE Online - Star Wars

Star Wars will not survive the fight.

Anyways, welcome to a new story! This story is definitely not my usual, which are anime, manga, webtoon, manhwa, TV, and the like. This links two major sci-fi communities: EVE Online, a spaceship mmorpg, and Star Wars, a franchise that has everything from games to published books to loyalties to (toomuch).

Now Star Wars ... Almost everyone knows about Star Wars, or at least heard of it. It's about the conflict between good and bad, and people with light sabers and superhuman powers like telekinesis and lightning storms. I myself like the 400+ episodes of Star Wars, and I read up on more on their wiki. It has so much lore and characters! However, the improvement of technology can be a little more consistent.

EVE Online ... Now there is a game that makes Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game(MMORPG) live up to its true name. Most mmorpg's out there like WoW, Archeage, Guild Wars 2, Maplestory, Neverwinter(D&D), and other unmentioned games are games that have players log-in, hunt, Level Up, and buy/sell their items from/to NPCs and other people. You fight for whatever team, guild, or faction that you affiliate yourself with, or even only yourself.

But let's say you kill a dire wolf, strip its hide, and sell the raw hide to an NPC for quick cash.

Where does it go?

In most games, that ends up being a scrap data that's pretty much removed. In fact, that raw hide no longer exists as if God had smitten to oblivion.

So -because you din't want that to happen or other reasons- you sell to a player and that player makes something out of it... And then he makes something better later on, and he can't sell his old hide armor because of too numerous reasons that all games mentioned above have like "Soul Bound" and "Soul Bound on Equip." So he sells to NPC. Well, that's scrap data now.

But what if you sold the best thing the game had? A ultra rare item?

Well, players are going to keep them and more of such items would flow into the market... meaning that value of that item slowly goes down.

A market with infinite gain and zero loss.

That's where EVE Online is so different. NPCs don't exist in economies (Mobs don't count, as all MMORPG games need mobs. Without mobs, it's no longer a mmorpg), meaning whatever you or anyone else sells will have to be bought by someone else.

You want to sell scrap metal? You better hope that someone wants that scrap metal.

You want to buy a new ship because your last ship got reduced to dust by Amarr battleship's famous laser broadside? You better hope that someone is manufacturing them.

Player-only Economy. Boom.

Everything is about player interaction, and every decision you make literally has an impact on the community, small or large, market or warfare.

A good example would be what led to the Bloodbath of B-R5RB.

"The Bloodbath of B-R5RB or Battle of B-R5RB was a massive-scale virtual battle fought in the MMORPG space game EVE Online, and was possibly the largest player versus player battle ever. Pitting the Clusterfuck Coalition and Russian alliances (CFC/Rus) against N3 and Pandemic Legion (N3/PL), the 21 hour long conflict involved over 7,548 player characters overall and a maximum of 2,670 players in the B-R5RB system at one time. The in-game cost of the losses totalled over 11 trillion InterStellar Kredit (ISK), a theoretical real-world value of $300,000 to $330,000 USD. This theoretical value is derived from time cards which are purchasable for real currency and can be converted into a trade-able item in the game." -Wikipedia.

And do you know how it started? Because someone forgot to pay the bill in in-game.

"...mistakenly failed to make a scheduled payment to in-game security force CONCORD. This resulted in the star system B-R5RB losing its sovereign status, which meant that other players could capture the system without needing to wait for the normal "reinforcement timers"." -Wikipedia

Butterfly Effect, bitch. He forgot to pay the bill, and the world's largest PVP battle occurs less than a month later because of his actions.

...Now that's a game.

On top of that, EVE Online itself has two games -one in market and other in testing- that runs along side EVE Online. A FPS and a space fighter pilot that partakes in real battles of EVE universe.

Among games EVE Online holds both the quality and quantity that the most avid gamer could ask for.

Welcome to EVE.

Oh, and watch all of their trailers at Youtube, especially the Dominion Trailer. It's really really close to actual gameplay.

xXx Call and We Shall Come xXx

Disclaimer: I own nothing except OC's and plot.

