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Idea: What if Harry decided that the Problems of his world won't be able to be solved in his present, even if Voldemort was defeated? What if there were so many deep problems that were caused by a certain attitude that was allowed to fester for ages that Harry decided some correction was needed? Another attempt at the time travelling idea.

How Harry Turned Hogwarts Around

Chapter One

Harry Potter had won a war. He had won it three years ago. Many people would think he would be happy, but there were too many things that had happened over the years that angered him, that made him sad and that were idiotic and could have been prevented with a bit of common sense. Something Hermione had once said wizards horribly lacked. Well, she was right, but sadly she seemed to have contracted some of that disease, if her going out with Ron was any indication. Really, she was a highly intelligent girl that loved to study, was ambitious and wanted to change the wizarding world to be more modern. Ron on the other hand was lazy, hated studying and only really showed his cleverness while playing chess or discussing Quidditch strategies. Don't get him wrong, they were his best friends and he wouldn't give them up after all they had been through together, but right now Harry was fed up with things.

People seemed to simply forget what the war had cost and more importantly why. Oh sure, those that had lost family members wanted to see those guilty at Azkaban. But the Ministry was barely cleaned of bad influences at all. Most bureaucrats had survived and were already at work securing their jobs by destroying evidence. No paper trail, no conviction. People like that had stepped aside and let Voldemort rule their country by just murdering the Minister of Magic. They had done what they were told and didn't even think that what they did was wrong. And the stupidity started at Hogwarts.

But Harry had a plan. Hermione would surely try talking him out of it, but Harry didn't want to have to deal with things in the now. It was too painful. Seeing how everything he had fought for was undone or ignored by those that were allowed to get away with crimes thanks to having money and being purebloods. Oh, nobody called it that openly, but it was what really happened. And he was sick keeping quiet, like they seemed to expect from him. Like Dumbledore hadn't harassed them after Voldemort's temporary fall in 1981. But not with him.

Problems were in the past and needed to be solved there. People needed to learn common sense and he would be the one to teach them, even if they didn't want to learn. The means to do so? A highly forbidden time turner from the Department of Mysteries. Really great where you can get with an infallible invisibility cloak when the whole personnel of the Ministry is away and celebrating that they got rid of Voldemort again. And many pretending to be equally happy to not get accused of being unmarked Death Eaters. The thing that made this time turner unique was that some crazy witch had experimented with the time sand and managed to let it take you back one year for each turn. Really, why the unspeakables had never used that thing was a mystery to him.

They could have changed so many bad things. But no, common sense problem again. They feared that there would be time paradoxes and rather than acting against evil, they decided to just watch. Bastards. Harry had packed all the essentials into a few magical trunks, the multi-compartment variant, that he had shrunk down to the size of matchboxes. He had books on which companies would be successful at what time, results of Quidditch games, the remainder of his family fortune after the goblins had robbed him blind, calling it reparation for destroying their entrance hall with the dragon, and some books about subjects that really interested him. Many not really acquired the legal way, but hey, who cared if he took them away from the Death Eater manors? Purebloods hoarded rare books with nearly forgotten magic to prevent that muggleborns could learn more about magic than them. Another part that Harry planned to change.

The things you needed to succeed with a plan like his were gold, well, he could multiply his within a few months to the size he needed and he wouldn't store it at Gringotts, the gnomes in Switzerland were much more reliable and they offered much better interest rates to you, stubbornness and a certain disregard for the rules. Well, Harry had got the last parts confirmed many times over the years. He also had a few sets of clothes in his backpack, the trunks had been difficult to carry at a time, so he had taken a page out of Hermione's book and enlarged it, both magical and muggle to better blend in as he also planned to get a small fortune in British Pounds to not have to rely on exchange rates that were crooked, so he had similar books about muggle sports and businesses. Harry would only regret not getting to see his godson grow up, but after finding out that Ginny was slipping him love potions to win him over, he decided that he really needed to get away.

Harry had left a letter with instructions of what to do with the few things he owned in case something happened to him. He didn't really think that it was necessary, as he planned to change time, but you never knew. Teddy was to inherit Grimmauld Place and Hermione and Ron got the vault at Gringotts where he had had to leave five hundred galleons per the vault agreement that each customer had to sign. Family vaults had to hold a minimum of five hundred galleons, any other vault had to have either a balance of fifty galleons half of a year or a monthly income of at least twenty galleons. Which even the worst-paid workers in Knockturn Alley got paid.

