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Summary: Riker wakes up not able to remember what had happened to his and is now recovering. But can he truly recover when he can't remember what to recover from?


The Void

Chapter 1:

The Dream

He was in a dark, cold room. In excruciating pain and hunger: like for weeks he was tortured and left with no food. And he was also very sore, sore from the pain, the hunger, the pure ideal of it all.

Just then he heard a hiss from behind him. It sounded much like a door opening. He turned around to see who was then, trying to ignore the pain. He could see their boots, and as he worked his way up he could see that they were male. The man was dressed in all black and held a stance of authority and superiority. When he got to the chin…

"Huh," Riker shot up in bed and started to breathe hard. He was covered in sweat and shaking. He was still in sickbay, just as he had been for the past four days. That had been his third nightmare in the while there. And it was always the same; he can never see the face. It's like it's just beyond his memory.

Was this were he was? Was that man related to what happened? Riker couldn't remember, but he thought so. If only he could finish the dream, he might be able to know.

As his breathing eased he laid his head back on the pillow and tried to sleep again, reassuring himself that it was only a dream. Yet he knew, this was going to be a very long, very restless night.

**In The Morning**

Dr. Beverly Crusher was working at her console, running her millions of scans on Riker, as he sat passionately but obviously wanting to leave.

"Just hold still for a few more minutes, then you can go," Crusher told him. She turned back to the console for a few minutes and hit some buttons before turning back around and saying, "I'm done, you can go now."

Riker practically shot off the bed and walked up to her. "How long until you get the results?"

"An hour or so," She said as she continued her work. "You should be heading to Deanna, remember you have an appointment with her."

"Right. But you should know better than anyone that I can't seem to remember much of anything these days," He flashed her a quick smile before speeding out the door.

Crusher shook her head with a smile, then returned to her work.

**Deanna's Office**

Counselor Deanna Troi sat down on her couch, as she read over some reports and sipped (AN: what else?) hot chocolate. She heard the door chime ring and instantly knew who it was.

"Come," she said pleasantly as she turned her head towards the door. Riker walked in, standing tall and proud as he usually does. "Hello," Deanna said with a pleasant smile, delighted to see him well.

"Hi," Riker said with his own boyish grin. "I believe I have an appointment," He said as he walked in the room and towards her.

"You might," Deanna said as she stood up and walked towards him, as well. "How are you feeling?" She asked, consider.

"Better, now that I here with you," He flirtatiously replied, flashing that same grin. Deanna smiled but could sense he was hiding something.

"Will," She said firmly, but in a low tone. Riker took the hint and Deanna remarked, "You're hiding something. What is, Will?" She looked in his eyes and saw something, something she couldn't quite understand, not yet anyway.

"I had another nightmare," He replied soberly.

"Would you like to tell me about it?" Deanna asked as the sat down on the couch.

" Not really but that's never stopped you," Riker stated.

"If you don't want t-"

"No, no that's ok," Riker cut her off. Then he took a deep breath and said, "I was in a dark room, and it's really cold. I'm hungry, in lots of pain, and very sore. Like I've been tortured and not given food at all. Then a door opens, one I couldn't even see until then, not really. There's a man, I think it's a man. I can see his boots, and I slowly look up till I get to his chin, then…" Riker just shook his head.

"Then?" Deanna inquired.

"Then," Riker looked at her. "Then I wake up," he shrugged.

Deanna thought a moment, and then said, "Do you think that's where you were? And that that men was some how reasonable for it?" She asked him, curious.

Riker shrugged. "It could be. I don't know. Maybe it's my subconscious trying to tell me something." Riker took a deep breath, lost in thought.

"Maybe," Deanna sighed, also lost in her own thoughts.

**Observation Lounge**

"What have you found Doctor?" Picard asker, starting the meeting off.

"Well," she said turning a monitor on, displaying what looked like a brain of some sort. "I've found that Commander Riker has Nero-blocks here," she pointed to somewhere on the 'brain', "and here," again she pointed to another part of the 'brain'.

"A Nero-block?" Riker asked, half curious, half outraged.

"It blocks neurons and specific memory centers, which explains your memory lose." Crusher replied, to a still mad Riker and expectant senior staff.

"How did I get them?" Riker asked, in the same tone as before.

"These were synthetically produced, and most likely injected." Crusher explained.

"Can you remove them?" Picard asked, in his usual stern tone.

"I've already started to create a treatment, but the Commander will have to come to Sickbay as soon as possible, the sooner they're removed the better the chance it will work." Crusher said, glaring at Riker.

"He'll be there right after this meeting, wont he." Picard said, that not as a question but an order, as, he too, glared at Riker.

Riker gave him an irritated smile and reluctantly nodded.

"If there's nothing else," Picard looked at all of his officers in turn before saying, "Dismissed."


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