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Song: Uptown Girl, altered by Glee Cast.

Diamond sighed to himself. He had come to the conclusion that he liked Platinum a long time ago; and that first step was out of the way. But it wasn't like that mattered. He was quite literally a commoner, and she was as good as a princess. Her family was wealthy; his was not. Suddenly there was a knock on the door, and Diamond put a pause on his brooding and opened up to see his best friend Pearl, who waltzed in as if he owned the place - which wasn't that far from the truth; the two boys often hung out together. Pearl's grin faded to a sympathetic look when he noticed his friend's face. "Aw, cheer up! You know, she likes you too." Diamond blinked, then cursed Pearl for being so good a friend that he could read emotions so easily. Then he sighed; that sure was a stupid thing to think. Man, liking someone was complicated!

"It doesn't really matter, Pearl. She's-"

"Rich, wealthy, perfect, and you aren't. You've said." Pearl rolled his eyes.

"Thanks a lot."

"Sure! But there's really no problem!"

"What do-"

"Well, think about it. She likes you; you like her. Look, Missy's been treated like a spoiled princess for years, even though she isn't at all. She'd love to have a guy like you, Dia, someone who still loves her, but actually treats her as a person! And not, you know, like a diamond ring or something. And you know what? Missy is going to make up her mind, and she'll not care about the rules her father has. C'mon, just because you aren't swimming in gold doesn't mean you don't have manners! Look, you haven't seen her these past few days. Her parents tried to set her up with a bunch of wealthy suitors, and they all gave her presents and fancy, high-class, toys."

"Yeah. I can't compete with that!"

"Actually, she told her parents that she should be able to make her own choices. She doesn't want an...a spoiled, rich, "uptown boy" like they do. She told them she wanted someone funny, someone caring, someone who likes her for her."

"...Where are you going with this?" Pearl sighed in exasperation.

"Why don't you try to figure it out, Dia."

He sat there, thinking. Then, as if in a cartoon show or something, Diamond jumped up, a lightbulb above his head. "Pearl! You know I can't afford to buy her pearls. But she understands what kind of guy I am - someone who loves her because of who she is, not what she is."


"Thanks a ton, Pearl! I'm gonna go talk to her, right now!" He made to dash out of the room, but Pearl caught him by the jacket.

"Hold it! You know it's almost midnight, right?"

"Who cares? I'm in love with with Missy, and I really don't care! She's mine!" he shouted loudly, joyfully, and practically flew out the door.

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