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In the hanger of the Jedi Dreadnought Negotiator

Galen was under his Jedi Starfighter prepping and talking to his R4 unit when Obi-wan walked in followed by a squadron of Clone pilots. R4 made a number of beeping sounds causing Galen to look up and notice his master and the clones. Galen stood up and wiped his hands as he approached the group, once he had neared Obi-wan made introductions, "Galen this is Shadow Squadron, Shadow this is my Padawan, Galen Marek."

The Clones snapped to attention and saluted Galen, one of the clones, probably the squad leader Galen thought, spoke up, "Commander Marek it's an honor."

Galen lifted his hand indicating the clones could stand at ease, "Likewise…"

Seeing his stall the clone finished for him, "Blackjack sir."

Nodded and gave him a small smile, "Well it's a pleasure to meet you Blackjack."

Obi-wan spoke up next, "Galen, Shadow squadron has been comprised of the best fighter pilots in the Republic, and you will be leading them. Your mission will be to act as an escort for the bombers as they strike strategic targets to assist Master Ti advance her troops."

Galen smiled and nodded, "Of course Master." Obi-wan then turned and left, Galen turned back to Blackjack and asked, "SO what kind of fighters are you boys flying?"

A big grin plastered the men's faces and Blackjack proudly stated, "We're flying the Z-95 Headhunter sir."

Galen let out a low whistle, "Nice well the Z-95 has the muscle to keep up with my Delta-7 but let's hope you boys have the skills."

Blackjacks face grew determined at the challenge, "You'll be seeing my thrusters sir."

Galen laughed, "Well you boys certainly don't lack confidence, just don't get cocky."

The Clone's faces grew serious at Galen's words and Blackjack spoke on their behalf, "We may joke sir, but when we're on mission it's all business."

"That's good to hear, well boys saddle up, we've got a job to do."

The clones snapped to attention once more and all echoed, "YES SIR!"

With that the clones jogged of to their respective fighter craft and Galen suited up into his flight suit. (A/N Flight Suit from TFUII except with the Jedi symbol on the arms.) Galen then jumped into his Starfighter and called for roll call over the com-link.

"Shadow 2, is go."

"Shadow 3, ready to go."

"Shadow 4, here."

"Shadow 5, checking in."

"Shadow 6, locked and loaded."

Shadow 7, ready to scrap some droids."

Galen smiled, "All right boys, we're going to head to the rendezvous with to meet the bombers."

A chorus of yes sir's came through Galen's headset causing him to smile, he then led the fighters towards the bomber squadron. Once they arrived they began the decent into the Felucia atmosphere. The bombers started their run on the Separatist lines when Blackjack's voice came in over the com-link, "Contact! Bogies coming in from our 3 o'clock."

Galen looked over and saw the incoming droid fighters, "Alright boys stick with the bombers."

The clone fighters held firm until the droids were close enough and then Galen gave the signal, "Engage."

The Z-95's quickly spread out and began shooting down the enemy fighters, Galen dropped his Delta-7 behind one of the droids releasing a short burst from its cannons shooting it down. Just then one of his clones called in over the com-link, "this is Shadow 6 I have two bogies on my tail and I can't shake them."

Galen quickly responded, "I got your back shadow 6."

He then pulled his afterburners and maneuvered behind and above the two droid fighters trying to tag shadow 6, pushing his stick forward he gained the superior angle and position and quickly dispatched the droids. A few more minutes passed and the remaining enemy fighters were shot out of the Felucian sky, and the bombers had begun to head back to the fleet. "Alright boys rejoin the bombers and let's get back to the Negotiator."

A chorus of yes sirs came through and Galen headed back to the fleet, he landed in the hanger bay and parked next to the Rogue Shadow. After exiting his fighter he was greeted by Obi-wan, "Good job Galen, you gave Master Ti an opening and she has managed to push her troops forward."

Galen bowed his head, "Thank you master."

Obi-wan gave Galen a small smile and stroked his beard, "Yes, but although she is making good progress she has requested our presence on the ground. So gather your things we disembark in an hour."

Galen bowed and left to get his equipment a big smile on his face because soon he'd be back on the ground in the thick of things.

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