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"Burning Sea...now why in the bloody hell would name a bar that?" Thatch muttered to himself quietly, pondering the question.

"It's called the Burning Sea, because a certain 2nd Division Commander decided to grab some oil, dump it into the sea and burn it! Scared the poor villagers half to death I tell ya!" a young teen, perhaps between the ages 15 and 18 spoke sternly, yet trying to hide her laughter. She was a really tall lass for her age; she seemed about 5'10, a little shorter than Ace. She had reddish-brown hair that barely went pass her neck. She also had chocolate brown eyes, ones that a man could stare at for days. She wore a dark red sweater and black cargo pants that went to her ankles, which had 2 pockets on either side. She also wore blue shoes.

She spoke again, still trying to hide her laughter, "It was actually kind of funny if you ask me!"

She grinned before handing Thatch a tankard of their highest quality sake. Marco smiled as he looked over at the 2nd division commander, Ace. He was trying to go to the back of the bar to steal some of the sake. The teen glanced over and just watched Ace, not really amused. She then sighed and walked over to Ace, and she must of said or done something to scare the crap out of Ace for he scrambled from the back of the bar and hid under the table.

The girl stared at Ace before saying, "Oi, Crow! Go get me two more kegs of sake! We're running out over here! The Whitebeard pirates are pretty close with finishing some of their tankards!"

Crow glanced over at the teen and glared at her, he replied with a cold tone and a slight hiss to his voice, "And why should I listen to a 17 year old brat?" The girl narrowed her eyes at Crow, replying with a cold and stern tone as she tapped her foot on the ground, "One; I'm the co-owner, and two, because I said so. Besides I can fire ya know?"

Crow growled slightly and cursed under his breathe. He went to the back of the bar and grabbed some more kegs, before filling the pirates' empty tankards with sake. The teen smiled in triumph. Whitebeard himself looked at the lass and he somewhat tilted his head and grinned a bit.

"You must be Nana's younger sister, what is your name, child?"

The teen looked over at Whitebeard, she stared at him for a few moments before replying, "Yes, I am. I'm Rin, the younger, yet taller sister." She stopped and waited for a few moments before another familiar to the Whitebeard Pirates voice came from the back, walking out with tankards filled with sake.

"SHUT UP BRAT!" she spoke in a mock angry tone at her younger sister.

Thatch looked at the woman that he knew. She had changed a lot since last year. She was a 5'3, with waist-length blonde hair and peridot green eyes that seemed to pierce the soul. She also had DD-sized breasts. She wore a pair of black skinny jeans and brown knee high boots. Her shirt was a dark purple and tight fitting and it showed off her cleavage. Perched on the bridge of her nose was a pair of rectangular burgundy glasses. On her left wrist was a blood red wristband while on her right were several different bracelets, including one that had a key charm. Circling her upper right arm was a black tribal tattoo of a dragon and sitting between its mouth and tail was the kanji for 'loyalty'. She looked to be in her early twenties, around twenty-one or twenty-two now.

Then what she said dawned on them. Both Marco and Thatch both spat out their drinks and both exclaimed, "Younger sister?!"

Marco and Thatch stared at her in shock. Since when did Nana have a younger sister?! She had never mentioned her before! Thatch looked at Nana, silently looking for an explanation. Nana looked at Thatch and Marco, then at Ace as she said with a teasing tone to her voice, "I thought you told them since they were too drunk to understand me?"

Ace shrugged, and replied, "Both of them wouldn't listen to me either, so I gave up on trying to tell them. But yes, Nana does have a younger sister by blood. Everybody knew that except for you two."

Marco and Thatch looked at each other, then at the 17 year old girl. Rin looked at the boys and smiled and shrugged, "The reason you guys had never seen me before—except for Ace because he's one of our best friends—is because I was either at sea or just at home on my days off."

Whitebeard grinned and looked at the two sisters and said, "Would you two like to become my daughters?"

Nana squealed in excitement. Rin gave Nana an odd look before face-palming. Ace jumped when he heard Whitebeard say that and grinned widely. He knew that Nana would join, but Rin was the real question. She loved this island to bits, but she also loved the sea. Ace ran to her and began begging her to join. Rin stared at him for a few moments. She stayed silent for a few more moment—just to make him sweat—then she then gave Ace a smile and looked at Whitebeard.

"Well as you can see, Nana would love to join. I... Well I guess I'll join as well," she said. Ace grabbed Rin and pulled her into a tight hug and saying thank you over and over again. Marco looked at Rin, her face somewhat red from not being able to breathe.

"Let her go before you suffocate our poor sister!" Ace immediately let go of their new sister and apologized.

Marco looked at Thatch, "You taught him way too well."

Thatch just grinned.

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