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'I Love you.' He looked at me and smiled his goofy grin. 'I know you don't and probably won't ever feel the same but I wanted you to know how I feel.' He turned and walked away. I stood there, too stunned to move and unable to talk, as I watched the pink-haired boy walk away.


Gray sat up with a gasp. 'Shit' he cursed himself, 'it's just my alarm. Why am I so startled?' He shook his head to avoid thinking about his dream but he couldn't. He remembered Natsu telling him that in 8th grade but it had been the last day of school. After that, Natsu transferred to Edolas High School, the most prestigious high school in Edolas, with Lisanna, Lucy, and Loke. Gray and the others all went to separate high schools in Magnolia. With a sigh, Gray got out of bed and got dressed for school. As soon as Gray opened his door, he was hit with the smell of food coming from the kitchen. When he got to the kitchen he found Natsu cooking a breakfast big enough for two. Gray figured it was all for Natsu (I mean have you seen how much that guy can eat?) so he walked toward the fridge to find something for himself to eat. "Here I am making us food and you don't even say 'thank you' and instead start making something else, my cooking isn't gonna kill you ice-block." Gray looked at Natsu and closed the fridge. "I know you've got an appetite the size of Earthland so I figured it was all for you." Natsu looked at Gray and smiled, "Why would I let you make me dinner and not at least return the favor?" Gray blushed slightly before replying with a simple, "It was nothing and um... Natsu?" Natsu turned back to Gray with a questioning look. "Thanks." Natsu gave Gray his signature goofy grin before turning back once more to the food on the stove.

"Itadakimasu" (A/N: this is an expression used before eating a meal) Natsu and Gray started eating the food laid out on the table. They ate in comfortable silence for a while untill Natsu took a break from stuffing his mouth, making him appear to be a chipmunk. "Gray, do you remember much about 8th grade year? Like all the people we used to hang around and stuff?" Gray nodded, "Yeah, what about it?" "Do you remember Lily?" Gray was even more confused at where this conversation was going. Lily was Gajeel's little brother, his real name was panther but everyone called him Lily. "Ya, wasn't he a year younger than Gajeel?" Natsu smiled, "Ya him, Romeo, and Wendy are all still friends and they go to the same high school too!" Gray smiled, "How is it between Romeo and Wendy?" Natsu laughed, "It's great, he treats her amazing and I expect nothing less." Gray laughed with him. Gray took a glance at the clock that read 8:00. 'Oh crap, classes start at 8:30!' "Natsu, we have to go." Natsu looked at the clock and jumped up, grabbing his bags, and rushed out the dorm calling behind him to Gray, "Well let's go Popsicle, we're gonna be late!"

~First class of the day: US History~

"Hello class, I am professor Nab Lasaro..." The professor continued to address the class in a monotonous voice about how important the class is for any major and other boring things like that. Gray sat in the class impatiently waiting for his next class. Natsu mentioned he had professor Azlack Connell for weight training next class which was also Gray's next class.

~Next class~

Gray walked into the weights room to find a sweaty Natsu leaning against the wall with a peaceful look on his face. Gray walked up to his friend, "What's up with you? We haven't even started class and you're already sweaty." Natsu opened his eyes and turned to Gray, "I had JROTC before this and the workout was intense." Gray laughed, "Must suck to have this class and JROTC, one right after the other." Natsu shook his head, "It's fine. I enjoy working out a lot, it's fun." He smiled at me and I had to turn away to avoid blushing. Just then the professor walked in and, like every other professor, introduced himself. "I'm professor Azlack Connell. I know what you all want to ask and I will answer it right now. Yes, I am married to the world famous sharp shooter Bisca Connell. Now I don't want to hear another word about it, got that? Ok let's get started. Here are the pairs: Gajeel and Bickslow; Natsu and Gray..." He continued to rattle of names until everyone had a partner. Gray and Natsu were directed toward the equipment they would be using for that class period and told how to use it. The rest of the class Natsu and Gray worked out in silence, working like a team and never getting in each other's way.