YC 115

Wormhole XBQ-363463-A234WER2

System Name: CZ6U-1
Security: 0.0

System Owner: Northern Associates


Rest of the galaxy called them immortals. The undying pilots of destruction.

It was what they were. There were the few oddballs that did nothing but waste time with sightseeing, but the rest of the capsuleers raked in money for whatever they wanted.

However, as it was mentioned, there are oddballs. In the local system of CZ6U-1, there were eight such oddballs.

They were once part of Band of Brothers under a single corporation by the name of EVE Outlander. Unfortunately, Band of Brothers disbanded after losing all of its territories to their rival, Goonswarm, and others that followed to scavenge the fall of Band of Brothers.

Instead of involving themselves in another alliance, they decided to roam instead on the edge of null-sec space, where the four empires met the capsuleer held space.

So then why were these eight vagabonds here, very deep within null-sec? In possibly hostile territory?

Well...Because their fearless leader asked them to.

All eight of them were currently onboard their only capital ship flying capsuleer's ship, the Chimera (2.5 km long carrier). Christened The Home of Outlanders, it was the headquarter of the corporation. Also, because of its owner rather eccentric desire to grow his own food and supply food for all of his corporation members and families since some five years ago after a rather bad case of food poisoning, the carrier carried an entire farm inside it, all of it powered by ultra-sensitive solar panels littering the roof of the ship.

They sat around a metal table, as the capital's owner was a bit spartan with his decorations, sitting in metal chairs with their ships parked within the carrier.

"So this is the wormhole you talked about, eh?"

That was EVE Outlander's CEO and founder and the owner of the carrier, Gesth Freilsten, a Caldarian. Once a well-to-do pirate that roamed the edge of the null-sec for unprotected or solo flying ships, he came to establish his corporation after being hunted down for his hefty bounty. Sure, he had to lose three of his prized ships and three clone deaths in order for him to realize that pirating was no longer an option for him. He did, however, name the corporation after what he was for the sake of honoring his past, however dishonorable he was.

He was a tall man with black hair, thin eyebrows, narrowed grey eyes, a square jaw, and high cheek. His last clone death left him bald, for it happened only a week ago. He wore informal attire in most occasions, comprised of cotton dark grey hoodie, pair of dark grey linen pants, and white t-shirt; he walked around barefooted within his ship.

The woman next to him nodded. "Yes. Unfortunately, while I was waiting for you all here, I found out that the wormhole will only sustain itself for twenty hours at max from after an hour from this point," she replied. This woman was the CFO, Chief Exploration Officer, and Chief Research Officer as well as spouse of the CEO, Senna Sarum-Freilsten. As a member of the Sarum family, the current ruling family of the Amarr Empire, she was wealthy and well educated. However, she sought to make her own future by becoming a capsuleer, which closed off many of the religious paths she could have taken, and started to explore the rest of the galaxy.

Unlike her husband, she wore a more formal attire -red silk suits and pants for woman- along with low heel shoes. However, all members of the EVE Outlander were eccentric... and her eccentricity was the white hair. When she was making herself a capsuleer, she paid extra money to have her DNA changed to give her white hair. So genetically speaking, her hair, eyebrow, armpit hair, and hair everywhere else was white.

Which only made her look beautiful in her husband's eyes but very different in the eyes of others.

Doi frowned. "Ugh. That sucks."

When wormholes open up, as they have since not too long ago, they stayed open for a very long time. This enabled many capsuleers to go through these portals to a new place far away from their galaxy to exploit where they arrive at. One such event led to Sleeper Incursion a year ago, but Senna had ensured the corp that this wormhole did not have Sleepers.

Which was a good thing, those things hurt a lot. Like one Sleeper frigate fights on even ground with capsuleer handled standard cruiser and they never travel alone.

It was always good to hear that their next destination was not going to have them.

Sure, EVE Outlander had a carrier that was at ready to help them -as always- but it's better to not have trouble than have one.

There was a scoff, and a rustle from Senna's left. It was a man with a red bandanna covering his head with the infamous Guristas pirate insignia -the skull version of those famous playboy trademarks. He wore a black leather jacket with the Ishukone Corporation logo on its left shoulder, a pair of black leather pants, and a white t-shirt underneath the jacket.

