Ch.8: To Turn Fate

For a long moment, Raphael could feel his body plunging through the time stream, falling backwards to a place where he hoped fate would be changed. All of the dread Raphael had picked up from the future still flashed through his mind when he traveled back.

"None of that is going to happen!" thought Raph, determinedly " Not now, not ever."

Suddenly, as if someone in the audience had cruelly hit pause, Raphael's journey through the time tunnel stopped, leaving the red-masked turtle confused.

"Wha…what's going on now?" Raphael asked.

The turtle soon received his answer when a bright flash appeared, quickly transforming into a beautiful, long-haired woman with a silver-white robe. Her locks were the color of shining gold, and her eyes shone bright like sapphires. Raphael awed at this amazing figures beauty for just a moment before his mouth could finally formulate in words.

"Who are you?" he asked.

"I am Fate" answered the woman " You have come to change your course?"

"Yes" said Raph " but how did you know?"

"I know all " said Fate " every future path all creatures may take. Through me, the King could see those futures as well, trapping me in the Turnstone."

"What do you mean?" asked Raph.

"Let me explain…," said Fate, and raised up her hand, creating a viewing screen that would generate images as she explained her tale.

"Before time began, there lived a great entity with many servants, a master of all realities and worlds. His power was like no other, and I and the King, before he became evil, humbly bowed before him."

"Then, as the master was in the process of constructing another universe, he looked down upon his servants and told us that he would choose one to rule over the fates of these new worlds. The King desperately wanted that power, and did everything he could to gain it, through vile means."

"Angered that this was extremely against our code as servants, I stood up to the King and beat him in mystical combat. It was weary fight, but I was well rewarded, for the master chose to give me all the power and renamed me Fate. A special stone was given to me as well, so I could see the paths of all futures, and help guide creatures through life properly."

"For his cruel actions, the King was sealed away for his crimes, banished to rule and live in darkness forever. He thrived in the shadows, and eventually spawned Chu-lan, who somehow managed to find single tear within the void, and escape to the Earth plain."

"Chu-lan was furious over his father's disgrace, and sought vengeance against me, reigning terror upon Mexico. With the help of a local bruja, who would later become friends with Hamato Yoshi, I managed to seal Chu-lan away in an ancient clay vase, and buried it where hopefully it would never be found."

"After that fateful battle, the years passed before my eyes as some creatures died, and others were born. I became quite interested in four, mutant turtles that had suddenly appeared in New York to keep scum off the streets, and peered into all their futures closely."

"However, one day as I was delving into your future Raphael, something disturbed the balance, and all the images became dark and horrid. I backed away in shock, and suddenly Chu-lan appeared, free from his prison, and he stole the TurnStone."

"The TurnStone was an important focusing device for my powers, and I had to get it back. Knowing it was foolish, I traveled into the Underworld, and got sealed away by the King. With my powers now under his command, he sealed the fate of one of my chosen so that he would be free again."

"Me" said Raph, getting the point, as the cloudy screen faded away " He sealed my fate."

"Yes" said Fate " but you held faith that the path could change course, and for that, I owe you my freedom."

With that said, the TurnStone suddenly appeared in Fate's hands, and the red-masked turtle looked upon the glowing orb in wonder.

"You shall get your second chance Raphael" said Fate " be warned of the future you face."

A bright light vividly flashed, causing Raphael to close at the intent. When the glare finally phased, Raph glanced around in surprise to find himself back in the medieval wing of the New York museum, with Leo talking about the robbers who had stolen Hana's book.

"He's in here somewhere Raph" said Leo, looking briefly at his brother " come on, let's split up and look."

"Split up?" Raphael thought , as Leo made his way over to where the suits of armor stood. "What did Fate...,"

Raphael stopped his thoughts instantly and shouted out to his bro.

"Leo, look out!"

Stopping at his brother's call, Leo looked up just in time to see one of the armored suits swinging a mace right towards his head. Quickly, Leo dodged the mace's path, and he drew out his swords, ready to face another attack.

Raphael yelled and tried to take down the armored crook as he turned to face his bro, but the crook was alerted by Raphael's scream, and he threw his mace towards the turtle, forcing him to duck.

Leo charged in next with his blades, barely making a dent in the armor the crook wore. Grabbing a whip from another display, the crook shot out the lash, twining Leo's legs with its coil, and then pulled back causing the turtle to stumble and crash into a stack of tapestry's.

An ancient tapestry fell down on Leo, covering the sore turtle with its shroud.

Mad at seeing what happened to his brother, Raphael charged at the false knight, barely missing with his sai. The crook laughed at Raph's strike, and then sprinted out of the room. Raphael followed after him, into the Ancient Japan wing.

"No, not this place again," thought Raph in his mind, suddenly aware of the danger about to occur.

Not far away, on the temple display, Chu-lan's jar stood just like it had before, whole and silent, masking the evil deity that dwelled inside. This was Fate's true meaning by a second chance.

"I can't let that jar break" thought Raphael, turning his attention back on locating the crook " no matter what."

Silence gripped the room as Raphael searched, sais out, ready to attack. Where did that crook go? He had to be in one of these displays, but where?

A sudden shiver caused Raph to suddenly leap out and dodge, barely avoiding being sliced in half with a samurai sword. Quickly, the turtle turned to face the robber, wielding the deadly weapon in his hand.

Blade clashed blades as the two foes fought, and although Raphael was pretty sure that the robber didn't possess any ninja skill, he was still a pretty tough foe to beat.

Calling upon all the knowledge he had gained while sparring with Leo, Raphael countered back nearly all of the crook's strikes, barely noticing that they had started to ascend the temple steps, growing closer to the jar of Chu-lan.

When he finally noticed what was happening, Raphael went from attack mode to defense, blocking from their process for ever getting closer to that jar. It only a few feet behind his shell now, mockingly laughing that the future he saw couldn't be beat.

"I can't give in!" thought Raph, as the crook pressed in his attack.

And then, by all means, a miracle appeared, as Leo, Mikey, and Don all ran into the room to help Raphael out.

With four against one, the tide was quickly turned, and the last crook went down, his arms and legs tied tightly afterward with ancient samples of Japanese silk.

Raphael beamed a big smile of relief when the cops finally showed up, turning his gaze over to Chu-lan's jar for moment, happy to see it was untouched.

"Alright!" said Mikey, pumping his fist in the air, as the cops hauled away their catch " The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles strike again! Nothing can beat us Bros!"

"Agreed," said Leo.

"Absolutely," said Don.

"Raph?" queried Leo, when he noticed his red-masked brother was silent.

"Right," said Raph, joining in, pumping up his fist with his bros.

"Cowabunga!" they all shouted.

And through their shouts, the ghostly form of Fate looked down and smiled, carrying up the jar of Chu-lan while the four celebrated. The threat of the dark future was finally gone, for Raphael discovered his true path.

The End