Finally Harry decided he had everything and took the time turner into his hands. He turned it around twenty times and then let it spin. He vanished from the spot to never be seen again in this time.

Albus Dumbledore looked at the young man who was applying for the position of Potions teacher. In fact he had been tempted to let Severus Snape take the job to make Voldemort believe that he had managed to place a spy into Dumbledore's stronghold Hogwarts, but the qualifications that the young man in front of him could show were really impressive. He had a certificate of mastery from the Ulysses Dagworth-Granger. The highest lauded Potions master of Europe. Together with a letter of recommendation from him, which was incredibly rare.

"Mr Peverell, I'm highly impressed with your qualifications. Your grades in your NEWTs combined with your Potions mastery indeed make you a very remarkable young man. How come that you decided to teach instead of taking up research into the subject like most masters do?" Dumbledore asked, "Especially as you're just twenty one?"

The young, raven-haired man smiled winningly. Dumbledore had never seen him, but he thought that there was a vague similarity with the Potter family, which wouldn't be too strange as he knew that the Potters were descended from Ignotus Peverell.

"Well, it's kind of like revenge against my old Potions teacher. I want to show him up by proving that with a completely different way of teaching I can by far surpass the numbers of students that gain an OWL or NEWT from my classes," Harold Peverell replied.

His green eyes sparkled with mirth.

"He always declared that I had no talent for Potions and was an arrogant dunderhead. So I simply had to prove the opposite and I even got my mastery way earlier than he did his. I'm the youngest Potions master in all of Europe in five centuries!" He stated proudly, "The only one that got his earlier was Nicolas Flamel, but he was simply a genius at Potions and Alchemy from the time he was a small child and got massive support from his family, so I can accept losing against him."

"Yes, I think Nicolas would be hard to surpass in his best areas. If you don't mind, how did your Potions teacher conduct his classes?" Dumbledore asked.

"He spelled the recipe at the board, told us that ingredients were in the cupboard and then walked around the classroom like a bat out of hell, belittling all those that didn't manage to produce perfect potions. Then he played favourites with those students from families he was friendly with and ignored if those students bullied others. I was one of the students he didn't like because he didn't like my father. Well, I still managed to get my NEWTs, even if it was complete self-study, and then I proceeded to gain my mastery. As you know, you can do self-study or apprentice under a master. With the current war going on, self-study was much safer and I only had to set up a date for a group of Potions masters to test me for my abilities and knowledge. Well, you've seen the results," Harold commented.

"Indeed. A mastery with distinction is exceptionally rare," Dumbledore agreed, "Well, Professor Slughorn will retire at the end of the school year. I would like to let you take over from next year on. If you'd like to I can arrange for you to meet with Professor Slughorn to see what teaching plans he used in his long career."

"That's nice, Professor Dumbledore. I'd like to see where I can take over parts, but mostly I'll work with my own curriculum. Thank you for giving me the job," Harold said.

"I doubt I could get an equally talented young man as you for the job, even if I continued looking, and this way I can concentrate on other issues. For example getting a stand-in Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher for the last three months of the school year," he sighed.

"What happened?" Harold asked concerned.

"He got into a raid of the Death Eaters in Diagon Alley when he was visiting Gringotts and was severely injured. He won't get out of hospital for two months and then he'll have to slowly regain his ability to walk normally thanks to getting a prostheses. But getting a teacher for that class on short notice is really hard," Dumbledore explained.

"Well, if it helps you, I could stand in for the three months. You know that I got an O in my NEWTs in Defence and while I don't have a mastery in the class yet, I am close to that level," Harold offered.

"Really? That would indeed be great. Thank you. I really want the children to be trained properly, as sadly outside of Hogwarts they'll need those abilities badly," Dumbledore said relieved.

"You're welcome. I don't like how the Death Eaters and Voldemort fight and involve innocents all the time. Helping the children be safer is the least I can do," Harold answered and noted the proud smile on Dumbledore's face.

This had been easier than he had thought. Changing his name to Harold Peverell was a simple ritual. As he was of Peverell heritage, and he hardly could say that his name was Harry Potter, he had looked up a way that would make others believe him without a doubt that he was Harold Peverell. It had been in a book he had taken from the Notts after the battle of Hogwarts. And now he had not only stolen Snape's position from him, preventing that the git helped Voldemort from inside Hogwarts to destroy the country, Harry really saw the way how Snape prevented that more students could become aurors and healers or Potions masters as sabotage in the name of Voldemort, he had also got into Dumbledore's good books. Now, as a teacher at Hogwarts, he could start changing all the things that, in the long run, would make all the difference.

