Déjà Vu

A UC/Mummy Crossover by Deana Lisi

Sequel to, 'One is Two': http://fanfiction.net/read.php?storyid=768677

Disclaimer: I don't own Frank, Ardeth, or anyone from The Mummy or UC, except for the original characters.

"Frank! He's headed your way!"

Frank looked to the left to see the man they were pursuing running full tilt through the empty parking lot. Climbing over the stone wall he'd been hiding behind, he tried to jump down fast enough to catch him.

"Stop!" he yelled. "Federal agent!"

Those words made the man run even faster, if possible, and Frank jumped the remaining five feet, and made chase.

Charlie Marlucci; car thief turned murderer. They had been after the man for a couple of weeks, after he'd tried to steal the governor of IL's brand new Mercedes, and one of the gov's security personnel had tried to stop him. For his courage, he got beaten to death with Marlucci's crowbar.

Frank was amazed at the speed that Marlucci kept up. His side was starting to cramp and Marlucci was a good thirty feet ahead of him. The criminal ran around a corner, onto a sidewalk.

Great, Frank thought. If I lose him, after coming this close…Turning the corner, he saw Marlucci leap up the stairs to a bus. Before Frank reached it, the bus started off.

"FEDERAL AGENT!" he yelled, hoping the driver could hear him. He held his badge up, for the driver to see. "STOP THE BUS!"

The bus jammed on its breaks, and the door opened. Frank cautiously went up the stairs, holding his gun. "Go!" he told the scared driver, not wanting to give Marlucci the chance of getting off the bus and disappearing again. Looking at the terrified passengers, he didn't see the man he'd chased among them.

Unfortunately, he didn't see the crowbar either.


Stars exploded in Frank's head and he gasped in shock as pain overwhelmed his senses. He didn't even hear the passenger's screams as he fell back against the surprised driver.


Alex ran towards the street. She heard Frank yell for a vehicle to stop, so it wasn't hard to figure out where they were. But suddenly she heard a thump and a gasp over her earpiece that sounded like Frank, and muffled screams. She gasped herself when screeches and a horrible crashing sound followed, seemingly in stereo when it came not only through her earpiece, but seemingly near her location as well.

"Frank?!" she said.

No answer.

"Frank!" she started running faster. "Jake!"

"I heard," he said. "How close are you?"

"I'm not sure…" Unknowingly taking the same path that Frank had, she followed the sound to the street, where she gasped at the sight of a bus lying on it's left side in the middle of the road.

"Frank!" she yelled, running towards the bus. Climbing up its undercarriage, she jumped inside to find people shakily picking themselves up; some of them crying in fear, others sighing in relief to still be alive.

"Frank!" she repeated.


Alex looked to her right to see a man lying on his back, with a person lying across him. The man was obviously the bus driver, stuck sideways in his seat with an unconscious passenger trapping him there.

Alex gasped again, when she realized who the 'passenger' was.


Alex quickly knelt beside him and checked for a pulse before carefully rolling him onto his back, and off the driver. There was blood all over the left side of his head and face, and he was completely motionless. She checked his pulse again with a shaking hand. It was weak, but steady.

"Alex?!" she heard.

"In here!"

Jake climbed in, and dropped to his knees beside her as she tried to get a look at the wound near Frank's left temple. There was a lot of blood, but they both knew that head wounds were often excessively bloody.

"Cody! Call in a major bus accident, request multiple ambulances!" Jake said through his earpiece.

"Already did!" Cody replied, it having been obvious from listening what had occurred.

Jake saw the crowbar, and picked it up. "This is what he hit Frank with…"

Alex sighed worriedly, wishing she had stayed with her boss instead of holding her own post. "Where is the scumbag?" she asked, nervously.

Jake stood up, and made his way over to the sideways seats. Many of the people had already climbed out of the bus; a few injured people were still inside.

"Help is coming," Jake told them, as he finally found Marlucci.

The criminal was lying on his side, alive, but unconscious.

A loud screech was heard, as the team's van came flying around the corner. Cody and Monica leaped out, and climbed into the bus. Neither of them said anything, as they knelt.

"Where're the medics?!" Alex said, nervously, as she held a handkerchief to Frank's wound.

Suddenly Frank groaned, and shifted slightly.

