Terror Through Time Pt.3

By: Phoenix Ride

Ch.1: A Ruined World

Deep in the ruins of a burning wasteland, the King sat upon his pointed throne, overlooking the chaos that was his land, and swinging around his scepter making the glowing orb that adorned it shine with the presence of his power. His wait in the Underworld had been well rewarded, for now he ruled over the Earth with an iron claw, all thanks to a wish that had occurred years before.

"My son has paid back his debt well" said the King " and soon the Savoir shall arrive. He who released my son, come and let us meet, before I sentence you to die,"

With that said, the Earth seemed to tremble, and the red skies above the ruins of the city blazed with light, forming a portal just opening its maw.

"He has arrived" said the King " Come find me Raphael,"

"Waahh!" cried Raphael, as he dropped from the portal and landed harshly on the ground " Man, that hurts! Where…where am I?"

Looking around, the red-masked turtle saw from the familiar structures of the ruined buildings around him, that he was most definitely in New York, but not the same city that he had left. Dark, thorny vines covered nearly every square inch of the town, and the blazing red sky from where he dropped didn't hold a sun or moon within its void.

The clouds were black and thick, and the silence that crowded the normally busy streets only added to the eerie feeling already in the air.

Thinking hard about his situation, Raphael thought back on the events that could have possibly made him get sent here. Last thing he remembered, he had been trying to take out his dark future self, Crimelord, to prevent the world from becoming like the horrible sight before him. Needless to say, it didn't go well and he lost the fight. Could the future be where he was right now? Was this destined to be his timeline?

Curious, Raphael decided to take a look around, and observe what had changed, inwardly gripping himself for the inventible horrors that were no doubt destined to occur. Nervously, his hands twiddled across his belt, noting that the sais were missing from their sheaths. If any monster or creature jumped out of him, Raph would have no choice but defend with just his hands. Not a very popular option, but in this instance he couldn't complain.

"Wow" said Raphael, as he walked around " looks like New York has definitely seen better days. Where is everyone? Seeing New York without people is like seeing a pizza without cheese!"

Indeed it was a very strange sight. No cars were driving up and down streets. No people were chatting, moving from place to place on whatever they had planned for that specific day. The whole city was a total dead zone, an empty shell of its former self. A ghost town. It shook Raph to the core, especially when his eyes caught sight of an all too familiar building.

"Please don't tell me that that is Channel 6?" said Raph in shock " Boy, this is almost as bad as the nightmare in Shredderville! April? Irma? Are you guys inside?"

Raphael shouted out all these questions as he ran inside of the Channel 6 ruins, observing the shattered lobby, and more black vines on the floor. The globe statue that sat in the center of the lobby was ripped in half. Papers lay flung out across the floor, and the stairs and elevator seemed no longer in use.

"What's this?" asked Raph, looking downward, noticing a large groove in the floor where his foot kicked a stray piece of paper away.

Shifting away some more papers, Raphael discovered that there were more grooves, as if some giant beast had clawed its way through the cement. What was weird is that some these claw marks seemed to form a symbol, of Japanese origin that for some reason Raphael felt he should know. But, before the red-masked turtle could even figure out this mystery, growls emerged and he peered around with fright.

"Man, I wish I had a weapon," thought Raphael, as the growls continued to grow around him.

Eyes were now appearing in the shadows as slowly, inch by inch, these hideous beasts finally decided to step out into the light. Every nerve inside of Raphael's body was screaming for the turtle to retreat, but surrounded as he was, there was nowhere to go.

"Looks like it ends here." thought Raph, preparing for the doom that was inevitably to come.

Just then, a miracle arrived in a charge of what sounded like a rebel scream, as Casey Jones suddenly jumped down from the top of the ruins, scaring Raphael, and then began to brutally assault the hoard of demons with his hockey stick.

Another yell came to join him, making Raph turn around to see a clearly older Michaelanglo beating up the creatures just as mercilessly with his nunchucks. Raphael stared almost stupefied at the scene playing out before him, and when all the action was final over when Casey Jones delivered a final whack, he still couldn't believe his eyes.

"Casey! Mikey! Am I glad o see you guys," shouted Raphael, running up to greet them.

The reaction he received was definitely not what he was expecting, as Michaelanglo just knocked him away as he was coming in for hug, pinning him with his foot, and then holding a nunchuck to his throat.

"Ow!" groaned Raph " Mikey it's me!"

"Raph?" said Mikey confused, as if he had just noticed it was his brother.

"In the flesh" said Raph, standing up as soon as the foot moved, and brushed the dust off his arms " Mikey, what the heck happened here? Please tell me this just a nightmare and that soon I'll wake up,"

"'Fraid not dude" said Mikey solemnly "We thought you were dead. This is the future bro. The bleak, horrible future,"