This man was David Sauh. He was a honorary member of the Guristas Pirates, a pirate faction which had so much money, they didn't know what the hell to do with it. He was also EVE Outlander's first recruit outside of the married couple. He had been through the good and the bad with the corporation since its founding, and as such, had the CEO's most trust.

He also flew a rather unique ship, a Guristas-rip off of Caldari's Scorpion-hull battleship, Rattlesnake.

But unlike the Freilsten couple, he wanted to see Sleepers. While the Sleepers were dangerous, when they were dealt with, they had some very expensive technology that the corp could sell for a lot of money, and he had firepower to take on Sleeper battleships with ease!

So after hearing that there was not going to be a Sleeper hive, he was kind of put off by this exploration.

There was another man next to him, and this man was the one who scoffed.

Unlike others, he had his entire head covered with a full-face helmet of sorts. It had three red "eyes" that he used to see. He wore a similar outfit as David, which gave him a more cyborg-ish look instead of the "pirate" look that David had.

This was Q. Or more specifically, he was Q-QG2S142, a rogue drone that gained a sentience on par with humans. Unfortunately for the rogue drone, he had been on the run ever since his creation because both the humans and the rouge drones wanted him dead and gone.

EVE Outlander took him in, and helped him survive. David had been the most helpful with the Rogue AI, and this had made the drone very loyal to corp, especially to David.

And as such, he had been working for them as the corporation's Information Analyst. Even right now, with the big boys and gals of the corporation meeting, he was still analyzing the data that Senna had retrieved in her short visit across the wormhole.

"The wormhole is stable enough to have our carrier's mass go through several times, but we should do only one run of the system on the other side just for safety's sake," he said a low mechanical voice somewhat resembling David's voice. "At the same time, I'd advise against using this wormhole with the carrier as collapse of the wormhole would leave our only carrier stranded somewhere very far."

Gesth nodded. "I know that, but the resources in this system is abundant. Going back and forth multiple times to hull those minerals will only destabilize the wormhole faster. I want to just get this over with one round trip. It's not like we didn't do this kind of deal before."

Q tilted its head. "Not with a wormhole so close to its collapse. Who knows what can happen."

"Well, we're wasting our time just sitting here," Gesth said. "And this chat is useless; it's not like we didn't know the stuff presented here beforehand."

David grunted. "I'll get my Rattlesnake ready just in case," he said as he stood up as well, and left the room.

After David left, Senna turned to her husband. "You're more fickle today. Something wrong?"

The CEO of the Outlanders frowned. "... It's nothing, hon. The jitters about being here."

Their squadron of a carrier, two battleships, three exhummer-class mining barges, one assault cruiser, and two frigates hovered before the wormhole.

"Alright, you guys ready?" Gesth's voice came through the com.



"Yes, captain."

"Yes, hon."



"No, let me take a piss!"


"That was a joke. Of course, I'm ready."

Gesth sighed as he sat down inside his capsule. The capsule's neural network immediately connected itself to the neural sockets on the base of Gesth's neck. "Warping."

When the fleet of EVE Outlander came through, they met a stunning sight.

The wormhole had opened up next to a blue watered planet with multiple rings of ice and asteroid, which was actually their first time seeing one in a wormhole space.

Senna nodded. "I told you. Those rings there are our prize of this wormhole," she said as she targeted several of the asteroids she had marked beforehand and sent the target data to the rest of the capsuleers. "Those are the ones that we need to mine first. They have the best quality ores for morphite."

That kind of shocked few of the capsuleers.

Morphite is a highly unorthodox mineral that can only be found in the hard-to-get Mercoxit ore. It is hard to use Morphite as a basic building material, but when it is joined with existing structures it can enhance the performance and durability manifold. This astounding quality makes this the material responsible for ushering in a new age in technology breakthroughs.

However, it was also very rare, and as such, each 0.01 cubic meter of the material sold for around 6,5000 ISK. Considering that their fleet could mine out at least all of the ones marked, which was a total of seven extremely large asteroids, in the given time, Senna was sure that from this expedition alone, they will be able to make at least a billion ISK.

