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A mistake by Kaiba Corporation leaves Japan in terror when a flesh-and-blood monster escapes onto the streets of Domino City. With police and civilian unable to make a move, it's up to Yami and friends to make everything right.

The story will have a mix of characters from the series and will focus a lot on friendship. In theme with YGO after all. ;)

The main characters are Yami Yugi and Joey for the most part.

A big thank you to Sara (Icypinkpop) for help with a summary and beta'ing! If you love reading fanfiction specifically for South Park, Yu-gi-oh, Hetalia or Dragon Ball Z head over to her profile.

I hope you all enjoy the story!

Chapter 1

It was a beautiful sunny day in Domino City. The sky was blue with scatterings of clouds, the birds were chirping and elsewhere, something not so great was starting to come into motion…

"We've done it!" A tall broad man wearing dark glasses smirked and looked down at the first few prototype duel monster that were roaming around the large fifty foot room. "Master Kaiba will be very pleased." He looked to the scientist to the left and patted the thin shoulder. "Well done. Now get these monsters locked up and I will report this to Master Kaiba." With that the intimidating man left the room.

After many years of testing, their breakthrough had finally come. With many DNA experiments, arduous amounts of testing and many test tube monsters, which had all failed and died before they were 'born' the first monster was finally alive.

The scientist was pretty proud of himself and the crew of workers he was in charge of. "Well done everyone." He turned and started to shake hands with fellow scientists, all of them proud. "Now." He sighed and pushed thick dark rimmed glasses up. "We have to continue and work on the rest." Tiredly, they all nodded and exited the dark room with little other than the see-through glass to watch the monster in.

And so the work to make multiple duel monsters came into motion. These duel monsters were no longer hologram and were now made from pure flesh and blood. The plan was to create a more realistic looking duel monster that could out beat rival companies, and, feeling bitter from the harsh defeat against Yugi in Battle City Seto was determined to create newer, better monsters and hold a better, bigger tournament and beat everyone, especially Yugi Motou! This time he would not lose and his pride would be restored.

Virtual holograms just could not compare. The duel monsters were programmed to listen to their owner welding the correct card. It would not attack the human and when in battle its only thought was to listen and defeat whatever duel monster it was put against. Little realised this would be a major flaw in the plan…

Five years later.

Seto Kaiba smirked and watched the last duel monster fall down to its knees, blood leaking from many orifices. "Excellent. The game is working well." He pulled the deck of newly created monsters from the duel disk and set both deck and duel disk down, unaware as a lone card dropped from the deck and onto the floor.

Leaving the room, he looked to the left to the nervous scientist fiddling shakily with trembling hands in their white lab coat. "You've done a good job." He stated, not giving much away in looks of expression and walking off, long white coat swaying intimidatingly behind.

"T-thank you Mister Kaiba." The scientist shouted out and walked into the room, picking up the duel disk and deck. He recalled the dead monsters and as they disappeared into the cards, he turned with a smile and headed out of the room, door left wide open and he set the monster cards back into their protective glass dome, turning on the protective lasers and amount of security Seto had made sure they installed so no one or enemy could steal their monsters.

A lone zombie duel monster looked up and groaned mindlessly, slowly exiting the wide open door and with no control from a master in charge of the cards. Slowly it half dragged – half walked down the hallway, spotting one of the many scientists there and with pure instinct alone, it attacked and bit down on the human. Its screams rang out and it continued to attack, biting viciously and the human's eyes glassed over and slowly paled to a blind, looking white filmed hue. Letting go when it heard commotion, the zombie monster turned and spotted two guards rushing into the hallway. It made a sound reminiscent of a snarl and attacked the two humans, the shots from their guns ringing out and unaffecting the duel card as blood splattered onto the floor. It bit down hard on one of the guards then turned, rounding on the second and biting down.

Meanwhile, in Kaiba Corp. security room.

Seto looked up in shock as alarms started going off. "Mokuba." He looked to his baby brother. "Stay here and take control of the CCTV. There's a commotion in sector 12B near the science block and I am going to sort it out." He muttered in annoyance and walked out of the large control room and down through the halfway and many stairs, eventually arriving and shocked to see what looked like Zombie's walking around. Startled and pressing against the wall, he watched as a few zombies walked past, recognizing many of them as Kaiba Corporation workers. "What…" he frowned and narrowed his eyes, spotting subject thirteen roaming around the hallway and disappearing into another room. "Sh-." Shutting up and turning around as noise caught his ears, Seto turned around and blue eyes widened shock. Quickly backing away from the zombie, he eyed the door that he'd come through to see many zombies exiting it. Cursing, he pulled out a card and threw it at the zombie, distracting it for a brief second and getting around it. Turning to run, he left the room and shoved the door shut, relieved and then screaming out, shocked and turning, blue eyes meeting white pupils and looking down. "M-Mokuba." He looked up to the CCTV camera and smiled. "I leave you… in… cha-…" he groaned, normal pale skin turning further pallid and he sunk down. Eyes slowly flickered from the lively blue to an ashen and Seto got up, now among the zombies as one of them, walking aimlessly down through the Corporation with Mokuba watching on.

