just something that came to my head one day

some crossover ideas if you want to use them I don't care

imperium: Naruto's race is a the Human version of the elder just less high tech. they only get sent in for the "your all are going to die" or the "SAVE MAH PLANET" missions

eldar: humans that mated with the eldar ages ago but get forgotten when the shinju ( a mix between an eldar and Human god) went Crazy and lost it's mind. now their back after a CraftWorld crash landed on the planet. now its time for Eldar people to rise again.

chaos: the shinju is a fallen chaos god who lost all it power to the other 4 after the war (around Mid-Evil Warhammer era) and now Naruto as his new avatar the chaos god of *blank* and *blank* will rise again and show these up starts what true CHAOS IS *insert Chaotic laughter*.

ork: their the orks and they like Naruto cause he beat the hell out of their boss after he appeared in their stronghold after a fuuinjutsu accident. (Kyuubi made him more primal cause Naruto lost his memory after the incident)

Dark Eldar: same as their cousins just more evil like or they were Human slaves in the DE race that rise to power in the DE Hierarchy proving their worth

Tyranids: THE SHINJU IS ONE!(AS strong as Three Swarm Lords)( Sent to their planet ages ago to devoir it but the Sage of Six Path Messed that up after he stole it powers severing its connections the Hive mind. During the 4th war Naruto stole it powers and reconnected to the hive. Now with its power the Swarm will consume the entire galaxy! (needs fixing this one)

Tau: the tau found his planet 1 year after the fox attack and brought Naruto's race into the Tau empire. While most of them still follow the old ways as Mercs for llow Naruto as he try to become the best Leader in the empire and bring on the path of the greater good!

Pskyers for Naruto's people are ninja

that's why the sharingan drive people cause Tzeentch gave it to them for fun.

Never have any real peace cause Khorne says so.

Their planet is the one of the FEW THINGS Khorne and Tzeentch don't fight over. Its just one big ol play ground for them

the Shinigami is a C'tan who survived the Necron revolt

Shinju is a being of the Warp that lost it's powers to the Sage of Six Paths

Charka kill you if you run out because its Warp energy trapped in a Human's body. So they LETERLY live on the power warp so they will subconsciously kill anyone or anything who tries to get rid of the warp for good.

It calls and tell them to kill anyone or thing who can kill it

The Warp is alive

their planet is just one living warp storm or was born from the Warp

Kami is the warp that they call on since they use it energy and subconsciously thinks its their god

add on for thing that would make since to fill in the gaps