"Let's start mining! We don't have all day!" Gesth cheered through the comm channels.

The carrier and the mining barges boosted their thrusters to the maximum to get closer to the asteroids belts.

However, David didn't like what he was seeing.

Every single wormhole that he had gone through had not a single asteroid belt. Instead of asteroid belts, they had gravesites of dead civilization ... like the Sleepers, and there was always a hostile forces.

What unnerved the pirate of the Outlander was the fact that he was seeing absolutely nothing on his scanners. Normally, that was a good sign, but that was in a familiar space.

This felt too much like a trap.

Ping ping ping ping ping ping

ping ping ping ping

ping ping ping ping ping ping ping ping

ping ping ping!

Speak of the Devil...

Hostiles. Dozens of them, and more incoming.

Every single one of them jumping through the very wormhole the Outlanders had come through.

Every single one of them rogue drones.

"Motherfucking cocksuckers from Gallente! This is a Rogue Drone trap!" he shouted through the command channel as he burned his afterburner to quickly catch up with the once-giddy mining group. He launched all of his own combat drones. Warp towards the planet! We're gonna get massacred if we stay here!"

Already, there were a hundre rogue drones of all sizes and shapes quick to target them.

The carrier and the mining barges were quick to respond, jumping through as fast as possible. Then frigates, cruisers, and the battleships jumped through.

Senna bit her lips.

Rogue Drones.

Once, they were Gallente Federation's attempt to create drones that could think and fight without needing direct command from a ship's captain. However, the experiment, as things do, went wrong, and the first thing the rogue drones did once they gained "septience" was to destroy the base that they were made in.

Immediately, Gallente Federation set out to exterminate their problem. However, the drones were quick and smart. They made their homes in deadspace pockets, where it was harder for the Gallente Federation Navy to search for them, and began to replicate their numbers.

They now expanded to each tips of the entire New Eden galaxy.

'To think that they could setup such elaborate traps. How did they even manage to camp out at the wormhole?'

For capsuleers, it would have been simple: cloaking, the act of turning invisible to the sensors and the naked eye.

But rogue drones never used cloaking. It was a fact. They "preferred" numbers to tactics. To see such a tactic left her mind boggled.

What were they going to do?

Gesth was furious as well. He knew that something was wrong. It was too good to be true. A wormhole this good so far in null-sec space with an asteroid belt containing the best of the materials a miner could hope for?

It was a fucking trap, and he led his entire corporation right into it!

He banged his fist down inside his neural embryonic fluid filled capsule.

And they had also realized two things.

One, this was another galaxy, not one of those weird wormhole spaces that most wormholes lead to. That meant that should they die, then they will have to be transferred to the clone bay installed in their carrier, not the stations they set their cloning beforehand.

Second, the mass of the rogue drones that had come through were starting to destabilize the wormhole. They could see it in their sensors.

Their way back was closing, and fast.

"David," he called out to his old friend. "Is it possible for us to break through?"

"David, is it possible for us to break through?"

David scoffed within his own neural embryonic fluid filled capsule.

Break through that blockade? Already, the number of rogue drones were reaching five hundred. And more were coming through. Fight that with measly number of ships?

"No. We're screwed. Too many of them."

Then there was a blare.

Every single capsuleers' scanners were going nuts over what was happening with the wormhole.

[WARNING! Wormhole is destablizing too fast! Expected: An explosion. Radius: 1 AU]

They all blinked.

They were within the radius.

Gesth hissed. "Warp towards the star! Warp towards the star!"

The rogue drones came through the wormhole, already having completed the task that they had been there for: to determine whether or not the wormhole was stable without losing one of their own, as the region they were in had only small amounts of them.

It was stable, and it was confirmed when the human capsuleers moved their small squadron through it.

They followed through, intending on using the wormhole was a gateway to new resources.

They came and met a new world.

And only saw resources.

However, their own sensors picked up that their the wormhole was destabilizing fast.

But it was too late.

The wormhole sucked up the space in front of it, and exploded.