"Big brother noooo!" Mokuba watched horrified on the giant screen when Seto was lost to the hoard of zombies. Taking a few deep calming breaths, he turned the switch off and sat back. "I'm in charge. Brother has faith in me and I will sort this out!" he stated with determination and dark eyes narrowed. "I won't let you down!"

Little did the young Kaiba know the problem was just starting, as elsewhere in the building, other zombie humans were walking around and among them, one of them had entered the Kaiba Corporation entryway where a group of workers were returning for a hard day at work. They had no idea of the mess that was building inside the building and as the double doors opened; their shrill screams rang out in horror as the first in their group of three was bitten by the zombie. With no weapons, being general workers, they had no chance against the zombie and within seconds all three were bitten and infected. With the door left wide open, the group of zombies, including the attacker, slowly started to spread out of the building and into that of Domino City.

The virus worked fast and within no time there was high alert in the City of Domino.

"Zombies?" Joey asked in shock and looked at his friends, the group of boys all with equally surprised looks. "How can a Zombie virus outbreak? This isn't some TV show!" he shouted and then grinned, brandishing muscular arms. "I'll defeat them all! We can take them down! Tristan and I are strong!" he said proudly and Tristan nodded in agreement.

"Yeah! But hey… don't we need guns?" Tristan asked and the two boys looked between each other.

Yugi groaned and looked at his friends with worry, big eyes nervous. "This isn't a game guys. This is really serious." The young boy with weird tricoloured hair said nervously.

Suddenly the fire alarm in the school started to go off and shouts of Zombies rang out. Yugi, terrified looked to Joey and Tristan. "We need to find Tea, Malik and Ryou!" he got up from the lunch table and the small group ran out of the room in search of the two friends.

"Duke's at our school too!" Tristan reminded and separated to run off elsewhere in search of the dungeon dice monsters player.

"Do you know what class Ryou, Malik and Tea have right now?" Joey asked Yugi and the boy thought it over, struggling with the loud alarms going off to think straight. "I-I think…" he paused and a faraway look appeared on the boy's face before returning back to normalcy. "Yami said Ryou and Tea have dance this lesson. I'm not sure about Malik." He shouted over the loud annoying beeping.

"Right!" The two headed left and ran down the hallway. To their horror as they ran into the hallway there was a zombie biting down hard on a young girl and Ryou and Tea were backed up against the wall, the two shocked and staring.

"Hey come on!" Joey shouted out and ran over, the zombie strangely not noticing Ryou or Tea yet its gaze immediately turned onto Joey. "Shit!" he cursed as it started to come over and the young girl on the floor started to twitch and slowly, jerkily climb to her feet. "Uh, Yuug I think we need to get going!" he dodged the slow zombie easily and grinned, laughing and grabbing Tea's hand. The zombie turned and it moved over towards them along with the young girl. To the side, Yugi watched and quickly moved over, standing to protect Ryou and shocked as they were both blanked in favour of Tea and Joey despite now being the closest to the creatures "…That's weird." He muttered and all four of the small group quickly ran out of the room, the zombie narrowly missing biting Tea's arm. "Shit that was close!" Joey spoke out and bent over, panting while Ryou and Yugi tried to lock the two zombies in with the doors bolt. "Are you two okay?" he looked to Tea who other than being terrified, nodded and gave a shaky smile. "Good, Ryou?" he asked and looked to the wide eyed boy who now slumped down the door.

"I-I'm fine, thank you Joey." Ryou shakily smiled and got to his feet, hearing screams down the hallway and eyes widening. "That…"

Malik stepped out of the gym next to the dance room and trembled, heart racing. Suddenly out of nowhere zombies had appeared. He had a spare lesson so had spent it practicing dance to the sound of music from the real room next door but suddenly he'd heard screams and seen the zombies outside. It was insane. "I-I." he quickly joined behind the group and followed them, feeling safer already.

