TITLE : Complicated Heart

AUTHOR: Blue Topaz

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CATEGORY: Drama, Romance


SEASONS: Any seasons with Daniel in it.

SEQUEL: Thread of Destiny

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AN: This story is a sequel to my other fic 'Thread of Destiny', it will clear a few things up if you have read it ... :). But if you ignore the background of this story, you can read it as a stand alone story. You can read the 'Thread of Destiny' at



Part 1: Love is Simple

Oh puh-lease.

I don't even know why I read this stupid magazine, someone left it on the commissary table and I just picked it up out of my boredom. It has this Q&A section and the title caught my eyes. I throw the magazine in disgust and knock Daniel's tray in the process. Ups, I forgot that he's here, and he looks at me.

"Sam?" Daniel seems concerned about my behaviour. We're having our breakfast together.

"Yes Daniel?" I ask innocently.

"Uhm, nothing." That's why I love him so much, he knows when not to ask stupid questions, "Out of curiosity though, what did the magazine do to you to deserve that?" ... maybe I spoke too soon.

I shrug, "Nothing." I play around with my fork and left-over pie on my plate.

Daniel takes the magazine and flicks through it. He stops on one of the pages.

"Love is simple." He reads the sentence.

Daniel is smart, too smart for his own good.

"Understatement of the century, don't you think?" I tell him exactly what I feel about it.

He frowns, "Is it because of your relationship with him?"

He doesn't have to say who 'him' is, we both know.

"Daniel, can you really say that we're in a relationship?" I try to sound neutral.

He smiles, "It depends on your definition of what 'relationship' is."

"What's your definition?"

"Me? Come on Sam, it's got nothing to do with me.", he teases me.

"Look Daniel, forget about it, okay? I just don't see the truth in the statement." I'm really not in the mood to talk about this, I get up from my chair.

"Sam.", he grabs my arm, effectively stopping me from walking away from him.

I look at him questioningly.

"Love is simple ... it's the heart that makes it complicated.", he smiles and then lets go of my arm. His words hit me hard, he's right.


I love him, he loves me. It is simple.

So what makes it complicated? Is it really my heart? The heart that says fighting the Goa'uld is more important than being together? The heart that says my planet needs me more than I need my own happiness? The heart that says I can wait for that 'someday'? The very same heart that also says I want more now?

I still remember every word that he said and not said when he asked me to wait for 'us'. I cherish that moment, the one moment in my life where I first realised how good it was to be wanted and loved by the man I love. I take out the ribbon from my wallet, the ribbon that he gave me in Boru. I run my finger over the characters, 'Love', 'Luck' and 'Destiny'. Can I have it all?

"Carter?", his voice wakes me up from my self-interrogation.

I tilt my head up to see him standing in my lab's doorway, and automatically I smile, "Hi Sir."

He returns the smile and walks towards me, "What ya doin'?"

"Nothing important really, just doing some reports on our last mission." I half-lie to him. I was in the middle of writing the reports when the conversation with Daniel this morning decided to distract me. My laptop is still in front of me.

"Oh ..." he raised his eyebrows, " can I borrow it when you finish with it?"

I let out a small laugh and shake my head in amusement, "Only if you give me what you've been promising me for the last 3 months." He always has his way with me and I don't mind. Not at all.

"3 months? Has it been 3 months already?" he asks in disbelief.

"Yes, 3 months since you promised me the picture, 2 months since the deadline that I gave you, and I'm still waiting." I say patiently.

"Look Carter, can we just forget about this."

"No way, Sir. I did say that I wanted this more than anything."

"It wasn't my fault that I actually got shot again, was it?" That was the reason why I still haven't got the picture. On our first mission after he recovered from his injury, we encountered some not so friendly natives. So, he picked up another injury and my picture had to wait again.

"But you are fully recovered now, aren't you?"

"Well, yeah. But ... "

I raise my hand to stop him talking, "I don't want to hear any reason. I want it by tomorrow."

"Hey, I'm still your commanding officer you know? You can not just give me an ultimatum like that." He challenges me.

I can't hold back a grin, "Wanna bet?"

His eyes are narrowed, "What do you got on your little sneaky mind, Major?"

"You don't want me to spread rumours around the base that Jack O'Neill wore a sarong, do you?" I present him with a smug grin.

"You wouldn't dare." He threatens me, but I know him good enough not to take it seriously.

"I'll do anything necessary to get what I want."

He throws his hands in defeat, "Fine, fine. You'll get it tomorrow."

Finally, 3 months worth of waiting will pay off. He smiles when he sees the ribbon on the desk.

"You still have it."

I look at his eyes, "Yeah. It helps remind me of ... things."

"Good things?"

"Good things."

We just stare at each other for some time. No words are exchanged, we're just sharing the feelings, the affection that chases away all my doubts. Daniel is right, love is simple.

He breaks the silence, "Can I ask you something now that you're going to get what you wanted?"


"Can I borrow your mission report when you finish writing it?"


Larry was furious, Wagner had ruined all his plans. The SGC was aware of his intentions now, he had to plan his next step very carefully. It's true what people said, if you want to get a job done, you have to do it yourself. The treaty with the Hailan was going well, his employee had no reasons to let O'Neill live another day. Earth will get the naquada and he will get rid of O'Neill.

Larry took out his mobile phone and dialled up some numbers, "This is Larry, get me Senator Kinsey."