~Next class: Algebra 1~

"Hey Lucy, you have this class too?" Lucy looked up at Gray, "Of course I have this class,this is one of the required classes for college freshman to take." She rolled her eyes, " Natsu told me the professor is a total tyrant." Gray laughed, "Ya we spent hours just trying to figure out the homework." Lucy laughed at that. Professor Doranbolt walked in and the entire class went silent. It was silent while he taught the class until he gave everyone their assignment and told them they could work in groups for the rest of class. It was the same problems as the ones Natsu had so Gray helped Lucy out with them. "So, how's Natsu doing?" Lucy asked. That surprised Gray, "What do you mean all the sudden?" Lucy looked at Gray with a serious look, "Natsu and I are really close friends and he told me about what happened on the last day of 8th grade. He dated a couple times in high school, even me, but it never lasted long because he could never forget you." Gray started blushing when she said that, "I... I don't know... He seems fine but we both know he's good at acting... Honestly I didn't notice anything off." Lucy noticed his blush and laughed, "You should ask him out! I can even recommend a few awesome places that Loke took me on dates. You have to!" Gray turned even more red, "W-Wh-What m-makes you s-say th-that?" Lucy laughed even harder, "Your red face and stuttering says it all, you llllike him!" "Class dismissed" called the professor. Gray gratefully grabbed his things and rushed out of class causing lucy to giggle hysterically.

~Last class of the day: Biology~

Gray had no friends in this class which made him glad that no one he knew would see how flustered he was. 'Damn that Lucy' he thought. 'There's no way I like that flame head, first off, he's a dude!' Gray shook his head and tried to pay attention to what professor Mystogan said. The whole class was like that until the professor finally dismissed the class. Instead of going to his dorm, Gray went to the library and started working on his home work, he didn't want to see Natsu any time soon. He tried to focus on his work but he kept thinking about what Lucy had said. 'Natsu still likes me? Impossible. There's nothing special about me, no way he likes me like that any more' Gray shook his head again, 'What am I thinking, I don't like him... Do I?' Gray went back and forth like that in his head until he finally realized it, 'I like Natsu, no it's more than like, I love that stupid flame head.' With a sigh, Gray got up, collected his things, and headed to his dorm. He had to see Natsu.

~Meanwhile at the dorm~

Natsu sat on the floor in front of the couch and looked at the picture on his phone. It was a picture of Gray from 8th grade. They had gone to the summer festival with their friends and it was there that Natsu realized he had feelings for Gray. He kept his feelings secret all year and acted normal around Gray but he could feel his heart beat speed up every time he was near Gray. When he finally confessed to Gray and Gray didn't say anything, didn't stop him from walking away, Natsu realized the feelings would never be mutual. The door to the dorm was hurriedly opened and bags were thrown aside. Before Natsu could register what had happened, he felt lips against his. Natsu pulled away in surprise to see a hurt look on Gray's face. Natsu immediately turned bright pink, "G-G-G-Gray! W-W-W-What are y-you do-doing?" Gray looked into his friends eyes, "Natsu, I love you." Natsu threw his arms around Gray's neck and kissed him quickly before pulling back, "I love you too Gray, I'm so happy you told me!" they snuggled together on the floor for a while just enjoying each others presence untill Gray spoke up, "I need to do my homework, I was so busy thinking about you that I couldn't get any done while I was in the library." Natsu nodded his head and stood up before walking over to the table and started doing his work too. "I didn't get any done either for the same reason as you." They both laughed before they started working. When they finished, Gray made dinner and they watched TV until they decided to go to bed. Natsu kissed Gray on the cheek, "good night Gray," and he walked into his room and fell asleep. Gray stood there for a few seconds more before he went to his own room to sleep.

(A/N) To avoid confusion I will write below this what Natsu's and Gray's school schedules are


~Monday and Wednesday:

Class 1 Chemistry

Class 2 Statistics

Class 3 Research

Class 4 Composition 1

~Tuesday and Thursday:

Class 1 US history

Class 2 weight training

Class 3 Algebra 1

Class 4 Biology


~Monday and Wednesday

Class 1 Chemistry

Class 2 Physics

Class 3 Biology

Class 4 Algebra 1

~Tuesday and Thursday:

Class 1 JROTC

Class 2 weight training

Class 3 physical therapy training

Class 4 US History