"It's Duke!" Yugi shouted and they ran down the hall, glad Malik had been found safe and spotting Duke and Tristan cornered in one of the hallways, the only room to their side seemingly blocked somehow. "I'll save you!" Tristan shoved Duke backwards and spread both arms, staring out at the seven zombies. As the nearest one got close, he threw a punch and kicked out, tripping the zombie and a few walked over it, trampling the creature. Luckily most of the zombies were average school children and weren't too hard to attack but as they kept getting closer and the two got further trapped, Tristan had no room to move and he screamed out in pain, four sets of arms grabbing and biting down on different areas of the teenagers body.

Duke watched horrified and knew he was next. "Tristan!" he pulled out a few dice and shot them at the zombie's foreheads. A few stumbled surprised but continued to walk forward, now stepping over Tristan and getting ever closer. "…I'm too pretty to be mindless."

"Duke!" Yugi shouted and a sudden bright light surrounded the boy, a taller form appearing and taking over. "Duke." A stronger, less frightened voice spoke out and walked over towards the zombies, not scared and reaching out. "Mind crush!" he attacked the zombies, each of them falling down and he grabbed the boy, helping pull him back to their group of friends while the zombie's no longer moved. He faded back into the puzzle and Yugi looked down in shock. "Yami you killed them!" he said in horror and looked up with a wince. "Let's go!"

"No wait! Tristan!" Duke looked to the fallen boy beneath the pile of other zombies. "We…we can't leave him! He saved my life."

"But what if he attacks us." Ryou said worriedly and shifted to hide behind Joey somewhat, eyes on the only zombie groaning and twitching beneath the pile of dead bodies.

"I'll look after him." Duke looked over at the group and stared. "I'll lock him up in one of my rooms and I'll make sure he can't leave. There… there must be a cure for this right?" he asked and for the first time all of their minds went to the thought of a cure.

The atmosphere was down in the room but stubbornly, Joey grinned and wrapped an arm around Yugi and Duke, Ryou still hidden behind the blonde. "We'll figure it out sometime! For now let's just get Tristan out of here." He walked over to the zombie crushed beneath the others. "He's safe if he can't bite us right? We… need something to muzzle him but how?" he looked back to the group in confusion.

"…We could use some cloth?" Tea piped up from the group and stared at her fallen friend, eyes shifting around the group of men. "Does anyone have some spare cloth?" she paused and spotted the collar around Yugi's neck. "I have a better idea. Let's make a gag. We can use Yugi's choker and a cloth to gag him and that will keep it in place right?"

"That's a great idea!" Yugi smiled and reached up to undo the choker, dropping it into Tea's hands.

Tea then reached up and undid the blue ribbon around her throat and made a makeshift gag. "Um… but how do we get it in his mouth without being bitten?"

All eyes looked to each other, none of them sure what to do. "I could do i-." Joey was cut off by that familiar deep voice again and all eyes turned to Yami standing there. "If it bites me there's a chance I will be fine. I'm not a human." He pointed out and looked to the group of friends. "But if I do get infected make sure you take the puzzle off of Yugi. I don't want him to get infected too." It was a gamble but he was the best option.

Determined and mind made up, he walked over and bent down, sitting over one of the dead zombie's upon Tristan's back and reaching under the tallest member's throat and pulling his head up. Dead eyes met red and Yami shoved the makeshift gag into the zombie's mouth. It tried to bite and fight but the cloth was already in and Yami buckled it into place, smirking and looking up to the group who shouted in celebration. They didn't notice the single lone zombie slowly coming closer but Yami did. "Ryou! He shouted to the boy in the back but strangely the zombie ignored Ryou and attacked Tea, biting down hard and the girl screamed out in pain. Immediately Joey was there and kicked the creature off of her. She fell into his arms and slowly Joey knelt down and placed her on the floor. She started to twitch and groan. "We need another gag!" someone shouted out amongst the group and Yami pulled Yugi's belt off, tearing a strip of sleeve off and hurriedly making a second gag that he shoved in Tea's mouth as her body twitching more violently. They all moved back and Yami grabbed the zombie boy and with a quick mind crush it fell into a crumpled dead heap on the floor. "We need to get out of here before more corner us." He warned and they all ran, Joey carrying Tristan and Yami carrying Tea over his shoulder.

Yami's mind though had gone elsewhere as they ran. The zombie hadn't gone for Ryou yet the pale boy was in perfect reach both times. The first time in the gym and then again just now. Tristan hadn't tried to bite Yami either and only seemed to aim for the cloth he was shoving in place. Why were Yugi and Ryou not targets? Could it be…? He decided to keep his thoughts for now and if it continued to prove what he suspected, he made a mental note to tell the group later. It might be vital information.

End of Chapter 1.


I hope you all enjoy. This is my first time writing a long story and I hope it doesn't disappoint.

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