"Please listen a moment," Dumbledore called out hitting his glass, "As you know, Professor Hambroke was injured during a visit to Diagon Alley in a Death Eater raid. I'm happy to tell you that the healers have announced that he's doing well in his recovery and will be able to leave the hospital after only two months instead of the four they had originally predicted. Now for the rest of the year I want you to greet Professor Peverell as the stand-in teacher for Defence Against the Dark Arts. From next year on he'll replace Professor Slughorn, who has voiced his desire to retire after over fifty years of teaching at Hogwarts."

The students gave Harold polite applause and he waved at them. He noticed that some girls were checking him out. Well, he was the youngest among the Professors and he was good-looking. Not that he would ever start a relationship with a student. That was unprofessional and would only cause trouble for him. He had already prepared his classroom to get the students in fighting form. After teaching the DA this would be easy.

Harry waited under a disillusionment charm for his sixth year class. There were only twelve students that had managed to get the E required for the course at NEWT level. Harry planned to soon found a duelling club modelled after the DA to give more students the chance to learn the basics of protecting themselves. In fact his classroom was full of nice nasty prank traps to make them all realise to be more vigilant. The first spell he used, once the class completely sat on their chairs, was a silencing charm, cast silently on each of them. The next one that activated on half of the class was a tickling hex. Then he fired stunners from behind them and felled five within three seconds. He was amused by them trying to scream, but not being able to do so, being silenced, or others trying to dodge, but being hindered by the tickling charm.

The next thing they all noticed was that they were stuck to their chairs, which made six more easy prey. Now only one boy was left who had managed to break the legs of his chair off and had ducked behind a table for cover. Sadly he couldn't even manage a shield charm silently. Finally Harry got him with a full-body bind spell. Harry undid the disillusionment charm and walked to the board while enervating the fallen students, but he didn't cancel the silencing charm.

"Well, that was pathetic. You're sixth-years and can't even defend against simple stunners when I silence you. Not to mention that you were overwhelmed by a tickling charm, which is first-year level, and couldn't undo it. You panicked, and, if this had happened in a Death Eater raid, we would be writing your epitaphs now. You're NEWT level students and the shield charm is third-year level at most. Normally I expect a second year to learn that spell well enough to hold up against one normal stunner. You should by now be able to not only hold a spell for ten strong spells, but also do it silently and instinctively. Next to that you didn't even check for any kinds of spells on parts of the room. I prepared all your chairs with sticking spells to make you even easier prey for me. Half of the chairs I also randomly trapped with tickling charms. Now, this is how we're going to do this.

"The goal for each of you by the end of the year is being able to produce the most common defensive spells well enough that you can cast them in a split second silently. I'll expect you to read up the theory behind the spells in your free time, with the war going on outside of Hogwarts, it's too important to get you up to date in the practical area. So this class will be one of your hardest and most taxing. You'll be driven to your limits, but if you persevere, I'll guarantee you that most normal Death Eaters outside of Voldemort's inner circle won't be a danger for you if they don't get the drop on you," Harry stated, which made the students perk up after some seemingly shrieking at hearing the name.

"One thing I can't stand is fearing to hear Voldemort's name. While doing that outside of Hogwarts would be stupid, as Death Eaters can locate you by saying the name, you only cripple yourself by getting into panic from just hearing the name. Panic kills, a name doesn't. And as long as the Ministry doesn't fall, he can't put a true taboo on his name that would break all kinds of wards except those anchored to strong runic arrays and old ones like here at Hogwarts. I won't ask you to follow my example to say the name, but stop with the ridiculous nonsense of calling him He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named or You-Know-Who," Harry declared.

One girl raised her hand and Harry ended the silencing charm on her.

"What should we call him then, Professor Peverell?" She asked.

"Good question, Miss?" Harry asked.

"Wilkins, sir," she answered.

"Well, Miss Wilkins, the man known today as Voldemort, which, by the way, means flight from death in French, and was created from an anagram of his true name, was born Tom Marvolo Riddle. From what I could find out about him, his mother was a daughter of the poor and nearly squibbed Gaunt family named Merope and a very attractive muggle aristocrat called Tom Riddle. He was a very gifted student at Hogwarts when he attended at the end of the thirties and the beginning of the forties. There's even an award for special services to the school in the trophy room. I don't know what he did to get it, but knowing who he became, I have doubts about the validity of the award," Harry explained.

"How do you know?" Miss Wilkins asked shocked.

