Ellen's happy expression shattered, her hopeful smile faltering.

She release Violet and stood, her expression shifting into one of slight anger as she watched Violet stand and back away slowly.


The purple haired girl looked up, meeting Ellen's frowning face and hard eyes.

"I'm sorry, but I can't let you leave."

She stopped.

"I want you to stay with me. Because, you came back! You went through all of that!" She appeared almost desperate, persuading Violet out of her decision. "So, you must love me… right? It's what you want!"

She advanced towards her, Violet matching her steps with ones she took backwards, until cold metal brushed the fingers of her hands that were held behind her.

The door handle.

She looked into Ellen's eyes.

Hard and cold.

She twisted the handle, ready to throw the door open and race down the hall. She had to get away.

Only, she couldn't.

The door was locked.

Alarmed, she looked back at Ellen to see a wide, black grin stretching across her face.

She backed herself into the wall, terrified.

"Don't you understand, Viola? You were meant to come back here. To stay here. You can't leave."

"I'm not Viola. My name is Violet." She protested quietly.

"No." Ellen shook her head. "You're Viola."

Before she could realize what was happening, Ellen leapt at her, a large object clutched in her hand, swinging it at Violet's head.

Her vision went dark.

"You're not leaving this mansion. Never again."