Hello there! Quick note: in this fic, I have a couple of lines in the journal that read 'because I was black'. PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS NOT REFERRING TO HER RACE. If you'll remember in the dark room, when you drop your lantern and it shatters: when you open your menu, you see a creepy black and red version of yourself known as "dark Viola". This is what I'm referring to. Anyway, enjoy the story.

He knew something was wrong.

Now, I'm back to where I was.

Did I not deserve love?

Why was I never loved?

But maybe I was.

She loved me.

Why didn't I ever see it?

It was raining.

The sky was dark.

Violet brushed her soaking purple out of her face as she ran through the woods.

I don't care if it's raining. There's no way I'm going back. At least if I run into anyone they won't be able to tell I was crying. Ugh. Did he really have to hit me again?

The trees thinned as she arrived into a clearing. Up ahead was a giant house. A mansion.

Wow, it's so big! I looks abandoned.

She quickly ran to the front steps, and tried the handle of the door. Thankfully, it was open. Thinking nothing of it, she quickly stepped inside.

I can stay here until the rain stops. I hope there aren't any animals in here…

As she stepped in, the noise of the rain seemed to fade away. While the outside of the house looked abandoned, the inside certainly didn't. The walls were covered in fairly new-looking blue floral wallpaper. A small wooden table held a vase of flowers. She couldn't decide if they were real or not. The room held a homey yet nostalgic feeling too it.

Upon closer inspection, the table had a piece of paper on it. She picked it up, curiously.

Welcome back.

Hm. Perhaps someone did live here…? Well, the lights were off. If anyone owned the house, there didn't appear to be anyone home. The owners surely wouldn't mind her staying her until the storm stopped.

She vaguely wondered what the note meant. Was someone coming home?

She walked to the left of the entry room, where there was a door. Opening it, she arrived into a sitting room. A few fancy upholstered chairs sat around the room, along with a small coffee table. A big grandfather clock was against the far wall.

It's still ticking.

She walked closer to it to check the time.

Suddenly something rumbled, and the clock moved.

She jumped back with a scream as the clock crashed forwards, slamming onto the floor. The glass face shattered, sending shards of glass flying across the floor.

She put a hand over her pounding heart as she stared in horror at the clock, trying to steady her breathing.

What happened?

The room was now enveloped in an uncomfortable silence. Violet glanced around the room nervously, the lack of noise bearing down on her. She began to realize how dark it was.

I don't like this room.

She quickly walked to the door at the other end of the room. Locked.

I guess I'll just go back into the other room…

She tried not to run as she hurried back over to the door she had entered through, opening it and shutting it behind her quickly. She leaned against it and drew a deep breath.

Looking up and about, she idly walked back to the center table, holding the flowers. She took a closer look at them. They were roses. The left side of the vase was filled with yellow roses, while the other was filled with purple roses. A thin red ribbon tied them together.

Kind of an odd arrangement, but still pretty.

She noticed a card on the ribbon. She leaned down to take a look.

The strings of fate bind them together.

Hm. Odd.

Looking up, she decided to try the door on the right side of the room. She opened it, finding a study. There was a desk, with some bookcases and paintings around the room.

Violet walked over to the desk, seeing an open book. She leaned over it curiously.

He knew something was wrong.

Now, I'm back to where I was.

Did I not deserve love?

Why was I never loved?

Her brows wrinkled in confusion. As she took a step back from the desk, she heard a small splat as her foot stepped into something wet.


She turned around to look, seeing a dark substance on the floor. She leaned closer.

Is that…


She gasped, straitening up and glancing around quickly.

That was when she spotted a fist-sized lump in the corner of the room. She tiptoed closer, her eyes widening at the sight.

It was a blood-spattered frog.


It turned around, fixing it's black, beady eyes on her. Violet struggled to breathe. How could the gaze of a frog be so… so…. Unnerving? She wasn't even aware that it was possible for the eyes of an amphibian to possess such… hate.

It suddenly turned and quickly hopped away underneath a bookcase, leaving a few spatters of blood in its wake.

Violet shuddered, looking around nervously.

Where could the blood have come from…? This house keeps getting creepier and creepier.

She walked back to the main room, intending to check and see if the storm had stopped. She didn't intend on staying in this house any longer then she had to. In fact, she'd rather leave immediately.

However, once she stepped back into the room, she froze. Her heart stopped, and she forgot how to breathe.

The door was gone.

In it's place was a message: written in red, dripping ink:

Let's be together again.

She would have screamed, but her mouth was dry, and she found herself completely frozen to the spot.

There was a door there, right?

Could she be in the wrong room? Could she possibly have taken the wrong door?

She glanced back. There was no other door in the study.

She was released from her trance. She ran forward, searching, pounding on the wall, for any sign of the door. A keyhole, a crevice in the wall, a crack, anything…

After a few minutes she realized it was futile.

The door was gone, as if it were never there. She stepped back and drew a deep breath.

A window!

She glanced around, but then she realized there were no windows. Why hadn't she noticed that before?

She leaned against the wall and slowly slid down, sitting on the floor. Even if she listened closely, she couldn't hear the storm anymore.

I don't understand.

"Please let me leave." She begged, whispering into the silent room.