"The Peverell family tapestry. The Gaunts are a bastard line from a disgraced son of the Peverells with a daughter of the Slytherin line. I'm the head of the Peverell family as there are no other adult members of the main line. And if a member of a family takes on another official name, it is shown on the tapestry. So I can assure you that Voldemort isn't some super pureblood wizard, just a very smart and dangerous halfblood wizard who knew how to use his charisma and power to get himself an army of brutes that don't mind committing crimes against humanity. He's a terrorist, not some heroic leader of the purebloods like his side likes to present their cause. They're murderers, rapists and thieves, nothing more and they deserve a lifetime in Azkaban. That's my opinion about them," Harry informed the students and then took off the rest of the silencing charms and dispelled the sticking charms.

"Okay, let's get down to business. Divide in pairs and one side of the room will shield, preferably silently, and the other will shoot stunners. I'll go around and correct. After five minutes change positions. After another five we'll go on to the next spell. You'll be in for a lot of practicing till the end of the year, but it'll pay off, that I can promise," Harry said and soon the students set to work.

Harry walked along the line of students shielding and gave hints how to better focus their shields and how to get the trick about silent casting. Then he corrected some with their stunners and after five minutes they switched. Thankfully they could at least produce somewhat acceptable stunning spells and shields, even for most only verbally.

The next charm Harry had them work on was the disarming spell, which two boys scoffed at before Harry disarmed them silently and told them that they would only get their wands back after performing twenty push-ups. They protested, were hit with stinging hexes to the rear and then gave in. After all, what could they do against their teacher when they didn't have their wands?

Harry quickly established his rule in the Defence classroom. He didn't have the time to work slowly with the students, so he needed to cram as many vital spells into their heads as possible. He won Professor Flitwick over for the duelling club and it was held every Tuesday evening in the Great Hall. Contrary to when Lockhart had tried holding one, Harry and Flitwick had set up twenty smaller duelling platforms with normal wards to prevent straying spells. The intention of the club was after all teaching spells and how to duel and not causing accidents.

"Now that you're all here, I'll tell you the rules of this club. No dark magic allowed. Anybody using it, gets one month of detention and loses a hundred house points, no discussion, and the wards around the platforms are set up to register it immediately and the deductions will happen automatically. So if you don't want to explain to your housemates why you lost them the house cup with your stupidity, you better heed that warning. A second use will get you suspended for a month, no exceptions either. And by the way, dark magic lets your brain rot. Just look at Bellatrix Lestrange, one of the leading Death Eaters. That witch is so screwed up in the head she should be kept in a closed ward," Harry commented.

Some students looked at him angrily, probably from Death Eater families, others looked sick ending like Bellatrix. Harry didn't bother to tell them other repercussions of dark magic use for now, there were enough examples.

"So for this club you'll need to be ingenious to defeat your opponents. Professor Flitwick and I will give you a demonstration of how a duel at professional level can look like. As many of you may know, Professor Flitwick has been a duelling champion before he started teaching at Hogwarts and he hasn't lost any of his wicked casting," Harry complimented the small man.

"Ah, thank you, Professor Peverell, but from what I saw in your training with the duelling dummies you're no slouch either. I'm really looking forward to this," Professor Flitwick chuckled.

Professor McGonagall, who was helping out as the referee, started the duel and the students were in awe at the speed and power their two teachers were showing in their duel. Spells flew from both sides of the platform, both trying to hit the other, but where Flitwick only moved within a certain radius of his starting position, Harry was using the whole platform as his playing field. He used any kind of spells from Transfiguration to unusual charms and defensive and offensive spells. After ten minutes they called it a draw, knowing that they didn't have the time to get the duel decided. The students still massively applauded them for the incredible demonstration. It was clear that their two teachers had won a lot more respect now.

They had to restore the duelling platform as both had used spells that had altered its original state. From freezing the ground to tearing parts off to transfigure, they had done all kinds of things to get the upper hand against their opponent.

After the demonstration they set up pairs of students by drawing lots. To avoid problems they had only the fifth to seventh-years tonight. The second to fourth-years would have their club meeting the next evening. You simply couldn't give a group of all years enough attention with just three teachers. Professor McGonagall observed the sixth-years, Harry had the fifth-years and Flitwick the seventh-years. They each had six platforms to work with and the club went a lot better than the one Harry remembered from his second year. The students worked concentrated and the threats given at the beginning were taken serious. After all, not only were the points and a possible suspension at stake, but nobody wanted to piss their teachers off after that demonstration.

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