"Don't move, Frank," said Jake, surprised that he'd woken up so quickly.

Frank opened his eyes and stared into thin air for a minute, before saying, "What?"

"You're hurt, Frank, stay still," Alex told him, with a sigh.

A minute later sirens could be heard, to their relief. The sound seemed to snap Frank out of his confusion.

"I'm fine," he mumbled, trying to sit up.

"No, Frank…" said Jake, as he grabbed Frank's arms, keeping him flat on Alex's lap. "You're not."

"Yes I am," Frank replied, sounding agitated.

Jake was saved from having to do anything more by the arrival of the paramedics. A few of them went further into the bus, while one quickly knelt beside Frank, to assess his condition.

"I don't need help, I'm fine," Frank told him, pushing the hand away from his head.

The medic looked at the team, in alarm at Frank's ridiculous words.

"He's stubborn," Monica stated.

"Oookayyy." The medic tried again to look at the wound, and then took Frank's pulse and blood pressure.

"Uh," said Cody. "We think he was hit with this." He held up the crowbar.

The medic drew a sharp breath, shaking his head. "Stop it," he said to Frank, when he tried to push his hand away a second time. "You've been injured, and it is my job to find out how badly!"

The team looked at the medic, in shock that someone had actually stood up to Frank Donovan.

Frank seemed surprised himself, and was more submissive.

"BP 118 over 70. Is it usually that 'low'?" the medic asked, surprised that a man as tall as Frank wouldn't have a higher reading.

Frank couldn't think of the correct answer, as he tried to ignore the horrible throbbing in his head. He simply grunted in the affirmative, so the medic would shut up.

The medic shrugged and stood. Sticking his head out the door, he yelled for a stretcher.

"No," Frank said. "I'm not going to the hospital. I'm fine."

"What?" said the medic, incredulous.

"Frank," said Alex. "Use your brain! You should go get checked out."

"Maybe his brain hurts too much to use," said Cody.

"My brain does not hurt," Frank lied.

They all looked at him like he was crazy.

"You're refusing further treatment? Are you sure?" the medic asked him.

Frank nodded, instantly regretting it when it made his vision swim sickeningly.

"You can take him while you're here," Jake said, pointing to Charlie Marlucci, who another medic was checking out. "But he's under arrest. Wait till we get a cop to go with you when you take him in."

The medic nodded, wondering what had happened.

Frank tried to roll off Alex's lap, and the team quickly reached out to help him. "Let's get out of here," he said, trying to sit up.

Jake and Alex helped him stand slowly, knowing he'd probably be dizzy once he was upright.

They were right, but Frank fought not to show it, as he tried to get out of the bus. He dazedly looked around, confused, before realizing that the bus was lying on its side.

"Wait, Frank," said Jake, motioning for Cody to come with him as he climbed out of the bus. Once out, crouched on the fender, they reached in and carefully pulled Frank up, holding onto him in a death grip when his spinning head wreaked havoc with his balance. Looking down at the ground, Jake and Cody both tried to figure out how to get Frank down there when they saw some policemen standing nearby, getting a statement from a passenger.

"Jimmy!" Jake yelled, recognizing one of them.

The officer turned, and went over when Jake beckoned to him. "I should've known you'd be involved in this, Jake!" he joked, but stopped when he saw the bloodied Frank.

"Can you help us get him down?" Jake asked, gesturing to his boss.

The policemen nodded, wincing in sympathy at Frank's bloody head. Reaching up, he grabbed one of Frank's arms, while Cody, who'd jumped down, grabbed Frank's other.

Alex took Cody's place beside Jake, and they carefully held Frank under the arms as they handed him down, and Jake jumped down quickly, the three men holding Frank up when his legs went out from under him.

"Didn't one of the medics have a look at him?" Jimmy asked, sounding surprised.

Jake nodded, with a sigh. "Charlie Marlucci's in the bus, the man wanted for the killing of the Governor's security man. Two of the medics are with him."

The officer's eyebrows flew up when he heard that, and he nodded vigorously. "I'll take care of it!"

"Thanks, Jim," Jake said, as they all walked away, slowly leading Frank to the van. The first step Frank took nearly made him fall flat on his face, but his faithful team members caught and steadied him. They quickly put him in the van and left, relieved that the case was finally over.

But Frank was wounded, and they all worried how badly.

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