Guardian Soars

Book Three: What is Home?

"Is this home?

Is this where I should learn to be happy?

Never dreamed

That a home could be dark and cold.

I was told

Ev'ry day in my childhood:

'Even when we grow old,

Home will be where the heart is.'

Never were words so true.

My heart's far, far away.

Home is too.

Is this home?

Is this what I must learn to believe in?

Try to find

Something good in this tragic place?

Just in case

I should stay here forever,

Held in this empty space.

Oh, but that won't be easy.

I know the reason why:

My heart's far, far away.

Home's a lie.

What I'd give to return

To the life that I knew lately,

But I know that I can't

Solve my problems going back.

Is this home?

Am I here for a day or forever?

Shut away

From the world until who knows when?

Oh, but then,

As my life has been altered once,

It can change again."

- "Home" from Beauty and the Beast